Beta Default - Mirror Service List (DEPRECATED/UNSTICKY)

Base Item: Imbued wand (not 3 link yet cuzz i don't need 3link but will link before mirror)
Properties: Tri-ele/ias/crit (only wand one the sever with all these see the *spoiler tag*)

Owner: WhiteWander (Whiteman007)

first one is free after that 2 gcp fee
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Base Item: Astral plate 6L
Properties: +life +dual resist high armour (+implicit resists)
Owner: Icarus_ (FSG9)
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Base Item: Assassin's Garb
Properties: 7% movespeed, max HP, high evasion, tri-res
Owner: penthesia (kolp)

Base Item: Titan Greaves
Properties: 30% movespeed, high HP, high DEF, tri res (chaos)
Owner: penthesia (kolp)

Base Item: Slink Gloves
Properties: 16% attack speed (max), high evasion, high HP, fire res, cold dmg, dex
Owner: penthesia (kolp)

Base Item: Leather Belt
Properties: 162 HP, high strength, 35% WEP, fire res, flask recharge
Owner: penthesia (kolp)
"The Eye of Ra appears against you,
His force is powerful against you.
She devours you, she punishes you
In this her name 'Devouring Flame."
-Anubis Hotep
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Base Item: Astral Plate (6 sockets)
Properties: 100%+ Resis, 101 Life
Owner: Degodfather

IGN: Phobia_
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Base Item: Lapis Amulet (no sockets)
Properties: Best spell caster amulet for sure
Owner: Degodfather

IGN: Phobia_
Shitlist = "slamdancer"
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Base Item: rapture pelt
Propreties: #1 end game 6l chest
Owner: Whysodelicious

Dex (41) 1-50
Local Evasion Rating ( 393) 1 to 400
Local Evasion Rating +% (119% ) 11-120%
Base Max Life (107) 10-109
Fire resist (第4層屬性 24%) 6-45%
Light resist (頂層屬性 44%) 6-45%

obviously the best in sc
IGN : WhySoDelicious
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Base Item: Onyx amulet
Properties: Cast speed, 52 all attributes, 20 spell damage, light res
Owner: BDLstatechamp(IGN: BDLstatechampps)
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Base Item: perf Onyx amulet
Properties: high crit muti, high life, high dual resis, mid mana and es
Owner: eplaner

ign thisiseplaner



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