3.13.1b Patch Notes

Even more crashing than the constant crashing I had before. Full PC lockups leaving maps now and drops super low killing packs or boss fights. I was pulling 150-200fps solid last league.

It's horrible now. :( Missing so much of this league and it seems so cool.
I restarted the game and it felt "Good" again. fast loading. no stutters.

opened my task explorer and checked memory usage. it was a 5gb memory for pathofexile_x64

i decided to run 1 map (pen) and monitor the memory usage.

at the end of the map it was nearly reaching 12gb of memory usage. i can do 2.5 maps before my 32gb is in use and i have to restart the game to clear cache.

you clearly have a big memory leak and this is causing the long loading times and stutters.

my pc specs:

ryzen 9 5950x / nvidia 3080 / samsung 980 pro / 32gb 4200hz G-skill diamond series memory.

looking forward to the patch to fix this patch.
How about you actually revert texture steaming until its actually tested?

I'm loving the game eating 50GB / 64GB of my ram causing my few hosted gameservers on workstations to get memory error shutdowns.

Also love the fact that it my loading time went from ~2 seconds to 10+ seconds that ended up over 30 seconds long after only 2 hours of playing.
So since patch i can't run a normal delirium map anymore. Same for Atziri ritual encounter and any bigger mob group. Game drops to 3fps. Before the patch with the texture thing i was at 30fps constantly. FeelsBadMan

Harvest encounter and Conqueror spawning in map not playable for me anymore.

Please revert patch. It was fine for the first time ever.
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This patch made me have random crashes during loading screens... Bring back the previous one, that was actually nice
Unfortunately, this last patch has put my game's performance the lowest its ever been.

3.12 was incredible with performance, I had zero issues, crashing, instability or stutters.

3.13 and all patches before 3.13.1B was a downgrade for my experience but playable. Average FPS was lower by a noticeable amount but thankfully I did not suffer and stutters. Crashes were about one a day. Funny enough, the only hardware change my computer has gone through from 3.12 to 3.13 is an upgrade from a 1070 to a 3080. Performance was almost like before the upgrade.

3.13.1B is just a mess for me. Average FPS seems to not have changed for better or for worse. Extreme consistent stutters through mapping (chunking down to 1 FPS). Loading screens longer. Crashed 4 times during Simulacrum compared to none before this patch. The stutters are the worst part, it happens way too frequently.

So overall, this patch unfortunately did not improve my personal game experience in any way and affected it in a negative manner all around. Well actually, I suppose I don't see any of those "potato" textures upon launching the game but instead now have significantly longer loading screens.

It's a shame since 3.13 and Ritual League in general is the most fun I've had but also the worst performance I've ever had.
I often wonder if GGG ever even gets to this deep in forum replies to see what's posted. I'll cross my fingers and hope I guess..

I am lucky enough to run a beast of a PC with 64GB of RAM. So my issues are not AS bad.

HOWEVER. I now feel CONSTANT shuddering while in maps for AT LEAST the first 30-40% of a map.

HERE is my problem. You have a death penalty of -10% XP, when at high enough level can mean HOURS OF GAMEPLAY.

This seriously needs to be adjusted for at least the time being until you can solve your engine issues. Every, and I mean almost every death I now face is due to a shuddering/crash/lag issue completely beyond my control as the player.

I believe at Exile-con Chris had mentioned in his keynote, (if I'm not mistaken as it was one of the most disappointing things to hear), the game engine will not be changed for PoE2. I seriously hope this is being reconsidered.
Getting worse performance now than before the patch. Or at least it affects the gameplay more.

Previously, things would look messy and maybe there was some invisible mobs running around - but the game was running and I was in control of my character. Now we're back to freeze-frames whenever I meet a pack of mobs, so I have no idea what is happening and can't react to anything.

I assume this is because of my low end PC running out of memory as more textures are retained in it after this patch? If so, I think it would help to let players adjust those values. People with good PCs can crank up the amount of textures loaded into the memory to the current level and rest of us can limit them to the pre-patch levels. Increasing FPS and stability is worth some invisible mobs and ugly textures to me.

Every new patch i cant open the game on Vulkan or change to DX.
Texture Streaming is no longer relied on for the initial loading of textures. Instead the loading screen stays up until the scene is ready to render...

So because people saw textures load in for a few seconds everyone else on low end machines gets to go back from 5 second to 30 second load screens... Please just make this a toggle, it is unbearable sitting on load screens because people don't understand how texture streaming works and got mad for loading into the game too fast...

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