3.13.0b Patch Notes (restartless)

All fine, but the Sirus influencing is...

1) it feels like it is on every single influenced map
2) the nerf was pointless, still kinda oneshots mos of the time
3) is really cutting fun on a high level

I could understand if they add this to maps if all got killed and sirus is up to spawn, or on a much lower rate, but this mechanic is really destoying my fun at current state of implementation
1) Sirus shows up way too often
2) Even tonned down, the Sirus mobs are a little insane, especially on juiced maps.
sirus rare damage is stronger than of t16 map boss..nice content
can leisurely stroll through my t16 maps, but sirius mobs still ICBM you from out of nowhere. 7.2k life max res whatnots. how is this supposed to make sense when the sirius dominated mobs appear far too often and are stronger than all the map bosses???
The answer is 42.
You guys are amazing! This just shows how well you listen to the players, and I thank you! :)
Keep up the great work! :)

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