Beta Default - Mirror Service List (DEPRECATED/UNSTICKY)

mirror fee is 10 ex + 2 eternal + chromes for colors if needed

IGN MrBigBlock
This world is an illusion exile ...

Best MF/Critical Ammy for mirror servcie #1 Mirror service

Best MF/Critical Ammy,
6-14 Physical harm (4op tier);
36% Critical Chance(top tier);
70% Critical Multipier(top tier);
42%IIR(top tier);
20% IIQ(top tier);
40 ES Flat (2nd-tier).

Mirror Fee : 20 ex
Mirrored copies: 2
IGN ButcherGG
how much for the 2-h swords either of them?

is this one mirror worthy?
view-thread/913599 <-- mirror thread
IGN The_Last_Titan
#1 phys, crit, life, res ammy

mirrored times: 4
builds : phy & crit builds
works perfectly for any crit build

Mess with the best, die like the rest
IGN: MattWitch

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