3.13.1 Patch Notes

Jizzydrips wrote:
What about the issue where you can't do you last ritual when the Maven's there occasionally even after finishing the boss?

This seems like it might also be fixed in this patch, and was related to one of the other changes. Please let us know if still happens after.
There should be some sort of warning when opening zone from fragments (UE, regular Elder etc) with Maven's beacon set to ON.
I can't be the only one who bricked UE fight for myself with this. If you are playing a lot, you will lose track eventually. Like i have this button red all the time, just wasn't expecting it. My fault ofcourse, but still...
And there is a warning for "Maven not interested in this zone". Why there is no for opposite?
Fix Diplomatic Escort in Valdo's Rest. Mobs spawn too close to each other. When I get close my FPS just dies and this is not my PC problem.
Thank you! Keep it Up!
The textures after this patch are EVEN WORSE than before
"You can no longer use the Zana Map Device to apply League modifiers to a map if it is already enchanted with the "Has an additional modifier from Zana's crafting bench at random" modifier from Harvest crafting."

Um excuse me wtf? What does additional mean? English plz?
Any word on when Hierophant's low level arcane surge having priority over a high level arcane surge will be fixed?
my mom hates me Sadge
Ahh, it's over... My sun... it's setting... It's dark, so dark...
Please fix the insane visual bug with the new unique ring Blackflame

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