Path of Exile Lore: Questions and Answers - Part Two

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Pog lore
Curiosity is followed by ambition. Ambition, is followed by madness.
I want to ask.
What is the time gap between each act?
When i play i dont feel any only one were i feel there is a slight one is after a10 to the epilog were the square is kind of fixed.
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b4timert wrote:
I want to ask.
What is the time gap between each act?
When i play i dont feel any only one were i feel there is a slight one is after a10 to the epilog were the square is kind of fixed.

One moody sunday morning some exiles were exiled before they had their morning coffee so they rush through Wraeclast killing every little god they meet because there is no coffee but in Oriath. Upon arriving to Oriath they find out that Avarius took all the coffee same moment they were exiled so everything has to die. Sin says he knows that Kitava stole all the coffee Avarius had stashed so exiles have to walk all the way back to Oriath again meanwhile killing some Beast or whatever because Sin asked.
In the end, after 4-6 hours since their exile the heroes are handed their cup of coffee but a small portal opens, a plate gauntlet with runes 'I'm Sirius, yo!' reaches and grabs the coffee, vanishing in portal. Enraged once again, exiles hear Kirac rushing to them.
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Let us not forget what Clarissa had to say about Hargan:

Hargan likes to think he was my kind, old 'uncle' back in Theopolis. Granted, the work he gave me saved my parents and I from starvation.

This was after my father lost the family fortune at the card table and we had to give up the manor in the country for a flea-box in Theopolis.

But he's not half as generous as he makes out. When Hargan gives you something, you can be damned sure that he's getting his pound of flesh in return.

Doesn't sound like the sort of relationship that would bring the old rascal out of Oriath to look after Clarissa. ='[.]'=
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does that mean,that there will be divine stuff ? we already have corruption stuff.
These answers are, strangely, written in first person, but not only that, the one speaking doesn't seem to know the absolute truth, so it can't be meta commentary by someone from GGG. It feels like the one speaking is a character within the story giving us their insights on the subjects discussed.

Am I missing something? Who supposedly is answering these questions?

It also happened on the last post, so there has to be something going on here...
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I really like the lore from this game, and echo other's sentiments that this is something I would like to see more of.

Cinematic scenes between acts would be cool, and I don't believe they would break immersion, but rather reinforce it. Perhaps only when a significant amount of time, or some large event has happened (like Kitava releasing already has one).
Okay, time for Lore Consistency Hard Mode: Latin Nitpick Edition.

  • "Imperialis Conceptus" should be "Conceptus Imperialis"—Adjectives generally go after the noun.
  • "Zana Caeserius" should be "Zana Caeseria"—The family name (gens) is properly "Caeseria" and inflects as -ius or -ia according to the gender of the holder.
  • While there are only a handful of Latin names and phrases in Path of Exile, the existence of particulars like the Terminus Est sword and the newly-confirmed calendar names makes it unreasonable to pretend the Eternal and Oriathan cultures speak something other than Greek, Latin, and Italian.
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    It seems like "Divine" and "Corrupt" energies are perhaps a bit analogous to "Positive energy" and "Negative energy" in D&D Lore.
    Awakened Combustion Support when?

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