3.13.1 Patch Notes

Well this patch is super awful, crashed 3 times in 5 minutes now, played for 4h fine before. Textures load in even slower. Worst one yet. Havent had this many crashes even in the old beta.
game crashes to desktop instantly after opening. was playing fine all morning. :(
no Blackflame visual bug fix, I sad.
Is worse than before with streaming texture, you did nothing, black floor and other glitches, hardware had nothing too do with this, every game has its loading times and cannot be shorten cause every engine have limitations just understand this just do longer loading screen or bring back -waitforpreload !!
ExitBag wrote:
Did you fix empty harvest encounters?

You just encountered Heart of the Grove boss fight.
If harvest zone is completely empty you just go in the middle and start boss fight (if you want)
Still unplayable, "Disconected failed to connect to instance" again.
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The weird texture loading where I would constantly see white tiles seems to be gone. (5700xt,samsung SATA SSD, 16bg ram, ryzen 1600).

But didn't you guys say you would disable the perma Phasing effect on Raider? Also this effect looks horrendous on enemies, I assume its from Avatar of Veil.

Last edited by Rinjyu on Jan 27, 2021, 6:46:11 PM
before 1.13 I crashed when using vulkan but DirectX11 was fine, but since the new update the game is unplayable using DX11, I am now forced to use vulkan which is also even worse than before. I was hoping this would be fixed in 1.13.1, but I can't tell if anything changed, DX11 is still unplayable, and I desync/crashes when joining someones lobby using vulkan.

I have never had problems like these before 1.13 or 1.13.1
warlord's mark on ring still generates only 5 rage.
when can we expect it to be fixed? thank you

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