[3.17] Wallach's Hierophant Freezing Pulse Totems (No Further Updates)

I still play Wallach's FP totems as a league starter. I love the playstyle and being a "long-time gamer" it's a comfortable playstyle for me. When I retire I'll continue to play it. I'll play it in POE2 if I can :-).

It gets me to end game easily, complete the atlas, play the league mechanics and do some end game stuff too — more than enough power.

I've used my gear in standard to get other character classes to level 100; A duelist, a scion and working on a shadow (with suppress spell damage gear).

I see that there is an Annihilating Light, Sublime Vision build that can do 10m+ damage. Does anyone know of any build guides for that?
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i still play this on standard ... its changed slightly btu the core is still the same

legacy stuff helps a lot
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I fired this up on Standard for the hell of it, and its great.

I've got two corrupted armours to choose from,

What is the better one to choose from?
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Vonvikton has a good guide for this, it's much higher damage but also much more squishy. Feel free to check my lvl 99 3.21 character. Think it was rocking 300-400mn dps with ice spear, I quit 3.21 a while ago so can't remember!

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