Beta Default - Mirror Service List (DEPRECATED/UNSTICKY)

Base Item: Tornado Wand (3 sockets)
Properties: Possibly one of the best caster wands on Default.
Owner: Taeangaroo (Skyangel)
If I reserve an item, you ought to keep it for me. Advertise it anywhere else and I'll retract my offer.

Base Name: Eternal Sword (ilvl 79)
Properties: One of the best 1h Tri-Ele Swords around, with a huge Dex roll
DPS: 371 total dps, 281 elemental dps, 1.89 Attacks per second
Owner: IGN: Dualstryke
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Base Item: Archon Kite Shield (3 sockets)
Properties: high armor roll, high armor and energy shield % roll, high duel resistence roll
Owner: Yaevenn (patimetal91)

IGN: PragoPoacher
Base Item: Meat grinder
Properties:High dps--High attack speed--Dual res.
Owner: IBuryMyDead (The_Rain_Man)

IGN: Ill_Minded

Lets all drink red bull jump out of a plane and hope for the best.
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Thread appears dead, but what the hell, i'll post here anyway:

"The Eye of Ra appears against you,
His force is powerful against you.
She devours you, she punishes you
In this her name 'Devouring Flame."
-Anubis Hotep


First Mirror UP Miror service Start

Owner Perfekcjonista
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possibly one of best tri ele in default 336 dps

is it worthy of mirroring service
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ign: Rdy
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Base Item: Saints Hauberk
Properties: Power Wander/CI Chest with incredible rare set of colors and top tier rolls.
it will be improved further with divine/eternal/exaltet. (got an imprint w/o 79% AR/ES)
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