[3.22] Scourge Arrow Poison Prolif Pathfinder - Fast, fun to play

Thanks for the guide, my strongest character so far since I play.

I have managed to kill all the Ubers, I have failed two sets of Sirus, but I killed him after some modifications:
- Took Lethe Shade (points taken from frenzy charges)
- Switched flask to 50% instant flask to help with the degen pools before last phase
- Topaz flask as last flask
- Did not use boots at the last phase

General changes for all ubers:
- No Manaforged Arrows support, for me it was easier to sustain frenzy charges manually
- Second wind support instead
- Since I use Haste I bought a Movement skill cdr Watchers (for 1div with the Vitality mod), it helped a lot to avoid stuff with flame dash
- Knowing when to switch on/off boots is key

Overall I would say Searing was the hardest of them all, because of all the AoE skills and degen pools the totems were up for like 20% of the fight and the ball phase is pain anyway.

Just shared some of my thoughts, maybe it will help out somebody in the future.

Thanks again for the great build!
loving the build!
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Went back to this character ... Tried a storm brand but man i was just missing all the awesomeness from this scourge arrow char.

Decided im gonna min-max the fuck out of it and go for the challanges with this one.

Love this char!
Thanks a lot for the build. It's very good!
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Best build ive played in a while! Made it to 100 and chanced a GG crucible Darkscorn and got the double corrupted Covenant.

morbes wrote:
Best build ive played in a while! Made it to 100 and chanced a GG crucible Darkscorn and got the double corrupted Covenant.

Mind if I look at your PoB, as was toying with idea of HoA to try and guarantee 100% poison up time.

Doing a lot of damage, but want to just push it that bit further.

Thanks if you see this!

This was my 4th character this league and my favorite.

I've only gotten 23/30 Simulacrum but I can do T16 80% Delirious easily with no deaths.

And I still have room for improvement on gear.

Thanks to everyone for this thread!
Small update to above. Was able to do 28/30 Sim and 100% Delirious with no deaths. Super happy how this has turned out.
This build is great, i can't recommend it enough. Only thing that is a bit expensive is getting progenesis and maybe stranglegasp, but that last one isn't mandatory, just a luxury upgrade.
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How do you all think the build will perform without crucible mods and Vengeant Cascade (because they will destroy it for sure :D ) next league ?

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