3.13 KING OF ALL SUMMONERS. Zombies & Skeletons & Spectres on STEROIDS! | League-Start to End-Game


Could give me some help ? why i cant running all auras with 2 enlightment support lvl 4?

i am using vitaly because i cant use pride, havent mana for it.

Auras that i am using now : aspect of the avian, dread banner, flash and stone, purity of the elements and vitality

Any viability for Earandel's Embrace?
Hi man, i'm new in the game and i'm following your build "TANKY ENDGAME", but i have some questions:

First :

I currently have the jewel "lethal pride timeless" in the place where you say I have to put the jewel "thread of hope", and when it comes to exchanging my lethal for the thread, I noticed that my status in general has decreased a lot, including the damage, speed and attack speed of zombies, there came a doubt, even with this absurd decrease, should I change my lethal pride for the thread?

Second doubt:

I noticed that many of the jewels that are said in the "endgame" are very expensive, absurdly expensive, especially for someone new like me, since many are around 100 exalteds or even more, there is the possibility of exchanging for cheaper jewelry without affecting so significantly the game?

Thanks in advance for the answers
Fudsduds wrote:
_SéT_ wrote:
So this is my current setup:

Everytime i try sirus he kills me in last phase of the fight with his "Die" laser. I tryed replacing withering step for frostblink but he still manages to catch me with it. I mean i suck at this game but last league i played a diffrent build and there i could kill him on A8 without any problems.

Any suggestion what i do wrong.

Try Flame Dash, replace Spirit Offering with Flesh Offering, replace Granite Flask with Bismuth Flask. Get Watcher's Eye with Chaos res w/Purity of Elements

Alright thx for the help.
Is it possible to just go straight into the Ranged Raised Spectre build path here at lvl 90 with ~10x budget?
Thank you for this awesome build!
It's my first summoner ever and I glad I went for it this league.

Here is my gear (5k5 Life / 3k9 ES / 179k dps/zombie) :


All content down!
Keep up the good work!

People have probably asked this question multiple times (sorry).

How vital is an elegant hubris (240% damage as an example)?

Will the build still be highly effective without one or will it just be average?

Will the build still have very solid clear and very solid bossing?
pejakovic1 wrote:
36 challenges done on HC with modified tanky setup (bow + quiver), lvl 98 atm. Did all content except atziri. Expensive, still need to get awakened gems and empower lvl 4. Invested 150 ex currently, rest of the currency will most likely go towards pure stones to grind to lvl 100, out of stuff to do really.

GZ on the challenges. I've only gotten 36 once in any league I've tried. Even then, i still had to cheese it by buying a couple of them, like perandus manor

I'd like to ask a question about your Watcher's Eye. is the jewel used for minion life regen? i didn't see haste in your gear and Geofrie's shuts off regen for you. Geofrie's is a bit of a frustration for me as there so many regen sources that i cant tap
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Wich awakened gems should i prioritize for the defense build?
help me pls with my build, i went tanky one and if i have all items i should focus on min/maxing awekened gems and buying emperor's mastery? I have never been so far with build and i dont know what to do XD


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