3.12.4d Deployment and Full Patch Notes

Would be amazing if "add a new tab" and "create new folder" were moved up next to the Stash options. Its current placement causes me to hit it by accident all the time, but im sure ill get used to it ... Ty GGG <3
WOW What a useless Garb, it makes nothing better !!!
It makes no sense for me to put stashtabs in other stashtabs !!!
Maybe for Players with Hundreds of tabs !

But thx for the try ...
No Heist and Grand Heist crash fixes, shame on you first GGG and them you Bex.
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The Affinity feature is awesometacular! <3
The new stash affinities are awesome and will save a lot of time good job.
Very pleased, however some things are missing. Not being able to change the color of the folder is a big sadge. Folder creation button and add tab button need moved out of the way. For currency, it would be amazing to be able to select specific currencies to have affinity for that tab. I have a currency tab for what I use, and a currency tab for what I trade. If I could set affinity for things I trade to go to the proper currency tab it would be great.
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wow what a nice patch, how convenient!

(it is not working for the higher digit tabs tho? - i could not choose delve & blight for tab 7, but i could choose it for tab 1)
Fix Sunrise Portal visual bug when you open it

Please move the "Add tab" and "Create New Folder" buttons.
(Place them next to the "Stash Options" button)

In their current position, these buttons:
- invite accidental clicks
- obstruct tabs

Seriously, please look into UX.
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Awesome stuff, best QoL for the game, props to you GGG.

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