3.10 Low Cost Spark/EK Scion Herald Stack - CI - 2.5k ES Regen - All content viable

Spazmatazz wrote:

115 was at around 6700 ES if i remember correctly.

The PoB is at 6.2k ES. However, you can get a few hundred more by putting Discipline in Alpha's Howl for the +2 aura gems. I also put Zealotry, Hatred and Precision in there as they also benefit from the +2 for more damage.

You can also fill out the Insightfulness wheel and forego the last Cobalt jewel below Faith and Steel. With some +max mana stats and a lower level Clarity, you can still fit 18 auras in and have enough mana for Spark. This not only saves a few ex and two passive points on the build but you get another hundred or so extra ES. Your mana regen ends up being a little lower but it should still be enough to spam Spark constantly.
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I have leveled a new scion to level 91, it's equipped with the items in the Gear section.

Gearing/leveling it on stream for something to do. Will be doing more later tonight
Do you have any way to prevent corrupted blood?
Great build!

Tried it ,but got bored after just spamming spark and not dying lol
pausa109 wrote:
Do you have any way to prevent corrupted blood?

My experience is you have so much ES regen and physical reduction that even 15 stacks of corrupted blood is barely noticeable.

You can run a staunching flask if you're worried about it though. Malevolence Watcher's Eye is also an option.
Can I apply with Vaal Righteous Fire ?
so.. basically copy paste immortal cyclone build and plug spark in?
kaliXL wrote:
so.. basically copy paste immortal cyclone build and plug spark in?

Unfamiliar with the build, I'm not a huge fan of cyclone playstyle, I just play it with hollow palm for leveling.
Powerful and -relatively- budget friendly herald build, He clears all content like nothing, almost had him dead with a double boss on wave 20 simulacrum, but poof, he's a honey badger too. With Scion you could do what he did with a Templar with 3 7 passive voices I think, which is nice DPS. Good build bro.
Quit trolling him though really, it's a nice build, affordable as far as herald stacking goes. Everybody's abusing that this league, except me, I think cluster jewels are a neat mechanic and don't care for deleting the challenge of playing the game. He's my guild buddy though and what kind of guildy would I be if I didn't give him a challenge.
Sure there's somethings you could explain better, but it's empirical reasoning like all other builds and rely's on the people adopting it. That should be the only kind of questions to be concerned about.
(and any lightning skills is pretty good at making screens go poof)
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i have many problems in find gear for low cost.For example i don t find boots with "+% of cold resistance",it very difficult find piece similar.Anyone can explain for a noob like me with stats is mandatory in each pieces? Thanks
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