3.13.1 Patch Notes

sorry but your patch didnt fix anything for higher end pcs , what a joke
Crash Crash Crash :(

I could not even load the game :( :( :(
Ok , that was supposed to be fixing crash issues.

I cannot go into my hideout 99% of the time ( 9 out of 10 ) and on the 10th time , it loaded in almost a minute , tried every skill , dashed a bit - ok look stable.
Open the stash - crash to desktop.

How and why I have a great time since now ( a bit lower fps due to many mechanics but I understand and account for it as well as I could - few deaths here and there I can and did tolerate ) but that patch just will not allow me to be logged in for more than 2 min , no play , I cannot even sell ( open trade tab = crash ) .

GIven it is being close to 10 hours since this patch and I am not a fringe case I wonder why this was not reverted back ? I was looking to take the day off to play ( as mentioned no issues in weeks ) and I am glad I was asked on emergency meeting in the morning as otherwise my day off was going to waist.

Very disappointed form this

P.S. For reference using r5 1600 , vega 56 and steam client ( hope this helps people make sense of what went to sh*t )
I didn't crash as much before but now the game is unplayable. load map, play 20 sec, crash - REPEAT
I don't know if it could help others but before the patch I had incredible issues that do not permit me to play.
After lot of actions on my computer without success, it SEEMS that closing the nVidia software who manages the graphic depending the application has made lot of improvements.

I have since this new patch latency to upload textures indeed, but once done after 10/20 seconds, NO ISSUE in term of fluidity.
This patch fix - NOTHING !
Same crushes.
Same 1-2 sec spikes.
Same textur loooooading problems.

ING: @Pinakillada
Legue: Softcore & SC legues
Same here. Didn't crash once all this time with the new league up until after this patch. I've crashed some dozen times over 2 hours.
Game is broken YEP.

Open atlas? Crash
Open stash? Crash
Do anything? Crash
ettanportion wrote:
Game is broken YEP.

Open atlas? Crash
Open stash? Crash
Do anything? Crash

Same - what client you are using ?

Steam or standalone and what is the pc?

For me: Steam , r5 1600 vega 56

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