[3.12 UPDATED] IMMORTAL Stone Golemancer | Tanking Sirus storm | 100M DPS | All content AFK

I would like to share with you a very interesting build, one of the strongest I've played. I should say that the build is very expensive and not good for a start. In general, this topic is not a detailed guide, but rather showcase of the build with some of my notes (mainly on equipment).

Build mechanics
In short, in this build 4500+ energy shield regen, 90% + all elemental resists, immunity to chaos, 90% + physical damage reduction, immunity to almost all conditions - all this makes this build almost immortal.

What this build can do:
☑ Easily destroys all endgame content, skip all boss phases
☑ Sirus for this build is just a joke, you just stay in his storms
☑ T19 + 5 Delirium Orbs
☑ AFK Simulacrum
☑ Azurite mine 1k +
☑ Fast mapping


3.12 Showcase
3.12 Scion Carrion Golem version
3.11 Full showcase
3.11 Oshabi fight(2sec)


In 3.12 I changed build a lot, this time I was trying to improve defence as much as possible and build become uber tanky, twice tankier then before, now on 20th wave simulacrum with double boss you can just really afk and character will be absolutely fine, there is no content that can do something to this build now(except very deep delve obviously). Also we got no more Harvest gear but we got really strong alternative qualities for Auras and reworked Vitality so I focused on boosting aura effect - now I use 6 medium clusters with 6 passives for aura effect. One more important thing, after some calculations, I decided to drop Primodrial chain amulet and now I use spectres - it actually provide pretty same dps but you also can have defensive spectres and strong amulet bonuses. Also read notes below if you want to improve more dps then defence, or need some cheaper gear alternatives.

pob: https://pastebin.com/ejTjjHzb

Alternative gem qualities:

Divergent Purity of Ice - linked with Enhance Support provides HUGE dps boost 1.5M per golem.
Divergent Vitality - big dps boost
Divergent Flesh Offering - +dps
Anomalous Convocation - +movespeed

My spectre setup:

Host Chieftain, Carnage Chieftain - casual dps setup.

They of Tul - very strong defensive spectre, permanently gives 15% dmg reduction and 20% dodge.

Pantheon: Solaris, Tukohama.

3.12 Notes
So, some notes about the build:
1. I use 3 Primodrial Eminence and 2 Harmony, if you want more dps you can go for casual 5 Harmony and 1 Eminence.
2. If you want more offensive spectre setup, you can swap They of Tul with Arena Master, but I personaly dont recommend to drop They Of Tul because its really supa strong, so you can take Death Attunement nod and have +1 spectre. The most offensive setup with Death Attunement is 2 Carnage Chieftain, 1 Host Chieftain, Arena Master(or cut 1 Carnage if you dont take Death Attunemen).
3. Helmet. So its main link and it really hurt to drop something there, anyway if you on low budget you can use Hubris base(its cheaper) and have at least 2 of 3 mods.
4. Body Armour. You can use Skin of the Lords, Simple Robe with Elemental Equilibrium - it actually a really good option, much better then low budget regalia, and also you save points because you dont need to take Elemental Equilibrium on tree.
5. On amulet you can have +1 to phys gems, also on shield if you are lucky.

Hope you like this build, if I forgot something ill try to add.

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Pufff this seems an awesome build, probably try it, thanks for that...
Nice build sir,

Any tip to craft your helm?
kyomoNZ wrote:
Nice build sir,

Any tip to craft your helm?

First of all you need Elder-Shaper influence, ilvl 86 base with enchant.

Step 1.
You need to craft "+3 to level of socketed minion gems" and "socketed gems deal 30% more elemental damage". To do it you can use horror essences or combination of bound+glyphic+prismatic fossils (fossils got higher avg).
Step 2.
This is the most hard and expensive step. Now you need to remove influence mods from suffixes and lock them (you already got elemental dmg + craft some resistance from harvest or whatever you can remove later+ bench craft "cannot roll caster modifiers"). Now you need to craft Minion dmg and Conc effect. If you got influence mod in prefixes(if not aug it) just do remove/add influence untill you hit Minion dmg mod or Conc effect, then aug influence mod and hope for another one. If you dont hit needed mod after auging, remove influence mod and reroll again until you do it.
Step 3.
Now your prefixes are set, easy part left. You remove dont needed mod from suffixes using harvest craft( it can be resistance like i said in step 2), and you remove "cannot roll caster mods". Now you bench craft cold resistance and then aug cold from harvest and you got guaranteed "Hypothermia" (if you dont like lvl you can remove cold and aug again). Now you aug caster from harvest and you got guaranteed "Socketed Spells have #% to Critical Strike Chance", do remove/add caster if needed until you hit 3%.

So thats it, not the easiest craft ever but i hope i helped you a bit :)

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Hi, awesome build! But I can't understand how to put all purites even without hatred, is it possible to use them without enlighten 4? If so, how to achieve this? (P.S. I took all the reduced mana nodes on tree)
Vas9ka1 wrote:
Hi, awesome build! But I can't understand how to put all purites even without hatred, is it possible to use them without enlighten 4? If so, how to achieve this? (P.S. I took all the reduced mana nodes on tree)

you need to use clusters with reduced mana reservations of purity gems
Sir, another question; how are u maxing your resistances?
Hey wow so this is an amazing build!! Do you have any suggestions of how when to switch to CI version and if possible can you help guide me with a tree to use before i would switch over? I know you said it's end game build but I'm not asking for a guide but just some help with a leveling tree where I can respec at end game.
So I actually went ahead and took apart your tree and rebuilt it for a Pre CI Stone Golem Leveling Tree.

Each Cluster Jewel takes +16 total points to use and you have 3 of them. So I took off 2 or -32 points and that would leave 1 cluster tree with 16 points. I took off those points and dispersed them throughout the tree for leveling up to level 70 and entering maps, the point were used for minion damage and resistances until you get to 34. Also used Strength and Dexterity nodes to help out with that. Once you hit 70 and gain 7 more levels(lv 77) you are able to respect all the points and follow the original guide posted with up to 2 full cluster jewel setups.

I am going to link my Poe URL planner tree here. I'm going to also do this in SSF to see if it works then switch over to normal Harvest league. You have 4 empty sockets to get started with Anima Stone requirements. I will be leaving CI and ES regen off for this tree until you hit 70 and feel ready to t urn them on.



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kyomoNZ wrote:
Sir, another question; how are u maxing your resistances?

We get resists from the auras Purity of Ice, Purity of Fire, Purity of Lightning. Because of clusters and other passives from the tree that increase the effect of our auras - resists are 76%+ with this auras, we also always have 4 Endurance charges (each gives 4% of all resists) thanks to Enduring Cry, so we got total 86%+ resists. Maybe if you still need some resistances, you can bench craft them on belt beacuse you usually got some free suffixes there. And obviously, since this is the ES version, we got Chaos Inoculation node in the tree which gives us immunity to chaos.
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