[3.12] Radiating Carrion Golems. 90% resistances + 10-20 Mil DPS

Aura cluster jewels now should be 4 or 5 passive ones with exactly replenishing presence + first among us which is hard to roll. A jewel with just Replenishing Presence is good enough

So this is essentially an 8 skill point difference right vs getting all the nodes in a 6 passive cluster right?
I get the small aura passives are nerfed, but what is left on the tree that remains competitive with 24% aura effectiveness for 8 skill points?
Is it ES nodes?
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How is this build holding up after all the nerfs? I league started skeles but am thinking of swapping to golems.
I am doing all content deathless. (deep delving + pvp not included)
Blights AFK, but I am keeping an eye on the screen.
Shaper I only flame dash the balls.
Guardians + conquerors, I only click vaal haste and curse.
Elder, I go to kitchen.
Uber elder havent tried him yet.
Sirus A8, deathless, I farm him once per day or 2 days now thatI level another build.
Any kind of insane map (but spectres might die) unless it is no regen or physical reflect.
Havent done any super weird difficult invitation so far cause havent dropped them yet.
My build has huge room to improve, like alternative quaility auras and new rolled cluster jewels with first amog equals+ replenishing.
7.7k ES (have legacy Shavronne wrappins and legacy unique jewel that makes life into es)
87/87/88/61 resistances
You thing I khare, but I realy dond.
Anyone running this build in ritual to provide feedback? Im still on life version with 2 CIP but considering going lowlife
Can anyone give me tips on how to boss with the dominating blow version of the build? mapping feels amazing but when the boss has no adds it feels awful.
Anyone running this build in ritual to provide feedback? Im still on life version with 2 CIP but considering going lowlife

want to know as well
Im stuck at %159 inc aura effect and just need %1 more for 88 resist isn't it possible anymore ? Cause I use first among equals & replesing presence on 4 of medıums also each 6 passive but stuck at %159 as said have all the aura effect passives on our passive tree way any suggestions ?
Same here, following
Hi there. I started with CI Occultist and switched to this one, so i'd like to have a little help.

Why my damage is SOOO low. I can't do T15's properly, without golems dying or taking forever in rituals.
I know that my gems are only lvl 16 (but got a golem 20) and that i'm running 5l, but just that little fact will change this kind of situation?

Already low life, dual large with renewal + 4 medium with replenishing, presence of chayula and other random gear.

Got a pastebin, or do a check into my profile, to get any help about what da fuck i'm doing wrong oO

Is there a way how to boost DPS except CI?


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