[3.13] 🌿Ultimate Claw Poison Pathfinder - League Starter & Ender - 100% Delirious farmer

*Build got a major damage nerf (removed Elder mod on claws). Most likely it will survive but I will need some time to make adjustments to compensate damage. In the meantime i would suggest that you pick other build to play.

Hi and welcome to my Ultimate Poison Pathfinder - All attack poison skills build guide!
This is my 4th build so far and prolly the best one.

First I want to say that build is very much inspired by Mathil's Viper Strike build from 3.7 league. I liked the attack poison based play style and wanted to push it to the next level in dps with totally different defenses. He did a great job by scaling that build the right way. Thanks Mathil! (no pun intended)

If you want to go fast and clear even faster, delete bosses, be safe like the Juggernaut and be in the heart of the fight, this is a build for you. Poison the Atlas! xD

Guide will cover 2 melee attack poison skills Pestilent Strike and Viper Strike. Ranged skills are discontinued as I will make guide for Assassin.

I would also like to thank everyone who contributed to making this build better with their ideas and suggestions, especially to these exiles

Vennto wrote:
for amazing leveling guide & crafting

Yalpe wrote:

blastinMot wrote:

^^These guys are the ones often helping everyone with the builds on thread and setting the bar with best possible setups this build can have.

Viktranka wrote:
for the Perfect Form

Archernick wrote:
for Circle of Nostalgia

Corioliss wrote:
for pushing the limits

and many others. (list is long xD)

Please read full guide before starting the build.
You will find lots of good info in here and for anything that you need help with you can post on this thread.

Wish you many fun hours of play in 3.13 Ritual league


Change log 6. Feb

discontinued ranged skills
added explanations for Transcendence version

Build Summary

Pros & Cons
+high damage
+great clear speed
+all content viable (except Hall of Grandmasters), even 100% T19 Deli maps with Transcending variant of the build
+ignite, chill, freeze, shock, scorch, brittle, and sap immune
+flask regeneration (Pathfinder)
+very well rounded defenses, very tanky
+excellent delver
+flexible in itemization and passives
+good league starter
+Jack of all Trades

*dangerous map mod "Monsters have a 60% chance to avoid Poison, Blind, and Bleeding". Basically what this does is, it cuts your damage by 60%.

*like all attack builds, it really starts to shine with decent gear and higher levels. Don't expect to invest 3ex total and "poison the Atlas" no no

-vulnerable to damage over time (physical, cold and fire. Chaos can be managed with investing into Chaos res)
-can't do only no leech map mod
-not a mindless build
, requires some adjustment time to be mastered (flask and Molten Shell timings) but it will keep you interested and rewarded!

☠️ Comparison between poison skills

Pestilent Strike

is a true melee namelocking skill that has secondary debuff similar to the Infernal Blow which explodes enemies and deals secondary chaos damage to the surrounding enemies based on the amount of poison damage that primary had on itself. This and Pathfinder's poison proliferation will result in a chain reaction that can wipe out whole lanes of monsters and bosses caught in it.
Overall for me this is best balanced skill in terms of single target damage and clear speed. Imho it's the best melee strike skill in the game atm.
Also one of the upsides of PS is that having Tribal Fury anointment removes any need for gem swapping.

Viper Strike

Is a well known poison skill. It can achieve insane poison stacks due to almost double poison duration compared to other skills and attack with both weapons at the same time (like viper fangs). It's on the top end of single target dps.
To have good clear speed with Viper Strike you will have to rely on Melee Splash support gem. Splash from the support gem also provides fantastic life gain on hit vs monster packs.

Main difference between these two skills are the clear speed and single target damage.
Pestilent Strike has natively much better clear speed than Viper Strike.
Viper Strike on the other hand will outpace the PS on single target because of the longer build it duration of the poison. That would be in any scenario that you will have to hit targets for more than 5s or with the targets that constantly blink and move around.

Video showcase

Ultimate Transcending Melee Poison Pathfinder build variant - 100% Delirious farmer

T19 full run, fully juiced, 575% crit 2 add. proj. you can see all map mods and the end of video

Non-Transcendence videos

Simulacrum last 5 waves - base setup

Wasp Nest claws demo (cheap weapons)
-mapping, conquerors, Sirus (*Viper Strike) all done on A8 lvl

*mind that rest of my gear is in the high tier with the exception of Wasp Nest claws. I wanted to show you that build is very much capable to complete everything even with 2 Chaos weapons if you sort out your other items.
Also i haven't played it in a while so i messed up some flask usage vs Sirus :P

Player's videos
Awakener 8 deathless kill by
supervi1 wrote:

Below videos are from 3.8 Blight league

----Pestilent Strike----

Aul, The Crystal King @461 depth
100% increased area
28% increased damage
poison on hit

This was my first Aul ever, so needless to say i got rekt quite a few times before i figured out some mechanics, how to modify the char for the fight and tactics...

Uber Elder in 2 mins

Uber Atziri

T13 Blighted Map

T16 Guardian of the Minotaur

T16 Guardian of the Phoenix

Path of Building for 3.13 Ritual league

These are the templates for the build. Items are not set it stone and can be changed with various options. Different setups of items and passive tree can be made to personal preferences as long they don't break core build mechanics.

Passive trees for leveling you will find in the Leveling section below.


*You need Piercing Shots anointment! It's mandatory or you will have get other source of Pierce (item craft, passive tree...)

Pestilent Strike

Viper Strike

Ultimate Transcending Melee Poison Pathfinder
old Non-Cluster setup (lvl 95 char from the showcase video)

Non-Cluster setup (lvl 100) Harvest crafted

Damage cluster setup PS & VS (lvl 100) Harvest crafted

Cluster jewels are not mandatory at all but they will push the damage at the cost of life.

USE Path of Building Community FORK download link

What is "poison" & how poison build is scaled
Main way of dealing damage with this build is with poison ailment. Poison deals chaos damage over time and it stacks, so the more poisons you inflict to an enemy the more damage you will deal. Poison also has duration time it's affecting the enemy. Roughly speaking damage scaling goes like this:

single poison damage * attack speed * duration time of the poison = total damage

So you need to primarily scale the poison damage itself. Attack speed to hit as many times and duration time of the poison.

Duration time of the poison is a window of time in which you can stack your poisons before the first one expires. This window has to be reasonable in real world situations, so scaling it to unreasonable amounts (10-15 seconds or even more) will in Path of Building give unrealistic total damage like you were hitting all that time and disappointing results in game.

🛡️ Build defenses and defense concept

My primary idea for this build was to convert massive amount of evasion to armour so build can have good physical mitigation and make use of best guard skill in the game Vaal Molten Shell. (3.11 nerfed but still strong)
To make this work properly and to be easy to put together Perfect Form body armour is the BiS option.

Cornerstones of the defenses are

Iron Reflexes keystone and (Vaal) Molten Shell.

- ~45K armour thru evasion conversion, Iron Reflexes
-30% passive attack block chance
-Phase Acrobatics (30% spell dodge)
-Arctic Armour, 13% reduced phys damage taken from hits and 12% reduced fire damage taken from hits (while stationary)
To maximize the use of free mana reservation of AA i've added Chill proliferation (max effect) and prolonged it's duration from 0.5s to 1s

Chill profliferation effect from Arctic Armour

-Elemental ailments immune
Fortify buff is activated by hitting the enemy with Whirling Blades
-Molten Shell and Vaal Molten Shell
-Aspect of the Spider slows enemy movement by 30%

How to use Molten Shell

Molten Shell is a guard skill that gives a shield (buffer) around you based on the amount of armour that you have and to be worth using you need a lot of it.
To get very high amount of armour we rely primarily on flasks, so our armour isn't permanent but it's reliable because of Pathfinder's flask regeneration.

When you activate your Jade and Witchfire Brew flasks you gain massive amount of armour. Then you activate (Vaal) Molten Shell to "snapshot" armour that flasks provide. Casting MS without getting flask buff will have miniscule defensive effect.

Molten Shell and Vaal Molten Shell needs to be casted manually, because if you put it on CWDT setup and you have Vaal active, CWDT will override it with regular Molten Shell and you don't want that.
By casting Molten Shell manually you are not waiting to eat a hit that may kill you to proc it, you will be preventing damage coming to you in the first place.

In this section you will find 2 versions of the build.
Base version is the original build i modified in small increments over the leagues. Fully capable on clearing the end game. It's more suited for beginners or casual players.

Transcending Uber Melee version is the pinnacle of the build, capable to easily farm 100% Delirious maps and tackle the hardest content there is.

Base version of the build


If you are missing some crafting mods use crafting services from the community page. Many of them do it for tips.


Best weapons for this build will be fossil crafted min item level 83 Imperial or Gemini claw (if you want mana on hit) Elder influenced claws. You can buy them or craft them.

Example of a perfect claw for the build would look something like this.

Fossil Crafting
To craft perfect claws you will use 3 fossils: Metallic, Corroded and Shuddering with the Powerful Resonators. On average those 3 mods can be aquired with 36 tries.

Mods that your are looking for on a claw are these:
1. 60% chance for Poisons inflicted with this Weapon to deal 100% more Damage
2. Adds (47–72) to (98–123) Chaos Damage
3. T1/T2 Attack speed

Claw you want will have all those 3 mods.

Ideal claw will have those 3 and a free prefix! When you get claw like that you will craft on the bench
"+(18-20)% to Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier"

So the bottom line about claws:
1.Imperial/Gemini /Noble/Eye Gouger/Throat Stabber base min item level 83
2.Claw mods in order of importance:
-60% chance for Poisons inflicted with this Weapon to deal 100% more Damage
-Adds (47–72) to (98–123) Chaos Damage

-attack speed
4th most important is +(18-20)% to Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier
Intermediate version will have "adds Chaos damage" and "60% chance for Poisons inflicted with this Weapon to deal 100% more Damage"
Budget version of a claw is The Wasp Nest unique claw

Good thing also about Wasp Nest claws is that they provide a lot of accuracy.

Body Armour

6L The Perfect Form, unique body armour
This is the best in slot body armour that supports whole defensive concept of the build.

Budget 6L evasion based armour
Look for these stats:
-as much "to maximum life"

I have to add that when i say budget i don't mean get 5L Perfect Form. For 10 chaos you can get corrupted rare 6L with some stats on it and it will carry you 10x better than a 5L PF.

Some examples

Rare crafted evasion based helmet, Hunter influenced (use Hunter exalted orb on normal base with enchant)!
Before crafting i suggest that you buy helmet base (min item level 85) with the enchant on it.

Good helmet enchants are (optional):
For VG
-Venom Gyre has 20% chance to inflict Withered for 2 seconds on Hit

For CL
-Cobra Lash chains 3 additional times (great for clear speed)

For PS
-40% increased Pestilent Strike damage

For VS
-40% increased Viper Strike damage

Craft helmet base that has desired enchant with Pristine,Abberant fossils and Potent resonators.
Stats to look for when crafting:
- 70+ "to maximum life"
- Nearby Enemies have -9% to Chaos Resistance (Hunter mod)
- some resistance

Budged version is any rare evasion based helmet with life and resistances


Best damage gloves are Fenumus Weave unique gloves.
Budget version are any rare gloves with life, resistances and attack speed or Embalmer unique gloves.


Rare boots with highest total life (life + strenght) you can get, resistances and free prefix.
Buy boots without movement speed (free prefix) and craft it yourself, it's cheaper


Good amulet for the build will be either Elder or Hunter based amulet (ideally Agate because of stat implicit).
Mods to look for:
-chaos damage over time multiplier

with free suffix or prefix would be great.

Another high dps option is Aul's Uprising unique amulet with mod "Envy reservers no mana" but it has very limited availability on market.

Budget option is simple rare agate amulet

Stats to look for:

+ to maximum life (70)
adds physical damage to attacks (higher tier)
elemental resistance if needed

Pay attention for amulet to have open prefix so you can craft "Non-Channelling Skills have -(9-8) to Total Mana Cost"

Use Blessing Orbs to maximize implicit attribute value


*Pestilent Strike/Viper Strike Tribal Fury


Rare rings to fill your resistances
Stats to look for:
-accuracy (min +350) on one ring is a must


Circle of Nostalgia

This ring is amazing and besides damage will give most needed Chaos resistance to the build and complete the defenses. With it you will have positive chaos resistance.
Downside of it is that you will have to adapt other items in the build to cap your elemental resistances that would be otherwise provided by rare ring.


Preferably Stygian Vise with high life and min 80 total resistances.

Budget one, Leather or Heavy belt with high life and min 80 total resistances.

2 rare jewels, stats to look for:
- increased maximum life
- increased attack speed/attack speed with claws/ with one handed melee weapons
- increased damage with poison/with claws/with one handed weapons

One corrupted jewel like this one will get you immunity to Corrupted blood, which with 20 stacks can melt you in split second if you are not careful.
Just 5% life and the corrupted mod are worth the jewel slot.

Abyss jewel for the belt, something like this:

Watcher's Eye jewel with "+#% to Damage over Time Multiplier while affected by Malevolence"

Flasks, important!

-Catalyzed/Panicked Eternal Life flask of Staunching (bleed immune)
-Chemist's Silver flask of Warding (Curse immune)
-Alchemist's Jade flask of Reflexes/Iron Skin (Defense is built around this flask. Get it as soon as possible!!!)
-Witchfire Brew unique flask (look for higher increased damage over time during flask effect)
-Rumi's Concoction - to improve our block chance

Aspect of the Spider
In high end build version you will have it on your gloves (Fenumus Weave).
If you can't get the gloves you can beastcraft it on any rare item that has a free suffix. You won't be able to use Aspect without Enlighten level 3 gem.

Gem links

Pestilent Strike main setup
-Basic 6L for mapping is
Pestilent Strike - Deadly Ailments - Vile Toxins - Added Chaos damage - Ancestral Call - Multistrike

Ancestral Call is swappable for bossing with Melee Phys Damage, since you really want that Multistrike at all times.

-When you get Tribal Fury anointment you can ditch Ancestral and go with the

Pestilent Strike - Deadly Ailments - Vile Toxins - Added Chaos damage - Melee Physical - Multistrike

-Next, if you can acquire Awakened gems, your next setup will be
Pestilent Strike - Awakened Deadly Ailments - Vile Toxins - Awakened Added Chaos damage - Awakened Unbound Ailments - Awakened Multistrike

This will prolong Poison duration to around 7s so you can choose either to have that longer poison duration or to ditch Coralito's flask and use something better or more useful.

Viper Strike main setup

4L Viper Strike - Deadly Ailments - Ancestral Call - Melee Splash

5L Viper Strike - Deadly Ailments - Ancestral Call - Melee Splash - Multistrike

-basic 6L
Viper Strike - Deadly Ailments - Melee Splash - Added Chaos damage - Ancestral Call - Multistrike

Melee Splash and Ancestral Call are necessary gems for Viper Strike to feel good for clearing packs.

For bossing you swap Melee Splash for Melee Phys damage

-Improved (Tribal Fury anointment) 6L
Viper Strike - (Awakened) Deadly Ailments - Vile Toxins - (Awakened) Added Chaos damage - (Awakened) Melee Splash - (Awakened) Multistrike

You will be swapping Melee Splash with (Awakened) Melee Physical damage support for Sirus, Conquerors and similar.

4L Vaal Molten Shell - Increased Duration - Vaal Haste/Vaal Grace - Blood Rage (don't use regular auras just Vaal skills)

4L gloves Herald of Agony - Culling Strike - Malevolence - Enlighten 4
(Enlighten 4 is needed if you want Culling strike for Herald of Agony. Otherwise lvl 3 is enough.)

4L Wither - Faster Casting - Spell Totem - Multiple Totems

3L Whirling Blades - Fortify - Blood Magic

3L Arctic Armour - Unbound Ailments - Elemental Proliferation
Don't use Arctic Armour until you get The Perfect Form body armour.

Ultimate Transcending Melee Poison Pathfinder
100% Delirious Farmer


Ultra tanky version of the build bringing defenses to whole another level.

+ultra tanky
+high dps
+reliable 100% Delirious farmer
+doesn't use Wither Totem but Withering Step instead, giving you high damage boost on tap
+complete at level 95/96

-flask reliant! mindful flask piano is required
-vulnerable to heavy degens. Build isn't immortal and if you die this will most likely be the cause.
-expensive (relative)
-very tight on resistances and gear in general (requires top end gear and Catalysts)
-not starter viable

*In 100% Deli maps mods that should be avoided are:
1.60% chance for monsters to avoid poison
2.no leech (can't do it)

It still has some flexibility if you are not aiming for T19's.
* -9% Chaos res on helmet can be skipped.
*Watcher's eye can also be skipped by shuffling passive points to preserve dps for a cost of 4% increased life small passive node.
*chance to gain Onslaught from my claw you can get from a Abyss jewel mod

I will assume that you are not beginner and because i lack space, i will focus on important things and differences from the base build.

It uses Militant Faith Timeless jewel (Maxarius) and keystone Transcendence.
Armour applies to Fire, Cold and Lightning Damage taken from Hits instead of Physical Damage
-5% to all maximum Elemental Resistances

To not just be Transcendence, build is heavily invested into defenses overall and it uses many layers of mitigation and damage avoidance. Finding the right balance was the hardest part but now Harvest crafting made things easier.

Use of Transcendence keystone makes your armour completely ineffective vs Physical damage so that hole had to be filled in another way.

What is important to mention about Militant Faith jewel.
You want 2 stats:
2% increased elemental resistances per 10 Devotion

It's possible to happen is that the Timeless jewel changes some notable passive. In that case you will either have to divine jewel or buy another one.

Defense layers

-75% attack block
-71% spell dodge (conditionally)
-Max Elemental and Chaos resistances 78% (Loreweave counters -5% ele res from Transcendence and you are also immune to -% max res map mod)
-up to 80K+ Armour
-Molten Shell (up to 10K buffer) & Vaal Molten Shell
-Wind Dancer Keystone
-Aspect of the Crab (up to 20% phys damage reduction, key to prevent phys one-shots!)
-15% chance to generate Endurance charge on block
-Corrupted Blood immunity
-Elemental Ailments immunity (Ignite, chill, freeze, shock, scorch, brittle, and sap)
-6% reduced Elemental Damage taken

Base build uses Wither totems to apply Wither debuff on the enemies (6% increased damage taken per 1 stack). It's good for bosses but not for mapping.
This version uses instead Withering Step spell that applies debuff in area when used (lasts 4s).
You will need this helmet enchant

Base preferably should be DEX or STR or DEX/STR, min ilvl85 but if you can't find it in anyway on market buying any other base with ench won't break the build.
Ideal combination will be lvl21 (lvl 20 with +1 chaos gems) Anomalous Withering Step + lvl4 Enhance + helmet enchant which will yield 14 Wither stacks on tap!
Since you don't have to use Wither totems you will use Ancestral Protectors to boost your attack speed and cap Wither on target if you don-t have Anomalous Withering Step L20 (21).

Other key items

Loreweave is the best chest piece you can use with Transcendence keystone. It makes your maximum resistance cap fixed both for elemental and chaos damage.

Hunter gloves with "target 1 additional nearby enemy". This will enable you to use damage anointment like "Corruption" or "Swift Venoms".

Atziri's Step boots have the highest spell dodge value in the game. You will need to enchant them.

Flask setup is super important!

-Also worth noting is that this setup requires all the little pieces to fall into place so skipping things like enchants, Aspect of the Crab, pantheons etc. will make a negative impact.

old Non-Cluster setup (lvl 95)

Non-Cluster setup (lvl 100)

Damage cluster setup PS & VS (lvl 100)

Exact gems, gem levels and gear for guidance you will find in PoB.

Gear because of Harvest available can be much better than what i have in PoB. It's up to you to make it.


Ranger - Pathfinder
Why Pathfinder and not Assassin? Pathfinder has great synergy with poison skills, flasks and defenses. She enables you virtually 100% flask up time, pushes further clear speed thru proliferation of the poison, scales well poison itself and provides elemental ailments immunity.

Assassin on the other hand will have more damage BUT can't reliably have these defenses (no flask regeneration, which can be crucial in boss fights with multiple stages.) and will have noticeably less clear speed (no poison proliferation).

Overall my money goes on Pathfinder because it's better balanced choice in this case.

Get ascendancy points in this order:

1/2 Depending on if you are leveling with Poison and Claws or Caustic Arrow.
If you are leveling with Poison skills get "Master Toxicist" first.
If you are leveling with Caustic Arrow get "Nature's Reprisal" first.

3. Nature's Boon

4. Master Alchemist

Bandits & Pantheons
Kill all bandits


major: Lunaris for mapping

minor: Soul of Gruthkul
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Disclaimer/Leveling guide Instruction
When I skipped heist-league I still felt like playing PoE and got a bit into the whole racing-part of the game. Though definitely not talented enough to compete on a professional level I felt that I wanted to push the leveling-process with this char to its maximum, as I simply love this build and plan to start it in 3.13 again.

I did countless runs – Viper Strike from Level 1, starting with a bow and respeccing, Cobra Lash + Viper Strike, Level 28 swap to Pestilent Strike and tons of other variants. What you will find down here is the final build for the leveling-part that I will run whenever I start a league with this character, as it has proven over the runs to be most consistent in speed and survivability as well as currency and „getting into maps fast“. My fastest time so far was around 4 hours 50min a10 Kitava with 3 labs and all skill points. Considering I am clearly not a pro and you could cut the time a lot further just with better inventory management, not picking up so much stuff and skipping vaal side areas etc. I think the build is good enough to put it out there and share what I found to be most effective.

I only showcase the first 4 Acts, since in Act 5 there is no new gem to the given build and by the time you hit A6 most people have their gear set up for the rest of the leveling part, you won´t be swapping too much stuff at this point and the early game is where you can really save up time.

Since not everyone wants to make a science out of leveling and push that hard I will have layers for each act: The „beginner“ level is for people new to the build or even new to the game. We will not use gem-swaps, we’ll go with a bare minimum of requirements, trying to keep the socket pressure low and focus on survivability first. You will not have a fast time here, this part is meant to help new and very casual players and to have a checklist to work on and to enjoy the build as much as possible even early on, while poison is rather a joke than a killing-machine.

The second „fast AF“ label will push the speed – in terms of what I think what's the best for leveling this build – to it’s maximum. It will take advantage of specific power curves, will play with other gems for at least 50% of the leveling-process while trying to be as fast as possible while still getting into the core-build eventually. As commonly practiced with runners one does not rely on uniques like tabula rasa so it works perfectly fine on just rares. If you want to level the build as a secondary char there will be a recommended list of uniques to chose from though! We will deviate in the passive tree to maximize speed and you have to have good mechanics, since we will be – typical for running – very squishy. Definitely not hardcore-viable as well!

Aside from that this guide will cover an item section for choices you can opt for when league-starting in a trade league when you want to run live-searches in order to get yourself an advantage. I hope this finds you well and you can use it. If you have any further recommendations or questions feel free to whisper me.

Beginner variant

Leveling trees

You will find in the bottom left area menu with different passive trees that follow progression.


Since we rely on buying a lot of Gems I recommend to start off with a mule-character. A mule is a character solely created to get you skill gems or items you otherwise can´t guarantee to get (for free). Create a shadow, run down the twilight strand and use the first gem you will find from the first zombie; Viper Strike + lesser Poison support, to kill hillok. As a trophy we take cobra lash. This first mule takes around 2 Minutes and gives us:

• 2x Glass Shank
Viper Strike for close combat / Single target
Cobra Lashfor ranged / AoE
• Our first support Gem
• Additional flasks and scrolls

Both gems are usable with Lesser Poison Support and work with the daggers, so this is a really releaving and stress-free start having all this. Before you swap to your main Char which will be the Ranger Class check the vendor in town and look for a G-G-G to connect those first gems together, preferably on any piece of armor. Throw everything in the stache and start your main Ranger. Once you enter Lioneye´s Fall with your Ranger you can take everything from the mule-character out of your stache and start as a Melee-Ranger right away.
You can from now on check the vendors to see if you can find items with 3 green linked sockets. Vendors refresh everytime you level up, so use this to your advantage: Whenever you feel you need a specific socket combination you should check the vendors if they may have it. Main focus here are body armor, helmets, gloves and boots. We prefer to not have gems in our weapons so we can always upgrade them to the best possible drops.
In general we are in a high demand of green sockets. The following is the bare minimum I advice you generate during A1: a total of 6 green sockets, 1 red socket and one flex-socket red/green. Since items in the first 2 acts cannot surpass 3 sockets our total amount of available sockets is 18, so we only demand 8/18 possible socket colours. Ideal for beginners.

G-G = Cobra Lash + Lesser Multiple Projectiles
G-G-G/R = Viper Strike + Lesser Poison support + added cold damage/added fire damage
G = Dash/Smoke Mine
G = Whirling blades
R = Vitality

Other demands in A1:
• If you find it, equip a leather belt for survivability. If not, try to get a rustic sash. They give us a bit more damage.
• Try to find and use iron rings until you reach the endboss Merveil at Cavern of Anger.
• Pick up Saphire Rings and keep them, use them when you fight the act boss Merveil. She does cold damage and the cold-res will help you tremendously.
• Try to be around level 14 when you fight Merveil and look out for „awl“. If you did not come across any good magic or rare weapons those are the best claws you can wear at that time.


In this Act we try to further upgrade our gear and close in on the demanded sockets. Right after the start you turn right, clear the Den and have 3 options: Another quicksilver flask for more movement speed, a rare leather belt for more survivability or a rare rustic sash for a weapon-recipe.

The weapon recipe you´ll find under „additional tips“. The choice is up to you, as a beginner I would probably recommend the latter two choices, since you need to get into keeping up your flasks anyway first, before u can utilize 2 of them correctly. But the beauty of Path of Exile is that it gives you choices like no other game does, so pick what you prefer

After clearing the Chamber of Sins you can grab Herald of Ice and Herald of Agony, another G and G gems. The Agony Crawler is a pet and does some considerable damage early on, while the flat cold damage from Herald helps your own dps.
After clearing the left side of the act you have access to a big variety of gems, all of them are useful: Vicious Projectiles for your Ranged Skills and the agony crawler, Melee Physical Damage, Faster Attacks and Deadly Ailments for Viper strike.
Ideally you would opt for this setup:

G-G-G= Cobra Lash/Venom Gyre + Lesser Multiple Projectiles + Vicious Projectiles
G-G-R = Viper Strike + Melee Physical Damage + Faster Attacks/Deadly Ailments
G = Dash/Smoke Mine
G = Whirling Blades
R = Vitality
G = Herald of Agony
G = Herald of Ice

If you have spare slots you can help your agony crawler and turn him into a really good help: Herald of Agony + Lesser multiple Projectiles + Vicious Projectiles in a G-G-G combination turns him into some considerable damage. As a bandit reward you normally go for skill points. But helping Alira especially in a new environment is not a bad idea: Free all resistances and the mana sustain helps a lot. You can respec this later. Especially as a new player I would strongly suggest to go for this route, since it makes getting your character up and running easier.

The sockets in this act demand 11 / 18 sockets which is quite some socket pressure. Socket pressure is a term that is used to describe the demands on the gear in terms of sockets, locking items with a certain socket-combination on the char without the opportunity to swap them for better gear that does not fulfill the socket requirement. Your gearing is important though, so I want to incentivise you to drop sockets when you find gear upgrades.

This is the order of sockets I would drop:

1 ) Herald of Ice – It´s just a bit more damage.

2) Whirling Blades – While this will be a core gem later on, it does not do big damage nor are you running on the most optimal speed setup and therefore don´t need that travel-skill desperately.

3) Any Support-Gem on the G-G-G/R Setups – They are more damage, but if you don´t have the sockets you don´t have them.
Goals for this act:
• Swap the Sapphire Rings for Topaz rings.
• Try to use the vendor recipe for a weapon improvement on at least one claw
• Try to get as much life and resistances on the gear while keeping up your links
• If possible, try to get your hands on movement-speed boots by identifying boots and searching for them on vendors.

In Act 3 you start to drop 4-linked Gear and the vendor starts to sell it. So start to check vendors for Gear again from level 24 onwards. Keep progressing through the act, make sure you have enough resistances when facing Gravicious (fire resistances!) and Piety (Lightning for the first, Lightning/Cold for the second fight).

Afterwards you should make your final decision, what main gem you want to play, as it is better to focus on that to lower the socket pressure and to make the right choices in the passive tree. For a rundown what the gems excel at and different PoB´s I kindly refer to Thorstein's full guide. For now I assume you take pestilent strike, since it is the „main“-advertised skill.
A word to Pestilent Strike: It is one of the most flexible gems out there and works with a ton of different links, for example: Unbound Ailments, Faster Attacks, Deadly Ailments for the poison damage, Ancestral Call for, added cold damage, added chaos damage and many others.

Here are two examples what you can use at this point.

G-G-R-R: Pestilent Strike + Deadly Ailments + Melee Physical Damage (A2) + Ancestral Call
G-G-B-B: Pestilent Strike + Deadly Ailments + Unbound Ailments + Added Chaos Damage

In Terms of the most optimal setup for damage AND to set you up for the following act I recommend this one:
G-R-B = Pestilent Strike + Deadly Ailments + Melee Physical Damage + Added Chaos Damage

It has the 2nd most damage at the current state and the red link will be swapped out for Multistrike in Act 4. But as stated above: Don´t force yourself into it if you find another 4-link that can utilize a different setup. Any 4-link is most likely up to 25% stronger than a 3-link setup.
We also grab in this act the Despair-Curse and we can optionally take Plague Bearer, my favorite gem in the game and after the Library-Quest our first spell-totem setup. Depending if we find more 4-links we can also come back to an option from act 1: War Banner. A good gem that buffs our attack speed, especially after we placed it in boss fights. Also, we can grab from the Library Ancestral Protector, a totem that buffs our own attack speed and does some damage on its own. You see, once we finished the library quest there are plenty of options so I want to keep the following in 2 parts: A bare minimum you should strive for and optional setups you can get to your own liking:

The Bare Minimum:
4-Link Pestilent Strike Setup
G = Dash/Smoke Mine
G = Herald of Agony
R = Vitality
B= Despair
G = Blood Rage

Options based on your links and currency:
G-R = Whirling Blades + Fortify: Giving you the fortify effect for more survivability and another travel spell for more movement speed.
G = Plague Bearer: A gem that collects a part of your poison-damage to inflict it later on a button-press. Supplementary damage source.
R-B = Spell Totem Support + Wither: Inflicting the wither debuff, making enemies take more damage.
R = War Banner: A 10% Aura that gives further Attack Speed, especially after placing it with full stacks.
R-R-R = Ancestral Protector + Melee Physical damage + Pulverize: A different totem setup that provides additional attack speed and some serious damage on it’s own. Good for single target dps.

My personal tip: Get Plague Bearer. It feels weak the first 4 Levels, but Plague Bearer naturally outscales the campaign content, so once you reach around level 7 it starts to do considerable damage and once it hits around 10-11 you can turn it on and simply run, it kills EVERYTHING. I keep this gem through all the endgame-content, mostly set it up with additional support gems and only drop it when reaching the highest pinnacle areas of the game. Especially as a beginner this gem will carry you SO HARD.

Goals for this act:
• Try to get close to around 70 all resistances (aside from Chaos Resistances)
• Try to get life on your gear
• Keep up with weapon-crafting and get into the rotations used, especially the use of totems and despair-curse on boss-fights.

In A4 we grab even more poison nodes on the tree. Once you progress further you get as a quest reward Multistrike, which would take the place of Melee Physical damage.
Other than that in A4 you also can aquire multiple totems. So aim to improve your wither setup from R-B to R-R-B at this point. Having 3 Totems up that cast wither gets you faster to max stacks and therefore boosts your damage quite a bit, since we start to deal good poison dps right about that time. You could also improve the area of Plague Bearer with G-B: Plague Bearer + Increased Area of Effect. You also can use cast when damage taken now. For the price of 1 Alchemy Orb you can use it in combination with immortal call from Act 1, or Withering Step, or Steel skin. Those buffs all do something different and it would even exceed the space of this leveling-guide. For Beginners I recommend staying with immortal call and keep in mind that CWDT has to be on a high enough level to proc the linked gem. Further information on that you´ll find in the gem description. You should also try to link your whirling blades to fortify as a staple right now. Keep it up by using whirling blades once every 5 seconds on an enemy for additional defenses. As a last option you can get your 3-link Totem to a 4-link with Ancestral Protector-Melee Physical damage – Pulverize/Maim – Multistrike, buffing it’s damage even further. Again, the options are plenty and as a new player I invite you to test around. You are not in the place to play as optimal as possible so enjoy every possible way and figure out what you enjoy
By the end of act 4 you should try to cap your resistances. The cap is 75%.

After A4/A5 continue with the passive tree from a full build on the main page.
Final tree is little different so don't forget to respec passive points that are not on the final tree.

Fast AF variant

Leveling trees

You will find in the bottom left area menu with different passive trees that follow progression.


Welcome to the Fast AF-Mode. So you decided to rush to maps. I hope you are hydrated and ready to rumble, because now every single second counts. As we want to be as fast as possible we of course don´t go for a mule. Rush the Twilight Strand, pick up Caustic Arrow.

We will be using Bow Skills for 2 reasons: First, a Melee setup costs more sockets and gems, without a mule you possibly run into shortcomings. Second, there is actually better speed with melee using frostblades because we can use onslaught. But even with the most ideal melee dmg setup, we won´t deal as much damage as with the Bow variant in terms of single target dps and you would lose all the time you gained during the act on merveil on bosses. This has two reasons: Compared to marauders or duelists we won´t go for axes which have the highest physical damage early on, and on the tree we don´t have access to raw melee damage. The attackspeed we could opt for early does not make up for it – hitting a bit faster with nearly no dmg is still nearly no damage. Boss-DPS is on the other hand one of the most important factors when it comes to speeding through the campaign.

Thats why we opt for this setup:

G-G-G = Caustic Arrow + Void Manipulation – Mirage Archer/Pierce
G-G-B = Toxic Rain + Blastchain Mines + Swift assembly
G = Smoke Mine
G = Puncture
GG = Burning Arrow + added cold damage

Optional: R = Vitality

The damage and clear speed Caustic Arrow provides early on is substantial, for Brutus Puncture goes a long way even with the most basic weapon and for Merveil you will have access to Toxic Rain on a mine-setup that kills her also damn quick. In total you would be looking for 10 sockets out of 18 which is manageable with a good loot-filter. First things I would drop would be the added cold damage, Vitality and Burning Arrow. In terms of the bow: Since Caustig Arrow and Toxic Rain both are attack-based chaos-dot gems it is perfectly possible to use a crude or a short bow for the whole leveling part. I sometimes dropped or bought an early G-G-G bow at Tarleigh and kept it until I swapped for the 4-link bow, because the initial hit-damage does not matter after act 1 at all. Of course, some early physical damage helps improving the damage even further.

Our other goals:
• Very early double iron rings to push the base-damage further
• A saphire ring for merveil if you want to feel save
• A rustic sash for additional dps
In the words of Zizaran: „Everything under 30 Minutes is a good time for act 1“. With this setup I managed 23.15 min on the best run.


Another good thing for the bow-setup is that it does not work well with our melee gems. We cannot use agony crawler, we cannot use the heralds properly. Why is this good then? Because it saves us the only resource, we actually care about: Time! In this act we just grab another quicksilver flask in the great white beast quest and rush the content. Other gems we pick up are skitterbots from the Fidelitas-Kill and Vicious Projectiles as well as Trap and Mine Damage from the weaver-questline. You could go for Blood Rage as the quest reward depending on when you want to swap to the melee setup earlier, but I will adress this in the Act 3 part and I personally do not recommend it. Other than that we drop the burning arrow, since the damage is inferior, especially if you are still on the act 1 bow. If you find upgrades with fitting links you are free to use it of course.

Other than that I would like to recommend a situational thing Thorstein itself pointed out: IF you find a stronger weapon AND you have the links, you can still use Puncture with an optional chance to bleed/deadly ailments and grab ensnaring arrow to have bosses that do not move on 270% bleed damage. It´s good additional supplementary damage that you can take advantage of if you have the spare currency and socket room.

So our setup will look like this:

G-G-G = Caustic Arrow + Void Manipulation – Vicious Projectiles
G-G-B = Toxic Rain + Blastchain Mine + Swift Assembly (Rares/Clear)/Trap and Mine Damage (Bosses you can prep like Bandits and the Vaal Oversoul)

G = Smoke Mine
B = Skitterbots

Optional: R = Vitality
Optional: G-R = Puncture + Chance to bleed/deadly ailments

Other goals:
• If possible, try to find some additional life and resistances on aquiver, and rings
• Get Boots with 15% Movement speed
• Get at least 35% lightning resistance before fighting Vaal Oversoul
A good time to finish A2 would be everything under 25min. Best time so far 24.45.


From A3 onwards we can drop 4-link items. I think I don´t have to point out how helpful it would be to get your hands on those so keep your eyes open for item upgrades. Other than that we grab the Despair-Curse to buff our single-target dps further and have an additional option: Scourge Arrow with Mirage Archer. Mirage archer charges this channelling-ability to it’s maximum before releasing it without the need to do anything else and since we scale chaos-damage and damage over time anyway it’s some additional dps we can pick up without any costs aside from the 2 sockets.

So your ideal setup will look like this:

G-G-G-G = Caustic Arrow + Void Manipulation – Vicious Projectiles – Arrow Nova/Pierce
G-G-G-B = Toxic Rain + Blastchain Mine + Swift Assembly (Rares/Clear)/Trap and Mine Damage (Bosses you can prep like Bandits and the Vaal Oversoul) + Vicious Projectiles
G = Smoke Mine
B = Skitterbots

Optional: R = Vitality
Optional: G-G = Scourge Arrow + Mirage Archer

This is an ideal setup of course. From all the practice runs I can confirm that it is highly unlikely to have all of that. Most of the time you have to settle for good res and one 4-Link or the 3-links + the Scourge Arrow for additional damage, but it still works fine.
We won´t have access to many more gems because – of course – we focus on speed over convenience and therefore skip the library questline.

As typical for speedrun setups you close in on your final gear and links in Act 3 and 4. So your actual setup does not chance tremendously at that point.

I want to point out one thing though:
If you run live-searches during league start you could grab – just for the sake of leveling – a Quill Rain Short Bow. It’s attack speed of 3.0 attacks per second combined with the first ascendancy-point we grab will push the damage of toxic rain completely out of the park. If you do that, then your gem-setup changes since TR will get an insane amount of additional damage with using mirage archer.

Your new setup would then look like this:

G-G-G-G = Toxic Rain + Vicious Projectiles + Void Manipulation + Mirage Archer
G-G-G-G = Caustic Arrow + Void Manipulation + Vicious Projectiles + Arrow Nova/Pierce

So keep this option in mind. Buying a Quill Rain quickly and selling it 2 hours later will most likely not cost you much currency since the prices don´t shift THAT fast. If you buy it for 4 chaos and resell it for 3 it was well worth it to push to maps faster as the TR-Setup is … yeah well, try it :D
From that point onward you will play A5 which does not hold any new gems and in A6 you get access to all the gems in the game, and can work your way up to the core-build that Thorstein presented so I will stop the leveling-progression at this point and rather focus on Items and vendor-recipes during your leveling to help you get faster into maps. If you want to keep leveling ranged, which is what I am doing, just keep in mind you have access to Malevolence and Wither-Totems now so grab them as soon as you can.
For both variants there is a PoB of just the skill point allocation that you can follow.

One last word to the Fast AF Variant though, because I need to address the elephant in the room: When do we actually swap to the melee variant?!

Here is my perspective on this: As just pointed out with entering A6 we get access to all gems. That means we can swap from any point onwards now. Based on my experience the poison-damage is fine, so it´s possible to swap at this point. The build is designed for a swap at Blood Aqueducts though.
Here is why:

• The Ranged Setup get´s stronger with time as well. The Clear of Caustic with Arrow Nova in the open spaces Act 6 and Act 7 is insane and it is more clear than the melee setup can provide.
• We don´t need to constantly upgrade our melee weapons, therefore less gear pressure
• If you were lucky and got your hands on a 4-link Makareth bow you have built-in 6% Movement-Speed as additional speed, while we already have more movement speed on the tree than the Melee Setup.
• The Melee Setup is squishy as long as you don´t have enough block and evasion/armor, especially so since we are quite underleveled which is common in speed setups. So I personally rather stay on range.

That being said, if you want to, you can swap earlier, especially if you did not pick up a Quill Rain. Because in that case the single target setup from mines starts to fall off, while a melee setup starts to ramp up quite some single-target dps. I see it in the way that The TR/CA-Setup (that is without Quill Rain) is stronger early on and I´ll use this to just „crawl“ to the Blood Aqueducts. There I then farm up until level 63 since it is unpresedented experience. You can hit around 170 Million exp/h there. With 63 I swap to wasps nest and start to zoom zoom with the melee setup.

League Start: Uniques you should have live-search online for

• Mortem Morsu, Fright Claw
It comes at level 34 with an abundance of attack speed and additional physical damage as well as extra physical damage converted to chaos damage. Just awesome claws. I actually managed to wear two of them until level 63 when I swapped to Throat Stabber, so getting them is always recommended.

• Advancing Fortress, Gut Ripper
Beware: A lot of people think those are a shield. They actually are not, but that doesn´t make them any less awesome: They have 100-120 % incr. Physical damage, additional life, additional evasion, additional chance to block and socketed gems are supported by fortify, essentially making them an ideal pickup to socket whirling blades in it. I would STRONGLY recommend you have a life-search running for those. If you manage to get one your leveling is pretty much a joke now due to the perfect combination of offensive and defensive capabilities of those claws. Their biggest disadvantage is that we can only get them with level 46 onwards, while it would be great to have them earlier.

• The Wasp Nest, Throat Stabber
Get two of those claws at level 63 and you are done with weapons until late red maps. Accuracy, Attack Speed, high Phys Base dps, added chaos dmg on hit… there is not a single weapon in this game that fits our build better aside from level 83+ elder claws. Since it is a very small player-base going for those 4 gems you can grab them for 1-3 chaos even on league start day, so don´t miss out on them.

• Quill Rain, Short Bow
For further Information read the „fast AF“ Guide


• Aurseize, Steelscale Gauntles
From Level 36 onwards you could potential grab those gloves. They are most of the time a bit expensive, but well worth it if you want to do the chaos recipe, since they come with a whopping 40-50% increased Item Rarity. Additionally, and that's the reason I bring them up, they come with 15% all res, helping out quite a bit early on to cap your resistances. Worth to look out for them.

• Vaal Caress, Bronzescale Gauntlets
Up to 70 max life, 40 cold res, and a free onslaught for 5 seconds on using vaal gem. As we can utilize this with vaal molten shell, vaal haste or vaal grace during our first ways through the campaign or early maps they are definitely a good option to consider for that free onslaught buff and the +2 to vaal gems. They are pretty early available as well with level 27.

• Slitherpinch, Bronchescale Gauntlets
As well available from level 27, those Gloves come with 5-10% Attack Speed and built-in mana leech. Pick them up if you found amazing boots, helmet and/or chest, are set on resistances and life-pool and want that extra quality of life.

• The Embalmer, Carnal Mitts
Those Gloves are no joke: Socketed Gems are supported by Level 20 Vile Toxins, Flat added chaos damage, up to 70 life, up to 29% chaos resistances and additional poison duration make them a free 5-link from Level 50 onwards. I have them on life-search since it allows me to use a decent chest-piece without getting forced into tabula rasa early on. I mostly keep them until I either go for a corrupted 6-link or a dapper prodigy armor. Until then those gloves are heaven-sent and available from level 50 onwards. The damage on a 6-link is higher though, so that would be up to you, if you pick them up. A friend of mine who also plays that build is a big fan of tabula + Aureseize.


• Windscream, Reinforced Greaves
10-15% All Res, 15% Movementspeed and the ability to apply an additional curse. Can be a good pick situationally and you never go wrong with all res that early, they are available from level 33 onwards. If you find the prophecy you can upgrade them to Windshriek and sell them with profit afterwards.

• Dusktoe, Ironscale Boots
Very overlooked, but quite potent for their respective level (Level 18). They come with a small live pool of 20-30, only 15% movement speed but they add 17,5-27,5 Chaos Damage during any flask effect, giving us a tremendous early game damage boost on boss-fights if you time your flasks correctly. Since the build has it’s biggest weakness very early on those are always a great pick up until you finished at least the first 5 acts or even more, if you can manage the missing resistances.

• Sundance, Clasped Boots
Raw Stat Boots: 20% movement speed, 30-40% Fire Res, 10 % attack speed and 20-30 % item Rarity. Not bad at all for level 27. Especially worth to pick it up if you have good resistances on helmet, chest and rings and combine it with the aurezeize gloves for some insane chaos recipe action.


• Goldrim, Leather Cap
30-40 All Res. Sais it all. Available from level 3 onwards, worth a few chaos though because of that + additional 10% item rarity.

• The Peregrine, Visored Sallet
+500 Accuracy, saving us 3 passive Points. 20-30 Item Rarity, +30 Lightning Resistances, attack damage leeched as mana, 10% increased movement speed. This little Helmet is just amazing, and available from level 23 onwards.
Body Armor

• Briskwrap, Strapped Leather
Attack Speed, increased Evasion, Cold Res, Movement Speed, Increased Dexterity… I mean, those chest pieces are really good if you can handle the missing life and are really lucky finding it with 3-4 Links. At least it comes with a bunch of cold res. Available from Level 9.

• Tabula Rasa, Simple Robe
No need to further explain. Free 6-link but no stats. No-brainer for caster-builds. On Poison-Pathfinder I have not yet grabbed one and I most likely will never, but it has to be mentioned.

• Extractor Mentis, Agate Amulet
Available from Level 16 onwards: Bunch of Strength, Onslaught on Kill, Unholy Might on Kill, Life Recovery on Kill. Unfortunately no Resistances or Life whatsoever but damage-whise this is quite impressive and the attributes are nice as well. Can be a useful pickup.

• The Anvil, Amber Amulet
Requires Level 45. 400-500 Armour, life and mana gained on block, additional Block chance of 8% - depending on how far we are in the passive tree and how well we are doing in terms of life and resistances this can actually help quite a bit to get our survivability up. More of a really situational pick in early maps, rather than while leveling though.

Vendor recipes during leveling

As a last note I would like to give you an overview over the most important vendor recipes that you can or should utilize during your leveling and league start.

Crafting Material

• Chisels
In the Neversink Lootfilter you may have noticed that Stone Hammer/Rock Breaker/Gavel are highlighted. You can pick them up, quality them to 20% and with a single Map they sell for a Chisel. I sometimes pick them up and throw them into my dump-tab, collecting them during the campaign can give u around 15-20 chisels when reaching yellow and early red maps, which you then can use to get high quantity and have a good transition into the endgame.

• Gemcutter’s
Collecting Gems with quality and selling them in bulk to a vendor will give you 1 Gemcutter’s Prism for every 40% total quality. Especially to swap your whole setup to level 1/20% quality you need a bunch of those and they are expensive early on, so don´t sleep on that recipe!

Base Item Production
• Elemental Rings

Quite useful early on: Any iron ring + any coloured gem will give you a resistance ring of that colour. Green gems will result in a Topaz ring, red in a ruby ring and blue in a saphire ring.

• Agate Amulet
Since we will most likely need the int-str base it can be worthwhile to produce one yourself if you werent lucky to find it. You simply take the str-base (amber) and the int-base (lapis) and combine them with an orb of Transmutation. Then throw an essence on it and you are golden until you find a good one.

• Movement-speed boots
1x Boots with % incr. Movement speed + Quicksilver Flask + Orb of Augmentation.
The result will be boots with +5 more movement speed, or if you used boots without any it will give you 10% movement speed. Be aware of the level-caps though. The recipe for 10% is a white boot base, keep that in mind.


• 1 Weapon + 1 Rare rustic sash + 1 Blacksmiths whetstone
Will give you the serrated modifier, increasing your physical damage by around 60%. Basic recipe to keep up your weapon-damage until you find a good rare that carries your campaign

• Hyrri’s Bite
Unique Quiver for the fast AF-Leveling. 1x Sharktooth Arrow Quiver + 1 rare onyx amulet + 1x Rain of Arrows with at least 1% quality.
It comes with a bunch of Attributes, 10-20 cold damage to attacks and 10 % incr. Aoe.
I would only recommend this as long as it´s quite early and we can profit from the flat damage. The 10% aoe are nice, but not having life and resistances + the complexity of the recipe is quite a hassle for just 10% aoe. If you drop an early orb of chance and/or Rain of Arrow with quality I would think about getting the other part via trade and getting this.


What you find here are all the tools you need to get this build going. To summarize everything, the Beginner variant willl feel safe and you can start the build on it’s required gems, naturally transitioning into your main setup without too much complicated swapping but your damage early on will be lackluster and you will be slow until you hit around A5. It is a good place to start to explore Wraeclast on a more casual mindset, enjoy the game without worrying too much about the competitive part that accompanies trade leagues and just work your way up to the endgame.

The Fast AF Variant pretty much has nothing to do with the original build anymore and makes up for it’s inherent weaknesses early on. It is a setup that is directed towards players who want to play leagues competitively, reaching maps in under 5 hours and that know how to actually use the saved up time to make the investment in the build in terms of currency (Quill Rain, Orb of Regret) worthwhile with being way faster in BA or Maps.
If you have any further questions, recommendations or want to share your own experience you are most welcome to post them in this thread. I am looking forward to your feedback.

Vennto wrote:
Best Regards, Vennto

Due to an increasing number of players picking up the build, we decided to make an FAQ-Section for the most frequently asked questions and answer them ONCE here and go in-depth, rather than answering it 500 times. That means also: Those questions will not be answered in the thread anymore as they are answered in this section already.
That being said though: If you have other questions or you feel those answers here doesn't cover it you´re more than welcome to address this in the main thread. Enjoy!

1) I feel squishy, what is wrong?
- The normal Version of the build, while still being allright, is far less tanky as the transendent version. So if you feel too squishy on this one, go farm up and make the transition. You don´t need too much to get it rolling: Key Items are the Militant Faith Timeless Jewel, Rumis Cocotion, The flask setup and the block nodes on the tree as well as being max-res of course. It works okay without Aspect of The crab, it also works also on perfect form. It gets way stronger when you progress into those upgrades but for the initial swap you don´t need them so if survivability is your biggest concern, start here and build up to the final pieces. I leveled the build to 96 without aspect of the crab, a big-bad-helmet or 6-link Loreweave.

2) I still feel squishy?
- Check that you have REALLY the correct flask setup (A.k.a check the mods on Jade Flask and the rolls on Rumis)
- Upgrade your pantheons and and get the boot enchant!
- Check Gem-links, especially having fortify up regularly and having increased duration on Molten Shell gets you quite far.
- Get/check the life rolls on your gear. 4500 is allright, close to 5.000 is better. Everything under is not recommended.

3) When should I swap to transendence?
- This highly depends on your personal progression speed, your general game knowledge, the league you are playing and your money-making-capabilities. So let me try to break this down at least in a few different categories. SSF and especially HCSSF are excluded because a) I have not played this build in those scenarios and therefore don´t know how it performs without being able to trade and b) people in those branches mostly know what they are doing anyway and don´t need specific instructions like this one.
a) Casual / slow progression: For people taking on a league in a slow speed I would advise you start with the normal build. Fenumus Weaves are quite expensive early on the league but they drop quite hard after the first few days, making them a potent update in terms of damage once you reach a certain money-threshhold into yellow or early red maps. As casuals you could use this ressource for damage as your claws won´t be that thicc. You could casually farm up, collect unique rings and trade them in yourself once you have 60, having 0 costs for loreweave and once you aquire that the Timeless Jewels also dropped quite substantially, which would be the time I would advise to swap.
b) 0.1% Player / very fast progression: For people going hard on league-start I honestly suggest to skip the normal version of the build entirely, this is what I do. Yes, different things like Timeless Jewels have a way higher cost early on the league. But if you hit Maps in 5 hours you can also make tons of money very fast to catapult your build to the place where it needs to be. My first aim to get this build rolling are the target-items I outlined in point 1 of the FAQs: Timeless Jewel with maxarius (80c/1-2ex at league-start), Rumis Cocotion (45c/1ex at league start), Atziris Step (25c/0.5ex on league start). Once those are there you would start shopping for the cheapest unique rings, 1c/ring is realistic so it´s another 60c for Loreweave and around 250 fusings to get it 5-linked. If you´re lucky and hit the 6-link right there, congrats. If not, that is target number 1 as the next upgrade. This league I found a very early 6-link perfect form, spared me the pressure and just bought it for 6ex. Don´t expect to find purchase-options like this on a regular basis with chestpieces that are not the typical chase-items (Carcass Jack / Shavronnes / Impulsas). This is my personal approach to it and worked out quite nicely in Ritual.
c) For people being in neither of those: we also have a quite flexible pob-link for a „peasant“-Version of the build, credits to Yalpe. 3mio DPS on pretty much trash-gear while maintaining tankyness and very little investment. Pick this up if you don´t know how your league-start will go, you´ll never go wrong with that one.

4) Can you look on my gear / my claws?
- Nope. With the implementation of this FAQ and the adjacent Gear-Progression-Guide standard-questions for gear-check will be ignored, because all relevant information you need is in those guides. Only questions that are NOT answered in the guides will be adressed. Besides the new updates, the original build guide also contains a very in-depths section on the claws what mods you are looking for.

5) I have mana issues, where do I leech mana from?
You will use mana flask or Thiefs Torment ring while leveling until you reach passive notable "Soul Raker" which provides the mana leech.

6) How much can I upgrade with X amount of currency?
Check the gear progression guide and use the trade-sides. The entry-cost of the endgame build if you follow the peaseant-PoB under point 4 is roughly 75c. My final costs in terms of worth of gear were around 400ex at the end of Ritual. So it depends on how far you want to push the build. Generic questions like this will not be answered any further.

7) What content can this build farm?
Quite a lot. Based on the final results in Ritual it can do all endgame bosses including A9 Sirus, Maven, Uber Elder, 100% T19 Delirious Maps, The Feared + the other Maven Invitations, 16 Blights, Delve-Bosses like Aul up until around 600 and maybe further if you really want to and are good with mechanics, Delves to 1.200. So other than zHP-Deep-Delving this build is more than capable of targetting the whole content. That being said, as a generalistic build you need quite some gear to target the hardest content like The Feared.

8) How hard is it to craft the gear?
In comparison to other characters crafting the gear for this one is quite easy. With the introduction of Harvest into the core game you can make the former difficult crafts very easy due to deterministic crafting. The new options to find synthesized items (Harvest, Heist) also give very interesting options on our Ring-Slot and possibly the belt, making the build considerably stronger than before, both in terms of upgrade-speed as well as overall maximum power.

9) Is this build hardcore-viable?
The very final Transendent-Version is, yes. Is it possible getting there? Maybe – but that will be the real task and quite some insane project ad the build has a very weird powercurve you have to surpass to reach that point.
10) Is this build solo-selffound viable?
Wasp´s Nest are not that difficult to aquire even in SSF, and with the peaseant-PoB Introduced in this FAQ you can use them to farm your own ilvl83+ elder claws. Harvest makes it possible to get those to a decent level even in SSF. So yes, the build is Solo-Selffound viable, but needs a certain level of commitment. It does not work great on pure rare gear and there are definately other builds that work better for SSF.

10) Do I have to swap from Pestilent Strike to Viper for bosses?
No, it's not required to swap gems. Pestilent Strike is perfectly capable to clear everything.
Swapping to Viper Strike will give you better damage though, especially early league or with bad gear when your dps is low. In those cases damage boost of VS will be appreciated.

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why bother building armor if you take acrobatics anyway and halve it lul
why bother building armor if you take acrobatics anyway and halve it lul

Last edited by TorsteinTheFallen on Oct 15, 2019, 6:46:57 AM
why bother building armor if you take acrobatics anyway and halve it lul
Just skip acro, buy perfect form (1 week into the league and it's already down to 15c lol), spend 2 points on iron reflexes (meanwhile you saved 5 by not speccing acro / phase acro) and you get all the bonuses of "increased evasion" transformed into armor, fat molten shell, and spell dodge.

I don't think it makes gearing restrictive, on the contrary, you can use either evasion or armor bases, and hybrid armor + evasion are even better because the sum of the 2 usually exceeds the amount you get from a pure item.

I used that trick last season because I was tired of evasion based gameplay which is 9 out of 10 times nothing happens but when something in the end manages to hit you, you're insta dead. And basalt flask costs too many charges per use even for a pf. Deshret's jewel (brutal restraint) is also harder to get now that legion is 10% chance to meet. So most of the anti 1-shot means have downsides.
Viktranka wrote:
why bother building armor if you take acrobatics anyway and halve it lul
Just skip acro, buy perfect form (1 week into the league and it's already down to 15c lol), spend 2 points on iron reflexes (meanwhile you saved 5 by not speccing acro / phase acro) and you get all the bonuses of "increased evasion" transformed into armor, fat molten shell, and spell dodge.

I don't think it makes gearing restrictive, on the contrary, you can use either evasion or armor bases, and hybrid armor + evasion are even better because the sum of the 2 usually exceeds the amount you get from a pure item.

I used that trick last season because I was tired of evasion based gameplay which is 9 out of 10 times nothing happens but when something in the end manages to hit you, you're insta dead. And basalt flask costs too many charges per use even for a pf. Deshret's jewel (brutal restraint) is also harder to get now that legion is 10% chance to meet. So most of the anti 1-shot means have downsides.

That Acro from Perfect Form in PoB shows that you are right. Are you sure this works? If it does it's a fantastic idea!
Char will lose some life but wow, I can push it to 40k armour this way!

I meant that Zodiac Leather is kinda expensive now, for whatever reason...

Interesting, looking forward to the videos and some more feedback from players who tried it.

Also, the hero image for the build says "Posion" instead of "Poison" :)

shabanotti wrote:
Interesting, looking forward to the videos and some more feedback from players who tried it.

Also, the hero image for the build says "Posion" instead of "Poison" :)


Ah fuck... :( tnx for noticing that xD lmao

Feel free to start leveling. I made "this" build 3.7 for Viper Strike after I saw what Mathil did and how he scaled it. I managed to pull out ~35% more damage than him.
In the end i decided not to post the build because it required mandatory 2 gem swaps to map (it was impossible to play otherwise), and when you switch to full single target gem setup you would miss half the strikes if you are not positioned perfectly.
Venom Gyre has 0 of those problems and compared and makes flatout double dps compared to the last league Viper Strike, which was very potent btw. I can show you all pastebins if you want to compare them.
Skill itself feels amazing!

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Viktranka wrote:
Just skip acro, buy perfect form (1 week into the league and it's already down to 15c lol), spend 2 points on iron reflexes (meanwhile you saved 5 by not speccing acro / phase acro) and you get all the bonuses of "increased evasion" transformed into armor, fat molten shell, and spell dodge.

I am just concerned about 1 thing though. Without Acrobatics anything that is going your way will hit you and without stun immunity you would be very prone to eating stuns although very tanky. Idea is fantastic I will just have to test it when i get currency.

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