3.8-3.10 Oni-Goroshi =Tectonic slam= Juggernaut = *league starter and ssf friendly* 3m+ dps

can please help me wich nodes to take first on the skill tree? thanks
DryanDK wrote:
Nice build! Do you perhaps have suggestions for pantheon selection? Something like Abberath and Arakaali or?

It is your personal preference, I went for the one that gave you %phys dmg reduction when you stand still.
TheShayaan wrote:

Going this build as well has been really clean and easy as a league starter, went with some different item choice. Doing 2.5 mill shaper dps right now.

i kinda copied you what would you suggest me to upgrade next? my char is majormasjner
Level 50 atm and tec slam is costing me 48 mana.

Mana sustain currently is jack shit. What can I do about this? I assume just get leech on gear?
have you gotten the leech node? mana and life leech
i have a question regarding taking animate guardian as a skill
Isn't it super weak compared to the build itself? My AG is already like 25% hp in just a ttier 3 map, barely done anything
Wondering if anyone can give me some solid advice on what to progress on now or which direction to go.

My current gear as of level 74 right now.

My PoB - https://pastebin.com/uzCcRr7Z


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So were there any changes in 3.9 to farming the weapon or am I just extremely unlucky? Doing it with 4 scions as suggested and I'm well over 12h total (in SSF, obviously I'd just buy it in trade).

Build looks very fun tho so I'm all the more eager to start it.
Edit: I'm now level 80 and I do around 1.3m damage as of right now. Nice build but I don't like that I have 4.5k life DX
Edit: I'm now level 80 and I do around 1.3m damage as of right now. Nice build but I don't like that I have 4.5k life DX

I'd rather not follow the build guide regarding life. You'd be better having 60% of you dps and 30% more life, witch is quite doable with better rolls on items and a few changes to the tree (I'm starting to level this character today, maybe my tree will be an good example of this in a few days)

Edit : after checking the passives a bit more, the tree is fine, the issue is the low life rolls on the gear shown in PoB. The only thing I would change is changing Unyielding to Unrelenting in the ascendancy
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