[3.7] "Demon Spikes" Pillar of the Caged God, Ground Slam Slayer, 10m+ Shaper DPS, 9000+ life

Hey, I'm planning on trying out this build and I have enough currency to afford the % attributes Eyes of the Greatwolf, just wondering if the crit multi is necessary or if the damage is still good without it, considering one with the attribute/crit multi is currently selling for more than a headhunter

The damage without it is still really good. I used to use a really well rolled amber amulet with lots of strength and physical damage. Another option would be a three rat talisman that gives up to 16% increased attributes as an implicit.
Thanks for the response, I think I'll pick one up with attributes and max life or damage reduction to be a little tankier. Those seem to be a bit cheaper and I can probably get good crit multi from other places.
I like Astramentis with Cyclopen Coil. 50% increased damage from the belt with my stats. I tried changing to a belt with str and inc attributes, but overall damage went down a bit. I think my best upgrade would be EotGW with att and crit multi, but that is fucking expensive.

On the other hand, a Watcher's Eye with crit multi while using precision is great too, and I think less expensive.
Hey, decided to use this build for the league. Is the Iron Fortress body armour viable for this build?
In my pob, not so much (about 10% more dps?) but losing lots of life. Maybe I did something wrong though. Import and see for yourself.
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Jacquelynn wrote:
Hey, decided to use this build for the league. Is the Iron Fortress body armour viable for this build?

Iron fortress is not an ideal endgame item, with 1500 strength it gives an additional 150% damage which might seem good but with our pillar we are already getting 2200% increased physical. The good part about the iron fortress is the block and strength but you lose out on so many other things it ultimately is pretty bad.
One thing I was wondering, how do you sustain mana against bosses? I know assassin's mark works for packs/legion stuff but I don't see anything to keep mana up against single target. Am I just blind?
Good question, I may have forgotten to mention this. I have a physical attack damage leeched as mana prefix on a viridian jewel for this. You only need the minimum which is 0.2% to fully cover your mana issues. You can also get this on other items such as a prefix on gloves or on rings.
Would this build be viable with Earthquake too? Any hints what to change/what to keep would be nice.
Please explain the Lethal Pride usage.

There is no explanation...which one, where to socket it?

The PoB in general is kinda a mess tbh

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