Beta Default - Mirror Service List (DEPRECATED/UNSTICKY)

Updated to include these.

superior66's Sol Coat looks outnumbered by Shaemis, but I'm going to wait until the list gets a little bigger before I start compressing within a category.

Leaving Wugue's 1337 armor in for now. Someone might get a kick out of it.
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Base Item: Blood raiment, 6-link
Properties: 700eva+500es, dual res, life
Owner: Rasvapaisti (666Dalmatian)

BONUS: No fees at all! Pm for details! :)
IGN: Rasvatar
Timezone: GMT +2 / EST +8

★ I think a more fitting term for a low-dps low-survival build is a wet paper bag build ★ -Wruntjunior
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Base Item : Full Dragonscale , 6-Link
Properties : High Hybrid armor (IR), Dexterity,Max Life,Double Resists
Owner : Doriq (Doriq)

p.s Haven't seen similar chests around, not sure if it's worth placing here or not.If it's not ignore this post :)
Feel free to check my sale's thread !

Team No_Maps - Doriq representing.
Currently level 86.
Base item : Assasin's Garb, 6 Link
Properties: High evasion, life, 3 resist with chaos
Owner: Smashcats/oprameowfurry ( bigbill8590)

Meow meow secret mission meow


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Base item : Glorious Plate, 6 Link
Properties: High Armor, high lif, 3 resist , only life and one res not max bracket
Owner: Menne/Flubby ( @Mennee)


no idea if its worth a mirror to someone (prolly not) but i love it:

Ingame @FlubbyEverywhere domination or @Flubbyy default
Massive dmg spectral throw guide:
Old anarchy rich poeple specc: (Flickercharge low life ele cleave)
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Bace Ammy Amber
Type Shadow Build
Ign nV_Arkmage

Delete if not worth..........
Last edited by pneuma on Apr 15, 2013 4:22:17 AM
Base item : Gold Caster's Amulet.
Properties: Spell damage, high cast speed, high life, +%maximum ES, crit multiplier and high cold res.
Owner: ospirit (@TheConstantine)

the only bad thing was: it's a gold ammy. Delete if it not worth, ty
@Eltiano / @Astantine
Base Item: Assasin's garb, 6-link
Properties: 1600+eva max life tri res +3% mov speed
Owner: astragot91 (Mesmerino)

IGN: Mesmerino
Base Item: Imbued wand 3 Link
Properties: 5 Elemental wander mods
Owner: HWM_YouMadBro (Luzarg)

If its not good enough just remove. Wanted a wand in the mix if someone needs.
(WTT the cold resist for attack speed) :)
Base Item: Ezomyte Circlet (4-Link)
Properties: High ES, Triple Res.
Owner: Witchslapp (Chops)

Mirroring Fee is a Chaos orb, for teh lulz.
IGN Witchslapp (Standard)
IGN Pound_System (Anarchy)
Please contact me ingame or PM me if I win Auctions.

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