3.13.0b Patch Notes (restartless)

OZFugazi wrote:
fix the totem nodes please..

NONE of the damage specific totem nodes work. tested with every totem type. and ballista type. bug report has been submitted. several



Is this a thing? It must be fixed, not even now, yesterday...
I still crash from having a loot filter on Sadge
Terxture streaming fix when ? game is runing like shit for lots of people.
Sorry but the patch broke the game for many of us.
Guess we need to wait until its fixed...

Thx for all you do, GGG!
Uber POG!
Totem node ain't working or it's a Tooltip bug but something is off none of them seems to display bonus dmg ... right now please fix !

thanks for the rest of the patch
And i thohgh my build stopped working while fighting sirus spawns
"Fixed a common client crash." I'm hoping this one is mine ... it's been an awful launch for me.

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