[3.23X]The Arachnophobia Allstars|100% Chaos Guardian CI|The dirty Scorpion-tail|Herald of Agony 32M

NotAMage wrote:
So league start with this build can be just awasome (as it is for me) if you will use something different for offense (not HoA but Dom Blow/HoP for example) during acts and white maps and, at first, build your defences around life and armour.

Can you give more details on this? What do you link with Dom Blow/HoP? Do you still apply poison with storm brand and ball lightning?

I'm not using anything with poison from start.
While my defence skills and mechanics are almost the same with what do we have on the build here (but a lot of things is very expensive at this moment),
my offense gems will be completely different until I'll be able to buya a couple of rings with reservation for HoA and probably Arakali.

So I'm using pure physical style with Dread Banner and Herald of Purity (heralditself linked with brutality minion damage and melee physical supports) + Dominating Blow as main attack skill (brutality + minion damage + multistrike + melee phys + melee splash). + Vulnerability for bosses.

In addition, I'm not using right now Ball ligthning and Brand setup and as a result I have a free 4 link. I i'm using there Zombies/Spectres + Meat Shield + Maim + Feeding Frenzy. It gives some extra buffs for you and minions.
And + holy relic for some healing too.

+1 reason to go with physical approach as a first step befora HoA on leagustart - it gives you a nice pool of meatshield around you with 9+4 sentinels and + ~6 zombies.
When you will have a couple of good defence items like aurora, rumi, memory vault it feels save to drop them.

Hope it helps :)
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RestInPieces wrote:
Any tips to make it more hand-friendly? Like some automation with the virulence? My hand isn't what it used to be :P

Also is bastion of hope really that good? Seems kind of unrealiable and some block goes to waste since the cap is 75, right?

You can try cyclone - it's only continuous moving / clicking. You can try tempest shield - with serpentine spellslinger it generates some virulences, or void sphere on cws/ cwdt.

Fullgeared the build uses divine shield and powered up wicked ward, so the very nice, but also unstable regenerations of time of need don't offer so much too.

I am trying around in std fullblock with 50% attackblock, 74% spellblock, bastion of hope, still not maxed slots for attackblock, and the builds is ..... totally immortal, absolutely not to kill in red t16 and new 3.16 delve 475, equal to 3.15 delve 950.
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Which one of the 3 main builds do you advice to go for?

I did league start with it as well, sure it has been a bit of a struggle

but now i am at a point i am steamrolling maps already with a dead here and there


This is my pob if you want to have a look
I am not a good poe player by any means, so I am sure anyone can achieve this

rotheee wrote:
i have no defence problems.

for me what is bad is:

lack of str.
lack of dex (i have not enough dex even with 2 30dex points)
lack of damage (4l crawler)
its not possible to clear white maps reliantly
the guide is not leaguestart friendly written
the pob is not good for start either (one time mastery points are set .. sometimes not. confuseing)

the items even for the leveling tree are not obtainable in a leaguestart scenario (u dont get those clusters)

probably its an okish build and cheap .. but its a waste of time as leaguetarter

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Do you mind updating the pantheon system on the first page?
thx it helped a lot
Full damage edition is ready!! PoB is updated.

With the +1 Chaos mastery, Hatred, Dread banner and Pressure for mana it reach out for interesting 14.3M shaper-damage.

Use feeding frenzy as spider support for the frenzy-buff and deactivate grace to get the correct mana- and damage-calculations.

You can switch to +1 / +2 triggerwand or +3 coldironpointdagger with supportminions like anomalous skeletons also to get free sockets and flask and 14.1 - 14.8 M shaper-damage if you prefer.

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Right now, getting the gear for this build is going to be a nightmare. Arakaali's go for 5 exalts. The horror!
Guide in well made but not starter friendly at all, no infos on priorities, what to pick first etc, 200 skill tress.

Infos all over the 400 page topic.

Build is working fine tho, but it's a nightmare to understand tbh.

U should clean out everything and point out the important things to do.
Aleoddio wrote:
Guide in well made but not starter friendly at all, no infos on priorities, what to pick first etc, 200 skill tress.

Infos all over the 400 page topic.

Build is working fine tho, but it's a nightmare to understand tbh.

U should clean out everything and point out the important things to do.

lol, which 200/ 400?

Sorry, it's a complex game, and so is the guide. There are many exiles who are interested in the game- and build-mechanics too.

There are other "copy my pob"-guides when it's too complex, like you prefer... Hehehe, 3 leagues before as the guide was born, the index and order was a little bit demanding. Now it's only smooth low challenging, hehehe, my Aleoddio!

Read simply FAQ or a TLTR page 50:


To make it the simplest, go to the first page and look for
"Choose your edition - balance your defences and offensive"

You'll find the 3 main builds with PoB under the spoiler.

2 spoilers after, you'll find "Gear, Skills, Links".
A good explanation of the overall stuff.

Finally, look for "Tipps for beginning, levelling, gearing, trading and Leaguestart" (a bit lower)

You'll find the best ways to do your way from lvl 1 to 100.

Good luck !

TLDR: Follow the PoB. Get the sockets.

Araakalis Fang
Memory Vault
Aegis Aurora
Skin of the Loyals
Shapers Touch
Circle of Nostalgia

Start clearing yelow to red maps.

I dont know any other build that gets you so cheap into red maps.

From there you start working for endgame gear. Skin of the Lords, Auls uprising, watchers eye, Clusters, yewels and a good stygian vise.

Thanks to Chimnei_Moon and Humtol!
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