New Portal Effects - Necrotic Demon King Portal, Arcane Demon King Portal and Divine Demon King Portal

theta40 wrote:
Isn't "divine demon king" something of an oxymoron? :D

I had that same thought
I have no problem with this. If you’re gonna recolour a MTX you might as well recolour the best. Good stuff.
Nice, GGG. MTX 2016.
GGG, сделайте уже торговлю автоматизированной-хватит лениться.Блевать тянет с торговли.Скоро кто-нибудь переплюнет выпуск реюзабельного контента каждые 3 месяца/на 2 недели игры.
Kometsasu wrote:
60x7 wrote:
These look familiar.

They're reskins of the Demon King portal from awhile back

No, definitely not.
Booooo recolors out!
If you are going to overprize MTX like crazy at least have the decency of not just recolouring them
Chasing whales.
There are different flame particles though, but anyway 15 bucks for recolour is way too swag.
So 15 bucks for an intern playing around with hue values? Seems worth it.
To the MF Windripper go the spoils

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