3.12.4d Deployment and Full Patch Notes

Finally , only took the community 6 years of complaining about it.
Awesome !!!

tbh i just took some stuff out of my stash and put it back into it just for the sake of seeing everything being sorted automatically :')

Thank you ! :D
it's shite i don't like it making me waste more time which you already make us do
thanks ggg
i thought delve was supposed to be an infinite dungeon btw
Finally time for heist league to start Poggers
Thank you GGG!!!
Stash tab folders need a lot of work still.
First, colors. Perhaps inheriting the color of the first tab?
Second, arrows start switching between folders instead of tabs. This isn't good. Perhaps CTRL+arrows to switch between folders and arrows for tab switching inside folders?
Third, not enough affinities. I.e. we need Chest, Helm, Boots, Gloves, Belts, Rings, Amulets -- at the very least, so chaos recipe items can be sorted without the hassle it usually took.
Best patch ever!
You actually listened to us!

Added support for Stash Tab Folders and Stash Tab Affinities. Stash Tab Folders can have stash tabs placed in them, allowing you to organise your stash tabs however you'd like. Additionally, stash tabs can now have Affinities applied to them. The Stash Tab Affinity system allows you to designate a stash tab to store selected specialised item types in. Ctrl+clicking an applicable item from your inventory into your stash will always send it directly to the stash tab with an affinity set for that item, regardless of which stash tab you currently have open. Affinities are available for the following item types: Currency, Map, Essence, Divination Card, Fragment, Unique, Delve, Blight, Metamorph and Delirium.

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