Path of Exile Lore: Questions and Answers - Part One

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Is the crusader symbol on a message on the tradeboard related to barans final will?
Ok GGG, while your in a lore info sharing mood:

1) Exactly how much time is passed between part 1 and part 2 of the game? Also,

2) Why are the syndicate considered our enemy; in a land where the dead don't stay dead?

3) Why haven't we seen Emperor Chitus in same fashion; either through Malachai via beast or the Syndicate? Wouldn't it be poetic justice for him to have been raised related to the purity gems he was so much against.

4) Are Jun and Rin the same person? Or twins perhaps?

5) Is the reason Dominus not a part of the syndicate is because he exiled everyone in the first place?

6) Was Dialla a founder of the Syndicate ideals? Seeing as she is the first "immortal"
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Who is Kalendra ? the character used to name the currency mirror of Kalendra and the same logo of POE it self !
PoE lore is nice. It was interesting even back in 2013, I remember the release of the Library area being a lot of fun. I see it's come a long way since. Thanks for this post.

Not a question, but: I would love to read some kind of more detailed life (like the books in Skyrim and other TES games) of people like Dominus and Piety. Actually get some insight into the workings of Oriathan society. Perhaps the founding of Sarn or Oriath and their development, stuff like that. Bits of lore in PoE are so short and fragmentary!
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The time span between part 1 & 2 i think is a few months possibly 3 at most considering how much the beast has rotted away
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what is lore?

Cantspel wrote:
Mindelo wrote:
Wtf is this game design where you have to learn mechanics and lore from external resources?

There is always gaps in game knowledge and lore in every game (warframe, WoW, FF14, skyrim, etc..). If you are referring to KittenCatNoodle's video's, while masterfully done, is simply compiling information found in-game in an easy to understand video.

I don't know about Warframe but WoW and FF14 dump stories on you with bucket-loads of text or 50 minute+ cutscenes, depending which game you're playing. There's no gaps, you just have to piece it together, which isn't easy on games that huge.

All the lore for Skyrim comes from, well, Skyrim, and the numerous books included in the game that you can sit down and read in a library you built yourself. Some stories come from previous games, but they're all in the previous games. If it feels like Skyrim has more lore than the game lets on, it's likely that all came from Elder Scrolls Online, but some people cut that out entirely. There's not a lot of official off-site sources for Elder Scrolls that you can't learn in-game, thankfully.

PoE sometimes feels like Destiny or Halo, where there's next to no real story in the main campaign, you have to go an off-game source and you're still greeted with "well, maybe". It won't make me stop playing this game, but storytelling has been PoE's weakest point for me since it came out.

I mean even comparing PoE to Halo, just look at the length of the fan-wiki pages for any Halo character compared to any PoE character

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