3.12.5 Patch Notes Preview

you know they are just doing the minimum because they already got the next league done. now they are just going to play cyberpunk until then. that's why they delayed the league. tinfoil hat comment!
why is tullina and cassie way prettier than witch and ranger?
We need to be able to set an affinity for multiple tabs, like unique collection and an overflow tab.

Also we need more affinities obviously, covering everything in the game.

And for the love of god, control click in and out of guild stash when?
Well they finally drove me off. Inf delve showed me how good the game could be without make work and chores. No going back. Then cheating me out of my MTX draw was the final straw.
Pushwalk wrote:
why is tullina and cassie way prettier than witch and ranger?

You're implying that any of the playable characters are lookers. I mean, the Templar is a lost old man who refuses to put on pants. :V
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Well done.
they have 2 months of heist still.. one can imagine that this league last for almost 5-6 months..

worst scenario for this game.

I'm waiting to see what they are offering for december even tho I kinda speculated that the flashback will be barely something and they might just give up for all of december and keep enough people around the office to keep the servers stable and alive..
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https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2933680 3.11 "technical" patch btw 16 gb and then another 13 gb in 3.13 the loading issues are still as if the "technical" patch was never even in the game.

Chapter: XXV.
And now i cant play more than 5 minutes without a crash.

sad... :(
Thanks for moving the buttons on the Stash UI!
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cool any info on that maybe getting an old league?

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