Path of Exile Lore: Questions and Answers - Part One

I wish POE lore is less fragmented and has a more coherent thread running through them.
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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Tell more about Riker Maloney and related Heists, why does he wants a resurrect when he's already alive because of Catarina?
Who for the love of god is KALANDRA???
With each new leagues, new contents, new stories, and new expansion, PoE lore prone to a overlapping confusion, be it who did what and when + why, or other else reasons. This is one of perhaps many example that I found about the confusion that may arise with more and more temporary leagues and new expansion regarding the game lore. This one is about The God. The lore said that Sin created the beast to suppress the other gods power, and gods themselves were made from ADORATION OF PEOPLE. It implies that THERE WAS an even older civilization beside The Vaal as it contradicts with what Eramir said the The Vaal probably the oldest civilization and are known to harness thaumaturge, and thaumaturge only came from the beast, and the beast was created by Sin.

Whatever civilization Sin and Innocence came from, the claim of The Vaal as oldest civilization is compromised. UNLESS Sin and Innocence were actually from The Vaal civilization. This seems to be far-fetched but there is a line from Sin in Reflection of Terror about Yugul ;

Reflection of Terror (Quest)
"In Izaro's grotesque little garden, you'll find an old friend of mine".

This is a direct evidence that Sin and Yugul once lived in the same timeline and perhaps same area / civilization.

Sin to Yugul
"Vaal scholars seemed compelled to answer all manner of strange and troubling questions. Yugul was one such scholar. Whilst plumbing the depths of humanity, he came to believe that there was no truer expression of humanity than pure terror."

This line could be interpreted as either Yugul is a Vaal scholar, or a scholar that studies about Vaal civilization. But the rest of the line reinforces the suggestion of Yugul being a Vaal Scholar

"He would induce terror in children and then capture their reactions within eldritch mirrors, devices of his own creation that would petrify fear for extended study. Through his gallery of reflected terror, Yugul came to understand human nature so well that he was able to manipulate his way into the Vaal halls of leadership, and eventually grew so feared and renowned that he ascended into godhood."

This line introduces "eldritch mirrors". Eldritch, as a word, is similar to alien, means that its otherworldy / not from the known world, but the difference is that eldritch is closely associated with H.P Lovecraft, and The Elder. Maybe the H.P Lovercraft part is one of the GGG staff's fantasy, but it could also implies that there is connection between The Vaal, The Gods, and The Elder which is even more to be far-fetched. Regardless, the line directly said about Yugul getting into Vaal halls of leadership, so it further reinforces the suggestion about Yugul being from Vaal Civilization.

This is one of many things that could contribute in the game lore confusion. What I'm trying to say is, let alone harbringer and delirium voice and other temporary league contents which almost always added into the core game, even THE CORE game lore itself is confusing as there is little confirmation about the lore.

Where were the two-little boy of Sin and Innocence once live at? Who is their father ? Why Sin was punished by being burning alive over stealing a fish and lies ? What kind of society they were live in to allow a boy being burning alive ? Why did Sin become a god IF the method to ascend to godhood is through adoration of people which contradicts the story of how Sin become a god ? and so on and so forth.
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Bananaplasm wrote:
Good read.

I like the idea of the beast supressing the power of the gods and the virtue gems basically being his ... sediment, dispersing these supressed powers. And now all the humans are smearing his droppings over their clothes.

And here it's been 2 1/2 years and I still don't see a GOATSE portal mtx in the shop. *<:^)

Did Sin create the beast before or after the fall of the Vaal?

Before, because as he tells us in a9, Doryani (who was active at the zenith of the Vaal empire) was hot on the trail of virtue gems and tried to bore a hole in the Beast to get at the motherlode, but only succeeded in leaving a big scab (that is nevertheless the weak spot we exploit to get in to the carcass).
"How do you lure the Elder to the centre of the Atlas?"
"A box trap with some candy should do the trick"
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Oh no they spotted her and they get after her..

I never notice it but what happen to the Bandid we safe, like Alira after we getting back from kitava.
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Love it...
More lore about Harbingers!
Very good info, please share more about Queen Atziri and the Vaal empire, they are my favorite still:).

Thumbs up!
More lore and world building is always good for me!
It's always one of the parts I really wish PoE would expand more.

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