December Events - Mayhem, Endless Delve and Flashback

Dang, three events, this is looking dope.
Adding a request for the Crafting Bench in Endless Delve. Half the point of the bench is to make SSF more manageable, providing mods that are less potent than what rares could give, but with the flexibility to patch up holes in your character's stats.

It doesn't need to have veiled, but even the basic teeny mods(level 1 resists, attributes, hp/mp/es) would make the league much more enjoyable. If you're adding books of skill and ascendency points to the delve progression, it would be very easy to add crafting recipes along with it. The functionality already exists, since Delve IS where you find the socket recipes.

Consider it, maybe?
Take care of yourself, and don't feel the need to strain or crunch. Taking delays to make a better expansion league is preferable to trying to jam one in at an arbitrary date.
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Can we get Endless Delve as a standalone game mode..
A dumb question, but what are requirements to META build for this endless delve? Super life regen, or running speed? or what?
There once was an exile who found a map of infinite doctors.
Corpse removal and clear speed mainly.

I predict a lot of occultists for profane bloom.
jjb1214 wrote:
I have a dumb person question:
"This event is voided. (Items and characters do not transfer to parent leagues at the end of the event)"; does this mean that nothing transfers to any other aspect of the game? (eg: standard / non-league mode)

Or does it just mean that it doesnt transfer to any other leagues that may be going on at the time?

I assume you'd retain what you obtain in standard mode; otherwise it seems like a weird event.

yep.. after those events finish then no transfer/merge of accumulated loot to standard or parent heist league.
sounds fun ? sarcasticaly yes, we can optain rewards such as those mtx. and that weird unique wich increases our size. but those uniques are targeted to standard rich guys who have 20k exalts and 200 mirrors. to flip from one rich guy to another till one of them is loser. or till price is idioticaly high for usless item just to flex in town. whatever makes those flippers autotrade botters happy.
ok, thanks for listening me on dash but with adding support gem on it, whyle unable to use it bcs of ? it pulls me back ? people say desync . i should shoot to desync. most favorable skill and you add support gem on it and it doesnt even work normaly for 3 leagues.
Programysh wrote:
A dumb question, but what are requirements to META build for this endless delve? Super life regen, or running speed? or what?

Just youtube deep delve poe

In reality, after a certain level (around 1000 depth) no defenses will aid you, you die if you get hit.

Sooooo.. that frees you up to ignore life, ES, and focus on damage and maybe avoidance.

So if you really want to go deep, look up low hp delve builds.

However, if you just want to go to 500, you can pick up some champion/jugg high armour tank build with most any melee skill.
Dec 4 - One-Week Mayhem Sad
Dec 11 - One-Week Endless Delve Sad
Dec 18 - Three-Week Heist Flashback Meh
Jan 7 - 3.13 Announcement Livestream Baby Something
Jan 11 - Heist Ends on PC Finlay Thank you
Jan 15 - 3.13 PC Launch Hoping it would be better then last few leagues

We don't want any of these events or anything we want new league
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yey gonna participate in all events ty ggg this stuff is going to be fun after all my gauntlet deaths :D
Can I play my existing character?
No, you'll need to make new characters in each event.

As someone who is not in the slightest interested in race leagues, can I keep playing the current league and complete my challanges until 3.13 is released in January or am I screwed over by this stuff?

Bex_GGG wrote:
Will the current Heist Leagues end and migrate to standard on December 4th?

Heist ends on January 11.

Thank god!
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