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PoExplorer, a new shop indexer

WARNING: The site is not back up yet! Almost certain it will be back up before the end of the month.

Hey guys,

PoExplorer is just another shop indexer like that you all know and love.

Here's a few things I tried to do with it:
- nice interface (probably will redesign the whole thing later though)
- display the sockets the way they are in game
- facetted search (left sidebar, it's pretty useful)
- search for verified items only (at least when I indexed them...)
- sorting (DPS, damage, armour, level etc)
- can search for as many mod as you want (I only knew about poetools at the time)
- fast

I plan on adding additional features later, like favorite searches for instance, but we'll see.

For those who've seen the reddit post, I have updated the site since, and indexed a lot more stuff (around 200k items).

Feedback/features idea/bug reports welcome! Thanks <3


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If you've tried it, I'd be very interested in knowing what's your most wanted feature so that I can decide on what to build next!
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Well at least i can say i like it. Usability seems fine. Most important would be, to cover as many items as possible. Seems to be impossible but is there a way or chance to exclude this "here are my items i want to upgrade" at all?


Edit: verified function does not exclude some sold items
ign Bibibbib , Lilula__
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Thanks for taking the time to make this. The UI is much better than I'll be using your site from now on.
@HenkCCAA: Thanks :)

Yeah, it would be pretty hard, and also expensive when indexing the items. And in the end, it would just be a guess. If items are posted in the trading forums, they'll be indexed... But I was thinking about trying to detect mirroring services. It should be easier.

I'm gonna index as many items as possible ;) It's not the case right now, but next release, items will be ordered by default by the date they've been indexed.

To answer your edit: it's impossible for the index to stay up to date with how fast the items are being sold. All the "verified" mark means, is that the item was verified when I indexed it. So you can check the indexing date (top right of the item), and see how long ago it was indexed. It helps filter some of the items, but it's not a guarantee the item will be there :(

You don't have to, but if you go to the item page, you can mark it as "sold", and it might help other people.

@Museifu thanks, glad you like it.
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Checked some bows now and there seems to be a bug with the dps display. A lot of them show much higher dps than they actually have.
ign Bibibbib , Lilula__
HenkCCAA wrote:
Checked some bows now and there seems to be a bug with the dps display. A lot of them show much higher dps than they actually have.

I've noticed that the elemental damage was too high, but the physical damage looks fine.

It would be nice to be able to see the min-max physical damage of weapons and not just the average too.
It's possible, I've done that really fast, and I'm not sure about the formula... ^^. Here's what I used:

elemental_damage = ((min_elemental_dmg + max_elemental_dmg) / 2) + ... // for every element
damage = physical_damage + elemental_damage
dps = damage * attack_per_second

Am I wrong?

edit: Oh... you're right, I think I'm counting the mods Adds +X physical damage as elemental... I'll fix it, good thing you noticed! That's what happens when you build a website quickly without tests ^^.
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Your elemental formula is fine, but it's not what is shown in the indexer. Ex : 22-50 fire damage shows 67 ele dmg. A no-ele bow shows 34 ele dmg

A feature that i would like to see added is the ability to hide duplicates from the same seller (account). Some people just like to make many threads selling the same items and it gets annoying.

Edit : found your bug, you add the physical damage from the mods in the elemental calculation
Last edited by Museifu on March 20, 2013 12:09 AM
Yep, I found it too ;) Thanks!

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