3.12.5 Patch Notes Preview

So Vindiri will still fail to detonate reward chests? Are you for real? This issue desperately needs a fix.. Cmon Tencent you can do it.
Are u guys reading the Technical Support?
Or performance improvements are not on the list now?
Guess u dont have time since nowadays u spend an entire league fixing bugs.
Oh well,keep going ;)
Is it possible to fix logging out when I alt tab from fullscreen?
Bit sad that "heist improvements" are bug fixes rather than actual changes. I guess GGG are now happy about the state of heist gameplay? Yawn. Still so many doors, so few guards to the target, and some heists barely has any on the way back as well.

It also feels weird that i have to spend like 300 markers to open a heist, then only get 1000 back. Takes forever to get enough to properly explore blueprints.
Also given that this will run 1 month extra i wish heist would get just a bit of love, but the team gotta finish 3.13 already so they can start on 3.14 soon....
You just wasted 3 seconds reading this.
Virilu wrote:
WOw and Cyberpunk here i come ....why the hell u guys dont polish the game u gonna loose big time even with PoE2

He wrote on a mainly bug fix patch post.
We expect this patch to be released within a few days, potentially today (Tuesday NZT).

Wait, what?
Cool. :)
If you have currency tab in a folder you can't use currency with merchants or crafting until you open the folder in your stash. Might want to fix that.
How is it possible I still haven't unlocked Gianna yet?

(I'm level 93 and in Red Tier maps)
Natalia_GGG wrote:
- The Create New Folder button has been moved to the top right corner of the stash interface..
- The "+" button to add a new stash tab now follows the same rules it did prior to 3.12.4d. It is displayed if you have room for it on the tab, but hides when the bar is full (which is generally around 10 tabs).
- Fixed an issue...

I don't really understand how these things are listed for the affinity system are "improvements."? All of these things listed seem like bug fixes or issues that should have been addressed before making the system go live. I appreciate the affinities coming out already but these UI issues seem like something apparent that should not have been missed if it were tested internally.

Also, in general, the whole affinities system seems really primitive and something that should have been in the game a long time ago. Like, games from the early 2000's have had the function to where your items auto-sort themselves and go to their correct designated/allocated locations once you click on them, not only that, but most games also have a button that allows you to deposit all of your items from the inventory into the stash with 1 button instead of forcing the player to click on everything in the inventory individually. Also, why do we still have to search for items by clicking on each stash tab individually? Why is the search bar not able to search through all of the tabs you have at once like most other games allow you to do similar to Windows File Explorer? Games like Runescape and others have had this functionality since before 2010. I don't know, I appreciate these features but it seems very bare-bones to be honest and only a step in the right direction in terms of QoL for item sorting/organization.
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