[3.12 UPDATED] IMMORTAL Stone Golemancer | Tanking Sirus storm | 100M DPS | All content AFK

jsuslak313 wrote:
@gianluca: yes it would buff carrion and carrion would buff the skellies. But only up to 10 minions affect carrion

So, if I have already 10 other minions (counting zombies, AG and spectres), having one more non-golem minion doesn't do nothing to carrion?
Damn, casting vaal skellies would have been great with bosses. :)
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vaal skeleton is still quite powerful if you are buffing it. But yes, Carrion only gets up to 50% more damage. However, ALL the skeletons in vaal skeleton will get the carrion buff of physical damage.
This build is beyond insane lol
You thing I khare, but I realy dond.
planning on the new elementalist ascendacy ?
A reaper arise.
Grimmreapeer wrote:
planning on the new elementalist ascendacy ?

Doubt aura stacking will survive the nerf bat...
Stillhart wrote:
Grimmreapeer wrote:
planning on the new elementalist ascendacy ?

Doubt aura stacking will survive the nerf bat...

I play the original version with 4 medium clusters, not really much of increased effect (respectively in comparison to what’s going on in heist) since they are all 4-5 passives. It’s one of my favorite builds, if what I suppose the nerf is going to be will be true (reasonable cap on maximum increased effect) this build should be fine. I mean I didn’t look on ascendency changes too close but I think we good.
Persistence makes impossible possible, possible likely and likely definite. Yep, Mirror will drop eventually -_-
Hello! So build actually was hard nerfed in every aspect - aura effect clusters lowered twice, Elementalist ascendancy for golems nerfed, alternative quality of auras will be nerfed, Renewal on big cluster, Spectre lvl, golem damage itself, even directly They of Thul spectre destroyed and its even before patchnotes. Overall I definately not recommend this build in 3.13, I think its nerfed really hard.
Hey. How's your setup on jewels to get all the auras? Pob don't show.

I think I can buy the helmet, so it's a good start to the build.

How exactly is the main damage source? Gloves + helmet + hatred is not enough to get insane dps.

In the pob configurations, is marked "enemy's chilled/ignited/shocked". That's because the gloves? Probably working on bosses only?

Changing the ascendancy to necro, the damage goes from 1M (base) — 4M (with ignite) to 2M (base) — 10M (w/ ignite). Got 2 less golems, but can get up to 2 extra specters and up to 9 zombies; 6l in one of them for extra damage. Do you think worth a try or it will be irrelevant?

(ES down from 4,9k to 3,7k; physical resist from 90% to 67%)
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