3.13.1 Patch Notes

My minimap is transparent and when I press tab it is also transparent. Literall unplayable. Also textures take forever to load when logging in. Everything is a square.
Can't launch game, crashes on launch

Windows 7

EDIT: fixed it by verified game files on steam. Was missing 1.x + GB of data somehow
Archives, https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2206812
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"Texture streaming has been updated to lessen CPU usage and improve overall performance on weaker systems"

Yea that part didn't work. Been running fine all day and after the patch opening a ritual instantly pops my cpu usage to 100% and freezes the game.
My entire screen and UI is now completely blurry, and when I am in a map it is dark. The game is now unplayable. it was running perfectly fine in the minutes before the patch.

Mac user, on the mac client.
Textures has been updated to the level of 1986 year!

Yaaaay! xD
Old poe dayz!
Can't play anymore. Keep getting kicked at random intervals after patch.
"It's all clearer now
And I hear her now
And I'm nearer to
The Salvation Code"
Can't play the game after this update because of constant crashing. Please revert this update QC code before deploying it live in the future.
The texture streaming thing seems better, but still have to test more.
My preferred build - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAGUmIF0wuU
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Welp, I can second the crashing reports. Was playing fine all day and now it crashes (using Vulkan). Sad because the texture streaming seems to be fixed for me.
Before patch 1-2 crashes per day.

After patch: 2 crashes to desktop + 1 Game crash with "Exception" 1 map, 4 minutes in.

And as I said before, the Manticore shield looked better without the bling.

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