Beta Default - Mirror Service List (DEPRECATED/UNSTICKY)

Close this thread Mods. Topic has derailed for months.
IGN: lVlage (96 Witch)
Base Item: titanium shield 3L
Properties: high ES / high crit / chaos resist / all resist
ign: mpearzf

probably the 1st ES shield of the server ?
IGN: mpearzf

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High tri-resist roll carnal armor with ES

my IGN: Toshino_Kyoko or ChaosHive
is this worth mirroring?
IGN: YoShiDonn
If I ask you for a price, don't tell me to offer! This wastes both of our time as you obviously have a price in mind.
ES Helmet Circlet

549 ES
49 int
2 crazy resist
pls add mi to service
ing: bladerunnerr
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#1 Carnal armor with life roll (6 top tier rolls)

Crafted using 97exalts, selling mirror service for a limited time (going to reroll life to hybrid or flat ev). Pst me if interested
Itemlevel 76

PM me in game if you want to mirror + small fee.
IGN: NoobsMustDie
if anybody have interest

ign scionoics

756 dps available for mirror
Fee is 5 exalted orbs
IGN: @nelson_mandildo, @balki_bartokomous, @thailadyboy
Some of my crafted items

Dont found a better belt with ChaosRes.

Mirror Fee : 5Ex

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