Scion Aurabot 3.10 - Caps all defenses 90% and increase DPS 7-8x

Completed my build today and wanted to share it.

I think this build will not be possible after 3.10 since I'm seriously abusing clusters.

So lets kick off with a movie my friend made:


Carry wihout auras:

Carry with auras:


Carry without auras:

Carry with auras:

(I think we broke the meter here) Also note that he is Guardian and some auras overlap.

So now you probably think I used all stats on offensive right?
Well here are my defensive stats:

This is all without flasks

Physical at 76%
Evasion at 75%
All resistances 90%
Chaos 100%
Movement +52%

Why mention movement speed? because a slow aurabot is not helping a carry go faster.

is 6000 ES enough?
Well this Aurabot has Molten shell on CWDT and 1265 ES regeneration
Only being hit by 2 balls of shaper can kill me.

Ok so enough braggin, lets show how its made:

Well first I started using this magnificent build made for 3.8:

This guide has all the good tips to level up, no need for me to repeat them. Only thing to add is that before you use large clusters, use 4-5 medium clusters with 6% increased aura effect. They considerably add to the strength of your aura's


The aurabot used to find his passives all accross the skill tree, but cluster jewels are tightly packed with bonusses, and they are endlessly stackable.

Not only that, but you can have a large jewel - 2 medium jewels - 2 small jewels and corrupt them all with 1% reduced mana reservation. Meaning that 1 position for a large jewel can give you 5% reduced mana reservation.

If you use 3 full large clusters you have 12% extra reduced mana reservation extra you don't need on gear.... Possibilities!


Vengeful commander can be found in large clusters.
If you have a cluster with only Vengeful, this skill will sit in the back and you need 2 extra skillpoints to reach it.
It turns out that when you have vengeful + 2 random passives, vengeful goes to the front as you can see on the picture.

Clusters like these are the most expensive, finish your build with it
But here is how you craft them:


Buy a large cluster jewel with:

10% elemental damage
iLVL 79
Maximum 8 passives

Vengeful can be found in other gems (fire, cold or lightning damage) but finding the exact combination is a LOT harder (see
You need iLVL 79 or you won't find 2 jewel sockets.
And ofcourse you want the least amount of skills spent in this cluster so never go above 8 passives.

You might want >2000 chaos before you start with this.
Buy a bulk of these jewels (10-15 chaos) and then use chaos on them till you roll: 2 Jewel slots and 3 large passive skills.
If you succeeded but didn't find Vengeful Commander, that is ok. Sell the gem for 80c to 1 exalt depending on what skills you found. You get some money back because you are rolling chaos heavy here.
I generally am succesful to find a 1% mana reserved on ~50 jewels, So I prefer to corrupt them in batches of around 40-60 jewels.

After you corrupted a batch look at following:
Only 1 Jewel socket left: 20c or vendor it.
Nothing changed: 60c
Corrupted blood: 2 ex
Mana reserved: 15-20ex

It's a huge misunderstanding that you lose a lot of money on failed corrupts. Gems, Jewels and items that didn't break after corrupting still sell for -5c the regular price. You get a lot of return.


Buy cluster jewels with 6% increased aura effect and 6 passives.
You want the maximum number of passives because 6% is still awesome.
Since we use 6 medium clusters, this is an incredible upgrade

So you can buy any jewel and put a few chaos on it till you find the skills you want. You always want 1 jewel socket and 2 large passives.

Which do we want:
Replenishing Presence
First Among Equals
Precise Commander
Stalwart Commander
Vengeful Commander
Pure Might (just 1x)

YOU DO NOT NEED PURE COMMANDER. You can cap resistances without it. explained later.

Pure might will make our purity of fire change from 10% mana reserved to ABSOLUTELY FREE! Crazy...

I've got every skill ~2 times, and pure might just once.
I like them all, no need to be picky.

Buy the cheapest 6% increased aura effect with 6 passives in a batch of 40-60.
Spam a few chaos till you hit 1 jewel socket + 2 desired large passives mentioned above.

Start corrupting them and fingers crossed.
Put all succesful RMR jewels in your stash IMMEDIATLY! Don't accidently vendor them like I have done two times.


Here you want max 2 passives for all small clusters.
Skills you want:

Pure Aptitude (1x) Makes purity of lightning free of mana reserved
Pure Guile (1x) Makes purity of Ice free of mana reserved
Stalwart commander (4x) what can I say: 4x30% = 120% increase on Discipline, Grace and Determination auras with 8 skill point investment.


Passive tree

or path of building:

I dont't know if you can get correct statistics from path of building with clusters...

Since we use 3 large cluster jewels, 6 medium clusters and 6 small clusters. There is not that much room left on the passive tree itself.

2 important nodes:
Chaos inoculation - Immune to chaos damage
Zealot's Oath - Life regen goes to Energy shield
We want all the nodes that give Reduced Mana Reserved.
We want all the Sockets we can find along the path to clusters.
There is one node at the bottom of the passive tree called "Champion of the Cause" we get that with annointing our amulet: it gives extra RMR.

That is basically it, you don't have more points to grab anything else.


[NOTE] I forgot to add my body armour and gloves in here. It was at the time:

Victario Influence (corrupted +2 AoE) 1R 3B 2G with Anger, Wrath, Zealotry, Haste, Hatred, Malevolence

Shapers Gloves (corrupted +2 AoE) With cold + lightning purity, Flame Dash and Faster casting

With an Empower lvl 4 and gems lvl 21, this helm gives me level 28 Discipline, Grace and Determination. Since this league we have such an extreme increase in aura effect extra gem level matter.

So I used a shield with 15% mana reserved on socketed gems + ephemeral sword the first part of the league. Until I could purchase this awesome weapon. I paid 17 ex for it. It actually a weapon for a completely different build Here. There is also a great crafting guide inside it.
I dont need the damage over time and would prefer 50+ dex. But I was to afraid/lazy to craft it myself.

Ok so, +3 on support gems allows Empower + enlighten lvl 7.
This boosts another 4 auras to lvl 28.
But this bow also gives 10% movement speed
and most of all: 4% increased damage per aura (4x18 = 72% dmg incr?)

So we got 3 extra gems in offhand now.
I used it to add molten strike on CWDT.
Since we don't use a one handed melee weapon, smite is not possible.
I've decided to compensate that with rallying cry.
So we lost a shield, but we gained some nice extra skills.
You might want remove rallying cry for a stronger CWDT combination

The boots are just for the purity gem.
I could have chose for the ES variant of Doryani's but thought that some extra armor for Phys dmg reduction would be nice.
I wear 3 summons in it with an Empower gem.
chaos golem gives 5% dmg reduction
Stone golem gives ~150 life regeneration
Animate gives extra auras. Use items: Kingsmaker, Leer cast, Ambu's, Victario's Flight and Southbound.

Skyforth cancels ES regeneration. I'm glad there are now more options for RMR and Skyforth is no longer mandatory

Aspect of spider really adds something defensively
Unset for an extra gem

This belt helps in getting attributes

Unset for an extra gem
This ring helps in getting last bit of STR I needed

Mana reserved 6% and free skill clarity lvl 22


Please also read comments on old gear setup, this is a bit more expensive.

Helmet stores my less needed aura gems. I need atleast +2 on item and lvl 21 gems to max 90% resistances. This helmet gives +4 so I guess I corrupting it was overkill.

I've added an Empower, and had to remove 1 aura. I tried to run haste aura outside Victario because that would give me movement speed. The increase of mana reserved for a 50% aura outside victario was too high. It could work if I turned off spider aspect, but I like spider aspect too much. I finally decided to ditch Malevolence. So now I run 17 auras instead of 18, but it seemed that 5 empowered auras are better than 6.

When someone told me this gloves only cost 15ex i ran off and buy it immediatly. This is the perfect home for my 2 most important auras: Discipline and Vitality. With an empower they get lvl 30.

While I thought this was a huge improvement going from 6448 ES to 6967 ES (and paid 23ex for it today. I just now notice while typing that my physical reduction went down 14% because of the armour value in boots * Determination lvl 29 * all the % increased aura effect nodes.
I guess I will go back to Doryani Titan greaves.
I do like the enchantment 10% movement though

I've tried some different gem setups and it is funny to see its actually almost the same again as my old setup. What is important to note is that Empower increased mana reserved to 125% and Enlighten reduces it to 76%. Those basically cancel eachother out. So you can run 4 auras on lvl 28.

The quiver is purely for the 3 extra gems. The color is easily rerolled because of no dex, str or int requirements. The gems are interchangable with the boots.

Tip from an aurabot I met ingame. He used +1 to level of all intelligence gems. At first I thought that also counted for enlighten/empower gems, but it doesn't. I chose for +1 to strength.

STR gems that could use a +1: Flesh and stone, Determination, Vitality, Dread Banner, Anger, and as bonus: Rallying Cry,. Animate Guardian and Stone golem.

Int gems that benefit from +1: Discipline, chaos golem (lvl 22 = +1 phys reduction).
Downside: Flame dash can become more expensive per level

I decided that I like STR +1 more for my setup.

Important to note i searched for a base with incr Dexterity and Strength and some added STR or DEX attributes.

Wanted the usual increases in energy shield, but also looking for increaes in STR or DEX so that I did not need the current belt anymore to equip bow.

When I didn't need stats on belt anymore to equip my gear. I first thought ok lets put stygian vise back on with 2% RMR. But then I saw this one and had to try it. Turns out this gives me > 800 ES and 1% chance to evade.
Really happy with this finding. Do not consider this belt until you have done absolutely everything else in this build.


This is my final setup. I will not continue. I had a great time. Never played this long and with so many friends.

The helmet was a tip from one guy who is making this build.
At the start of league, helmet was where i put the highest gems in. But as I progressed. The gloves and bow are now where i put strongest defense auras in. Helmet only needs +2 to make my elemental resistances 90% So the corruption was no longer needed. RMR on Discipline makes it possible to run with max precision and clarity.

Went back to armor version. It does more defensively

Turned out that this belt gave the most ES for me. I had 6700 ES at end.
One guy who did this build bought a belt that had 60% discipline and 33% after using a flask. That is the best for tower runs where you dont really need more defense.

I will continue to read this post now and then.


There is an option to squeeze in a 7th medium cluster with an 170 ex Voice cluster using 5 of its nodes. Considering you lose vengeful commander from the large cluster. This would make the biggest fattest auras possible in game. No aurabot would be your equal.... You would rule them all.

I have bought a voice with 5 passives and edited a 3 passive in path of building to show how it could be done:

And here is what you could do best with 2 voices of 170ex:

This is all theory crafting. Much more expensive, but possible.


Southbound gloves - No useful auras found in gloves. SZouthbound gives survivability for low cost.

Leer Cast Helmet - Increased damage % aura

Victario Flight boots - Give movement speed aura

Garb of the Ephemeral Robe - Nearby enemies cannot deal critical hits

Kingmaker axe - 30% increased Rarity of Items found, Culling Strike, +50% to Critical Strike Multiplier, Fortify aura


So about jewels.
They are more important than gear.
The first part of the league I spent my money on jewels.
Jewels tend to get more expensive over time. (when everyone starts corrupting them)
So i buy them early on, corrupt them in bulk, and get a good amount of money back from failed ones through trades over the next few days.
Corrupt ones even sell for same price or higher if you were ahead of the crowd.

Always try corrupt all of them 1%

For cluster jewels its very important you have the correct base.
Read part about cluster jewels for all the tips on that.

Large Jewels:

3 abilties + 2 jewel sockets is the best combination

Medium clusters, dont take heralds or pure commander, anything else is good. I took a bit of all.

Small clusters, take pure guile and aptitude, they are essential to lower RMR. The other 4 are stalwart commander with energy shield.

For 3% RMR
2 defensive golems (5% phys reduction and >150 ES recharge
30% stronger effect of golem

Not my idea, but it's great, saving 3 passives.

No build is complete without a watcher. I was looking for ES regen. But there are more possibilities.


Soul of solaris - More def on bosses
Soul of Gruthkul - more phys reduction on consecutive hits. Garukhan might be option if you do MF runs on low tiers and need all speed you can get.


Kill all = 2 passives


I'm not happy with my flasks, but have been too lazy to adjust it.
2 flasks I think are important:

Quicksilver for speed ofcourse, and doedre to get charges. Remember that your ascendancy skills allow you to share them with party. So I run behind carry popping this flask a few times. 10% of 1 hp is not doing anything and 20% of ES is regenerated in a split second.

Ok so my other flasks. DO NOT COPY THIS SETUP:

Since most is capped, we dont really need these flask. I also have been too lazy to change it either. This build needs flask for bleeding and burning. But beside that, the flasks are pretty pointless.
Anyone got ideas about flasks? Please share in comments.


A tip on trading fast. Because lets face it, buying this many jewels is a chore no1 likes.

1) dual screen: 1 with trade window, 1 with path of exile running. you dont want to alt tab all the time.

2) Do NOT use I learned this league that official trade is much more up to date. So chaMeaning you get more invites per spam.

3) Don't type "Thank you" all the time. Convert the message mentally and hope he/she recieves it.

4) Save your searches in your browser: SO you can quickly look again tomorrow.

5) Whisper the next person or two, before you enter the trade of current person. So that you can immediatly join the next party when you finished trade.

6) Do not ask for trade and wait it out. You join their HO and do some inventory management. Break chaos stacks of 10 if needed, or dump your last 15 trades in stash, or spam the next person. They will request trade and you are ready.

7) If multiple invites, try look at who is in HO, and who has a name you can easily find and reply again. Chinese names I often give priority and pm the name who i can type. If a guy is in Azurite mines, you might have to wait a minute in his HO before he is ready to trade. So better accept party from the other guy, and PM the guy in the mines for a reinvite.


This league with all the cluster stacking. Builds are a bit starving for skills. Guardian normally has the best ascendancy skills, but this time, scion Ascendancy gives 5 extra skillpoints.
Also they only need 4 skills to reach the essential passive skillroute, and it connects a jewel. Unlike guardian who needs 5 atleast and no jewel.
So that's 6 skillpoints in total extra!

The key is that I put all on auras strength: lvl 24-28 gem level and 3 full large clusters.

There could still be a boost with 6L armor and flip malevolence for empower, or find means to run Haste aura outside Victario.

I hope people will will give this unorthodox aurabot build a go. I would like to see a new generation of sexy scions instead of those old bearded geezers running around nowadays. The guardian has better Ascendancies, but it's location in the passive tree is worse. Don't overlook that part.

So that is the build. If anyone want to compare, pm me ingame during 3.10
I'm lvl 99 now, my last skill @100 will be Faith and Steel

If there is a Guardian with better aura stats, please message me or link a showcase.
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Thank you new build idea, leveling atm will update when I get to endgame. Cheers
Just want to say, Martouf is a friend in game...Perhaps the best friend you could have. This dude turns everyone into an unkillable DPS zoom zoom god. The aura strength on this build is insane. Guardian builds are very good as well, but this build surpasses in providing defense AND DPS increase.

If you want to run an Aura build and you live for Min/Max I can't think of a better build. Plus your friends will be hooked on you like hard drugs.
2 shottable (from 500k phys dmg mobs), sorry, Scions are dead. Scions also have the WORST passive position in the game.
I don't check my posts. Once I post 'em, they're staying as-is. Best way to contact me is through the PM system.
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bvanharjr wrote:
2 shottable (from 500k phys dmg mobs), sorry, Scions are dead. Scions also have the WORST passive position in the game.

Only shaper on uelder can 2 shot me with his balls.

I afk simulacrums, I safely run any content. I rarely use vaal discipline.

Scions need 4 passives to reach essential path of passives (charisma node is unskippable for any aurabot), and it links a jewel slot. Thats better than necro or guardian startpoint.

Your comment is a easy hit n run reply with zero knowledge to back it up.

PM me ingame, open the hardest map or boss, and see how i run it with my pants down.
sick build, the jewels are defintely the hardest part!

I will update my char soon as I finish vaaling :)

Thank bruh.
I'm doing your build and loving it! tysm for the guide :D
this viable without reduced mana reserved on cluster jewels ?
RMR on jewels is key for every aurabot build.
There are only a limited amount of passives and items that give RMR.
If you have RMR on jewels, you need less of it on gear, allowing more options.

For example: You could run with Skyforth (6% RMR). But you will lose the ability of ES regeneration. or with a belt with 2 corrupted eyes = 2% RMR. But that belt has no other stats. Items that have RMR are heavily penalized (Except Aplha Howl and Victario's Influence which are just awesome in every way).

If you don't have all RMR on clusters yet, consider using emphereal sword with shield that reduces 15% RMR on socketed gems, or run a few auras less.

You can also do a Might of Meek on the right side of scion start, giving 2% RMR. But all these tricks come at a cost.

Use any of these options till you completed all clusters.

But corrupting jewels is not as difficult and expensive as you might think.

For example. I bought Energy from Within 5% for 30c. I bought like 100 of them. 20% will break and you have to vendor it, you lost that money. The others that corrupted but didn't change result, you can sell for just a few chaos lower than 30c (i did 25c and sold them like candy). So like 70% of the money you invested you get back over the next couple of hours/days.

But with 100 jewels you also have a good chance of finding 1 or more RMR or corrupted blood. I found 2 corrupted bloods and 2 RMR. So that meant I got the jewel I wanted + I earned money selling 3 jewels for >5 exalts each.

So yes, you need all clusters with RMR for the optimal combination. But cluster jewels are NOT for the super rich. This is reachable by everyone. Either you grind Doctor cards for 3 weeks straight and buy all jewels. Or you buy and corrupt everything yourself.
Hey, thank you for the guide, gives a good basic understanding on what to do.

Do you use the Brine King to deal with stuns?

I am starting to bring the build together and I was thinking of going:
1. Shavs+Chayula+Prism Guardian, because of the potential higher ES (orienting on one of Snaps builds or
2. Your approach with -RMR on amulet and shield + Ephemeral edge to start with

And I am not sure about what medium and small jewels to use. You put the pure guile and pure aptitude on small jewels so you have more places for the passives which are exclusive to medium jewels, right?

Mainly I am wondering whether 6k ES is enough but on the other hand you made it to 100, so thats probably not a problem.
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