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Mess with the best, die like the rest
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Completed 16 ChallengesParrot6 wrote:
Base item: Titanium Spirit Shield
Properties: 670ES, 45Int, 16 All Res
Owner: LiLBabyParrot
Description: One of the best on server, still has spell crit slot.
fee could be any number of 1ex + 1et so i can work on the last slot, (and u could get a 6th mod on mirror), so mirror fee as low as 3.5ex :P

Base item: Sorcerer Gloves
Properties: 345ES, Dual Res
Owner: LiLBabyParrot
Description: Highest ES gloves possible, Max % bracket, hybrid, and flat (on highest base es item). and 2 medium res. could tweak higher with some divines.

rest of my set:

I sit at a sexy 16,533ES With disc aura(havnt gotten to see lvl 25 one yet) :)

not even remotely close to mirror worthy stuff
better than half the shit people posting on this thread
Not mirror worthy item... Yet.... Just posting it for any GGG crafter to buy, ain't got the budget to craft such a beast

IG: Invisible_Executioner
My Shop:
self-crafted amy for voltaxic wed/crit build:

Dunno if anyway would wanna mirror...But it is a #1
Base item: Heavy Quiver
Properties: Best Quad dmg, double atk speed and crit quiv on server
Owner: TheDevilWearsPrada

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my astral plate for miror

pm mee or conan_rt in game

All top tier stats. Going for lightning resist as well in the future.
IGN: @nelson_mandildo, @balki_bartokomous, @thailadyboy
Some of my crafted items
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man they really need to delete this thread or at least un sticky it its all garbage and unmaintained

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