New Portal Effects - Necrotic Demon King Portal, Arcane Demon King Portal and Divine Demon King Portal

Viktranka wrote:
More recolours... boo...

Btw this is the most buggy league I remember, yet it's a league you release an MTX

Except weekends, I can be 100% sure to open a website and see a new MTX pitch. Seriously.

Ignorance of the highest kind.
60x7 wrote:
These look familiar.

In deed. ;-)
Pog - new Ice Crash mtx when?
"New" btw
150 for reskins -.- me no like
do they at least have up to date effects?
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Xystre wrote:
you're selling recolours now?

running out of ideas?

The first recoloured mtxes were some of the first mtxes, ever.


Also, who else remembers when GGG were seriously talking about dyes as mtxes? Guess that proved too difficult to implement...profitably.

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
- Abraham Lincoln
Yknow what? Cool. I am 100% cool with this. As long as there's still new stuff being made as well, I am COMPLETELY fine with recolours, as some of these recolours can end up looking great.


Incidentally, a blue recolour of that Harlequin portal would be utterly fantastic and I would absolutely buy it just saying
Well, yeah it's a recolored skin BUT some players don't have any portal or current Demon King portal doesn't suits their hideout or needs, so now they have wider range to choose from.

Dunno why players are angry about reskin when they don't buy them lol.
Do you buy every new mtx realesed or what? People here sounds like someone push them to buy those mtxs lol
Pity, I would consider buying them in a bundle for 150 tpgether, but each one 150 Points,.... no ty

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