[3.12 UPDATED] IMMORTAL Stone Golemancer | Tanking Sirus storm | 100M DPS | All content AFK

can anyone figure out a way to get cold exposure into the build via frost bomb or some other method? would be a big damage boost if its even possible somewhere.

ed: oh SHIT i just figured out how! My hungry loop ring can get elemental army in there for my stone golem to apply exposure. Nice this adds about 5% total dps. Although, for clearspeed I do like my phantasms...
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Just made Scion Carrion Golem version: https://youtu.be/nsiL_1OgVyI. Pob and a bit explanation in decscription of the video, if you got any questions you can ask there.
cool NNN, was interested in how this would perform as Scion. Whats ur dps with Scion?
jsuslak313 wrote:
cool NNN, was interested in how this would perform as Scion. Whats ur dps with Scion?

Pob says it 10M per golem but it is in best case with vaal haste and all on max, realistically its like 7-8M per golem most of the time. Also showcase version far away from its max power.
thats still pretty good
I have budget version helmet / body armor / belt and some jewels of this build if you need mates. You can pm me here and we can communicate later in game ^_^
Hey guys, does vaal summon skeletons increase the dps with carrion golems? It summons 37 minions.
Hey my favorite thread: I am GIVING AWAY my entire character...nearly mirror tier gear along with all my currency and anything else you want!

I don't play standard so its just going to get deleted. First come first serve, message me in game!

I am NOT offering this in-game world or trade chat so its just for you guys in this post!

On top of my mirror tier gear and jewels, I also have 200 raw exalts and a LOT of other goodies

**once someone messages me, i'll enable dnd so you know that someone already got it.

I know it seems like a scam, but it really isn't. I don't play standard and I'm done until next league. Totally and completely free
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everything is gone!
@gianluca: yes it would buff carrion and carrion would buff the skellies. But only up to 10 minions affect carrion

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