3.12.5 Patch Notes Preview

Xanoth wrote:
Glad to see even more crashes getting fixed.

QOL Request: button to enable/disable all sales tabs.

This ^^
Xystre wrote:
they might just give up for all of december and keep enough people around the office to keep the servers stable and alive..

sounds like metamorph league. crashed to desktop until they decided to come back in january
Iamod wrote:
Shagsbeard wrote:
Only thing that bothers me is you're still working on Sirus. Was hoping you'd give up on that and trash the whole thing.
Same here. The fight is complete trash. Sorry to ruin your hard work with my hard opinion, but it's one of the worst fights in the entire game. It's not even fun. It's easy ofc once you've done it multiple times, but there are so many random deadly things he can do that you have no control over or chance to dodge sometimes. It's just dirty and not fun.

my only real gripe with sirus is dying to glitchy graphics not displaying some things [the exploding geysers on the floor, pools when they chase you] that I never saw before they swapped to vulkan.

I'm not spending money on a new card to beat one half-assed boss when the rest of the game looks fine [after they fixed the huge boxes and freeze glitches], no matter how many times Chris will tell someone to do so on a podcast. yeah, he did that.
Great, thanks GGG.

When are you going to fix the divergent withering step gem? It doesn't work, it has never worked properly.
Natalia_GGG wrote:

"Improved performance in the Sirus, Awakener of Worlds encounter."


awesome patch ... i'm dying of laughter !!! ... at least i don't die in the game!:DDDDDDDD
Still Heist ?
I pass.
Vinderi still can't blow up chests in tighter areas.....need to go back by quite a bit and then bring Vinderi to the chest again...

GGG...come on
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Please nerf dmg of heist mobs because melee characters can't play this shit, and projectiles range!!! This is obvious!
Improved performance in the Sirus, Awakener of Worlds encounter.


And seriously, I've never had this many performance issues in any league before Heist. Endgame is unplayable to me atm, as soon as there's some density I'm playing a slide show. And that is very disappointing, because I love the game. Not gonna buy any mtx anytime soon, yo! Rage quit last night, not coming back until there's a real fix.

P.S. To me, Heist is the most boring league since Legion (glorified Breach) -love the new characters, their stories, etc. but the mechanic itself? Hey, what's the most fun thing about running maps? Opening doors I bet ya! Holy cow, that's pure genius! Let's make a league about it! :D

P.P.S. Let's make the loot shower most showery of all loot showers, so the players won't notice it's a door simulator.

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