3.12.4d Deployment and Full Patch Notes

its sooooo good! ty so much GGG for best QOL!
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After less than a day of play, already 2 obvious bugs spoted :
- if you put your currency stash in a folder the game can't parse to automatically by from vendors in town neither to use the craft bench in HO
- sometimes you have to leave HO and re-enter it to make the unload to foldered stashes work (happened 2 times with fragment stash, other stashes foldered were fine at the time as far as I could saw).

You say you had debugged it before release ? rofl ...

(I still appreciate it a lot, but :
- there are MANY feature missing like I previously said on previous thread,
- folder and '+' button should be put next to setting,
- you should have a linear listing of unfolded stashes on the side area (scrolling work only on higher level, not within folder. Just do like a regular file manager in any OS)
- you can't choose folder colors
- I'm willing to pay to have those options, especially missing features)
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what can I say, I just simply love this update, Tab affinities and Folders is really nice, helps a lot
Thanks guys :)
my divination card stash is bugged when i activate the affinity button.cant even put them in tab when im on the div card tab. the rest works fine
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satanttin wrote:
"The Azurite Mine is now capped at Depth Level 65,535."
so delve is not infinite anymore? xD

also when is this gonna be released?

Actually is infinite but only horizontally. :)
Great update ... top 5*****
Affinity tabs is one of the best QOL feature ever, pretty please add itemized prophecy as an option to the list.

Fixing European servers (at least one of them) would be great too. We have to rely on U.S. east coast or Russia right now, the ping is bad but at least it doesn't randomly spikes...

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