Path of Exile Lore: Questions and Answers - Part Two

when cosmo/space related theme?
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that would be great! like in d2(dont care d3) :D
cgexile wrote:
ephelduath wrote:
These answers are, strangely, written in first person, but not only that, the one speaking doesn't seem to know the absolute truth, so it can't be meta commentary by someone from GGG. It feels like the one speaking is a character within the story giving us their insights on the subjects discussed.

Am I missing something? Who supposedly is answering these questions?

It also happened on the last post, so there has to be something going on here...

Suggestion for devs: Maybe there should be an NPC in the game, that would be saying these things instead of posting them here. Mysterious gossiper or something more creative. Just sayin'

My immediate question was: who is asking these questions??? ;)

The Exile of course. You can frame them a bit differently and they could fit into the game.

Huzai wrote:
Can i have relationship with npc ?

Don't know about that, but running ToA with Alva constantly praising and chastizing you is pretty fun.
Avarius became the High Templar some time after Dominus is slain in Act 3. It is likely there was a period of contention over power, because Avarius only truly rose to prominence once the Beast was slain in Act 4 and Innocence awoke and possessed him. That means Avarius was only High Templar for a very short time, relatively speaking, before the Exile comes along and destroys him, too.

high templar for 30 minutes... tsk, tsk, how sad

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