[3.11] Bashtart's HERALD OF PURITY GUARDIAN: cheap starter & endgame boss farmer with insane dps!

Hi guys! I start delirium league with this build, its great! In this League i play with my girlfriend, she start with aurabot. I have ball lightning miner, but i want play HOP Guardian. And i think it's trouble: daggers can't do elemental damage, and brutality support can't do ele damage. Anyone know how change build for play with aurabot for maximum buff's?
I feel like I have just about maxed my damage out and it is insane. 6.2mil combined DPS per sentinel? Content is very easy flying through T16 maps and Guardians and anything I want to. 6.2 x 5 Sentinels is nuts. Sure seems viable this league.

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Yo, should I follow PoB or written guide here? Skill setups differ.

How do purity bois feel without feeding frenzy?
Yo, should I follow PoB or written guide here? Skill setups differ.

How do purity bois feel without feeding frenzy?

I would copy mine or Kamikazis build. Technically I copied him but we discuss items and stuff in game frequently.

Here's my build: https://pastebin.com/U4LeubxL

Make sure you are using the Community Fork POB as well
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Not to toot my own horn, but my un-optimized version should get more DPS than Kazi's build. Here's my POB if you want to take a look.

Curent: https://pastebin.com/wbNZ4ptb <--- 3.8M DPS/Sentinel for 19M DPS.

Aspirational, w/ Awakened Gems & Extra Cluster Jewel, Bone Helmet, Perfected Amulet: https://pastebin.com/VzcfA7mk <--- 8.0M DPS/Sentinel for 40M DPS.
This build would have:
Bone Helmet +3 Minions, Minion Damage (T1), Life, Res, 9% Phys Reduction
Awakened Multistrike, Awakened Brutality, Awakened Melee Phys, Awakened Minion Damage, Deathmark
Awakened Curse on hit w/ Punishment
Amulet with Pride Reservation (30% w/ Catalyst), +1 Phys Gems, +1 Str Gems
Hands of the High Templar with Curse Enfeeble and Curse Vulnerability

Note that this is just massive overkill. If you want to min/max, you can. It starts getting a little light on health (5.3K) but that's plenty for this season, hard to get one shot with 30K armour and a good block rate. Spells might get ya though.
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An update to my HoP build:

With my current gear, I had no issue against A8 Sirus and Uber Elder. The only end-game content I have not tried are Simulacrum and 100% Delirium.

I am done with the league though. Right now, I am just taking my time and trying to finish this amulet
via Harvest remove/add physical to get +1 to All Physical spell gem.

The only negative I felt was usage of Whirling Blade as travel skill. It is too wonky and it doesn't allow you to dodge Sirus's rotating beam unlike Dash and Flame Dash. I swapped to Dash and gave up Fortify for quality of life.

How tankjy is this build? ( i play HC)

Also what advantage of guardian over necro for this build? wouldnt necro have more dps and survability?

So, I have finished crafting this
a few days ago. I am quite happy with it as it is the best in slot for my amulet. The total spending was around 15 Exalts including bulk seeds, flowers and the time spent on growing and getting the harvest crafts.

I had tried 100% Delirium T14 Strand Map. I strongly recommend using a Writhing Jar in this situation as without enemy unique mob around, you will need it to spawn the sentinel, otherwise you would get overwhelmed by mobs.

As for utility/support minions, I recommend 2x Arena Master, 1x Snow Rhex, 1x They of Tul and a tanky Kingmaker AG along with Carrion and Stone Golem.
I have been experimenting with a 2H rather than the daggers and saw a big DPS boost from what I can tell in POB along with it has an open suffix to move the Aspect of the Spider.

This enabled me to take the additional 5% additional phys dmg reduction influence mod on my open ammy suffix.

The 2H also gives you a 6L to throw empower on your auras + stone golem, provides spell skills which gives additional levels to RS to get that 4th spectre(!!!!), and gives an additional 35% chaos res. It also has the consolation prize of granting leap slam as a movement skill which is my personal fave.

With my current gear and flasks up I have around 82% phys reduction (because I wanted poison immunity on my granite flask rather than % armor, otherwise I would have 90% capped), with max res and 85 chaos res. I also benefit from Divine Flesh which takes 50% of ele dmg as chaos so 50% is handled at 85% rather than 75%, letting me not get spiked anymore by lightning in juiced T16 crusader (? i think its this guy) maps.

This gives me a total DPS (per POB) per sentinel of 5.9m with pride having initial effect and 7m with pride at maximum effect.

I do not think this takes into account my other minion buffers: AG (AOE culling, AOE fortify, victario's flight AOE MS, and 15% increased damage AOE), 3 arena masters (each providing a stacking +40% increased attack, movement and cast speed) and They of Tul (AOE snowglobe 20% dodge spell and hit) which I think would impact my DPS as well.

For anyone interested on what my current POB looks like with these new items you can see it @ https://pastebin.com/jV0nyEBg.

Please note that this PoB isn't reading my Glorious Vanity Timeless Jewel correctly which provides me with Divine Flesh (see above) while also providing an additional 1% dodge spell hits on my small passive tree.

The ammy (still under construction for T1 life) and 2H (fully completed) can be seen here:

At this point I'm just shy of 6K life but if I can get my belt and res min-maxed, I should be well over 6K HP with the DPS that hasn't had issues killing any content while being pretty tanky.

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