[3.8] Nickonasty's Modular CoCpri Ice Nova Assassin - Shaper/UElder Viable

|>3.8 Blight League<|

Assassin Ascendancy buffs boosted damage and mobility. Easier to gear dual wield Cospri's than before due to Elusive attack speed.

Gems are unchanged as well as core gear. Legion being a core mechanic will give us access to Glorious Vanity.

Choose either -mana cost of channeled skills OR Poacher's Mark.

Tempered Mind nerf will requires more investment into accuracy.

Use of Shaped 15% reduced reservation shields or mana reservation corrupted Starkonja's look to be easy ways out of the issue.

Alternatively, use of the old flask wheel points to skill the Templar aura wheel are an option.

Price estimates are NOT current, I'll update them when the economy develops more.


The aim of this guide is to offer a "build your own" approach to the typical Ice Nova CoC Assassin, achieving more tankiness and damage at a fraction of the cost.

Core gearing utilizes unique interactions of Soul Tether and Glorious Vanity to increase total eHP significantly with little investment. It also utilizes Yoke of Suffering interactions with ailments to achieve results on par with Pandemonius at 1/6 the cost.

The rest of the build is largely at the discretion of the player: any chest is viable, dual wielding is possible with the setup, running extra auras or heralds is possible, and using an alternative gear set for speed mapping achievable as well.

As with any work in progress, there may be mistakes and inefficiencies. Please point them out in the comments, message me in-game: AoF_Ralign or on Discord: Estus#7265

There are THREE VERSIONS of the build: ORIGINAL, BUDGET, and QOTF.

Video Showcase

Shaper was done with Comfort/Clear Links still using Lycosidae.

Uber Elder was done with Comfort/Clear Links and Vaal Righteous Fire and LVL20 Ice Nova.

Uber Elder Gear

QotF showcase with 5L. There's some small changes to the tree to hit 45k EV.

Shaper with QotF 5L, because I can.

Uber Atziri testing out 6L QotF, also because I had a dumb song idea for the video.

QotF Gear



18.6.2019: added Shaper Kill, Gem Links, Mechanic Explanation, and Damage Calculation.
19.6.2019: added Tips & Tricks and Uber Elder, updated Price Estimates.
20.6.2019: added Build Gallery.
21.6.2019: added QotF Version and Video.
30.6.2019: updated Budget and QotF Version.
05.9.2019: updated for 3.8 Blight League.


NOTE: DPS by default calculated with relevant charges, flasks and cold exposure.

Quick Start



8.8k eHP, 2k Leech Rate

Comfort/Clearing Links (Inc Crits - Ele Focus - Hypo):
4.3m Shaper DPS

Boss Links (Conc Eff - Ele Focus - Hypo) w/ VRF (28%) + Bonechill (17%):
7.4m Shaper DPS

Estimated Cost: 15ex



8.4k eHP, 1k Leech Rate

Comfort/Clearing (Inc Crits - Ele Focus - Hypo):
3.2m Shaper DPS

Boss Links (Conc Eff - Ele Focus - Hypo) w/ VRF (28%) + Bonechill (17%):
4.3m Shaper DPS

Estimated Cost: Cost: 205c
My 3.7 Shopping List

Rare Body Armour 25c + 2alch

Light of Lunaris 13c

Rare Boots 11c + 4c

Rare Gloves 1c + 3c

Elder Ring 15c

Yoke of Suffering 15c

Mark of the Shaper 5c

Cospri's Malice 50c

Starkonja's Head 5c

Rare Jewel 1c

Rare Jewel 25c

Glorious Vanity 25c

Intuitive Leap 10c

Soul Tether 1c

Tempered Mind 1c

Total: 185c + 20c (in Jews/Chromes/Fuse/Glassblowers)



NOTE: If you have a combination of a few of the following: well-rolled QotF/Devoto's Devotion/Jade Flask, Grace Aura Effect, or LVL21 Grace, you can keep the tree the same as the other versions, and just swap gear (this makes it really easy to transition to different content on the same character).

6.8k eHP, 1.8k Leech Rate, 70% EVA, 180% MS Minimum

Comfort/Clearing (Inc Crits - Ele Focus - Hypo):
2.5m Shaper DPS

Comfort/Clearing (Inc Crits - Ele Focus - Hypo) w/ VRF (28%) + Bonechill (17%):
3.3m Shaper DPS

Estimated Cost: 8ex + Acuity (Optional 7ex)


Core Gear

Frenzy Charge corrupt gives 4% more damage and some attack speed per charge; this beats out the regular implicit

Soul Tether and Glorious Vanity (Doryani Variant) enlarges eHP and simulates Slayer leech.

IMPORTANT NOTE: don't spend a lot of money going through many Glorious Vanities or divine orbs, the corruptions they provide are largely luxury and other gear should be your highest priority. As long as we have access to the keystone Corrupted Soul, we are happy with the jewel.

Yoke of Suffering provides better resistances and potentially more damage at a fraction of the price of Pandemonius.

Run one abyss jewel or rare jewelry/shield with phys/chaos and fire to spells and a jewel with chance to poison on hit to stack up ailments for Yoke of Suffering.

Budget Chest: Fossil craft life and resistances on linked non-elder vaal regalia. When happy, craft on Gain (9-10%) of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield.

Endgame Chest: Elder Vaal Regalia and try and craft something like this with alts/regals/annuls. Running an Elder Vaal Regalia is largely luxury, DON'T spend inane amounts of money crafting this unless you are happy with your other gear.

Loreweave is an optional chest as stats provided are excellent for CoC builds.

Perfect Form is an optional defensive chest as Phase Acrobatics does not reduce our Energy Shield. Also gives a free Arctic Armour. Will strain resistances on other gear so make sure you can accommodate it.

QotF is an optional chest for movement speed and non-boss content. Requires a small change to the tree.

Carcass Jack is a balanced chest with offensive/defensive mods and AoE to boot.

Despite the nerf to Warlord's Mark for spells, Mark of the Shaper and an Elder Ring provide the best combination of life and damage. Get life, resists, and (optional) Poacher's Mark on the rare ring.

Movement Speed and Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed necessary on boots. Divine to 14%+ Increased CDR; anything more has no advantage, anything less won't make your CoC trigger faster. 40c, or craft yourself.

At this point the core items of the build are assembled, and the gloves/helm/shield will depend on your preferences and other gear.

Luxury/Optional Gear

Atziri's Acuity provides Vaal Pact which works with Soul Tether energy shield leech.

Rare gloves with elemental damage to chilled enemies, critical strike chance to shocked enemies, offensive focus crafts, life, and resistances are also suitable to beef up your eHP and alleviate some of the resistance strain on your remaining pieces of gear.

Starkonja's Head has ideal stats for a unique. If you manage to get enough dexterity from other pieces of gear, run a Fossil crafted helm with Nearby Enemies have -9% to Cold Resistance.

If you're not running accuracy gear/auras use Lycosidae. If you are built for accuracy run Light of Lunaris for damage, Zeel's Amplifier for clear, or use a rare shield with life, es, resistances, and damage, .

If you feel like getting frisky, you can run a second Cospri's Malice and push your APS to 12 or 15 and trigger twice as many spells.


Recently buffed Hatred with 18% more Cold Damage is a no-brainer. Beyond this, the world is your oyster. Herald of Ice or Aspect of the Cat/Spider are good offensive options. Flesh and Stone provides defenses against far away damage.

Heralds hurt my eyes so I run Zealotry for 16% more Spell Damage along and an LVL1 Precision in an Enlighten setup.

This setup can use fairly unpopular Hatred/Zealotry Watcher's Eyes at seriously discounted prices (The prices have gone up, but are still cheaper than most 2 prop Watcher's Eyes).

If you want to circumvent Lycosidae you can do a combination of:

1)Drop a jewel and slot Tempered Mind in the witch start

2)Level up Precision and swap Zealotry for a Herald.

3)Look out for flat accuracy on rings, gloves, and helmets.

4)Get Poacher's Mark on Hit on an Elder Ring

Look for jewels with 1 Critical Multiplier Mod, 1 % Increased Damage/Cold/Area/Spell Mod, and 1 Life Mod. This gives jewels like this for around 30c.

Don't forget to look out for one abyss jewel with flat phys/chaos and fire as well as one jewel with poison on hit. If you have an alternate source of Chaos/Fire/Phys damage (Elder Hat, Elder Ring, Atziri's Promise, or Craft) you don't need to run an abyss jewel.

And of course Frozen Trail


Might of the Meek

I don't use Might of the Meek and Unnatural Instinct because after the crit multi was replaced with accuracy in the Scion start, the points required to pick up the jewel sockets are not worth it for the movement speed and spell damage. If you really need the resistances you can pick them up though.


1)Unstable Infusion
2)Deadly Infusion
3)Ambush and Assassinate

Mistwalker is also very good, if you have good crit chance swap it for Ambush and Assassinate. Keep your APS in mind as the 20% increased Attack Speed applies all the time basically.


Help Alira or Kill All (if you don't need the Elemental Resistances)

|>Gem Links<|


We run two utility setups, one aura setup, and one movement setup.

Vortex with these supports gives us 17% increased Cold Damage taken in the AoE which boosts Ice Nova and Frostbolt damage. The instant cast allows us to use the skill while using Cyclone and procs the Arcane Surge buff which gives more spell damage. Use Unbound Ailments instead of Hypothermia if you can, I got lazy when coloring my hat and stopped at 3B1G.

The CWDT setup will trigger the linked spells. Immortal Call gives us less damage taken for the 1 second duration which stacks up with Fortify; this can be exchanged with Steelskin depending on player preference. Enfeeble further weakens enemies by reducing their damage, accuracy, and crit multi. Frost Bomb applies cold exposure occasionally which also buffs up Ice Nova and Frostbolt damage.

For PoB warriors feel free to swap Enfeeble for a LVL20 Vaal Righteous Fire, you know what to do with it.

I run Hatred and Zealotry for pure damage as with this build's AoE coverage Heralds are unnecessary (and hurt my eyes). With a LVL3 Enlighten, I can fit in a LVL1 Precision for a bit of added accuracy and crit chance.

For budget setups without access to a LVL3 Enlighten. Drop Zealotry and run Herald of Ice and Precision.

Leap Slam with Fortify allows near perfect up-time on a 20% reduced Damage Taken from Hits buff and allows terrain traversal. You can move Vortex to a 3L and add Endurance Charge on Melee Stun to 4L Leap Slam.

Optionally, you can swap Leap Slam for Flame Dash or Frostblink linked with Faster Casting and Arcane Surge if desired.


Cyclone provides stun and knockback immunity and a high APS multiplier for a CoC build. I use Hypothermia and Elemental Focus because I don't like the feeling of Concentrated Effect while mapping. For PoB warriors, feel free to swap Increased Critical Strikes or Hypothermia for Concentrated Effect for maximum damage. Updated Inspiration should be almost mandatory due to the quality of life it provides along with better damage than Hypothermia

Frostbolt and Ice Nova are linked with Life Leech due to Warlord's Mark no longer providing leech to spells. Some Glorious Vanity jewels will give access to cold leech, in which case feel free to use a different support like Elemental Focus, Hypothermia, or Concentrated Effect.

Make sure that you use Elemental Focus in at most ONE of your CoC setups. Vortex chill area can sometimes have inconsistent uptime on bosses and you want the target to always be chilled for Ice Nova to get its full damage.

|>Mechanic Explanation<|

Soul Tether and Glorious Vanity

With the release of Legion and Timeless Jewels, Glorious Vanity with the Doryani roll grants us the keystone, Corrupted Soul

The downside of 50% of Non-Chaos Damage taken bypassing ES means nothing to us, as Soul Tether leech can switch between life and ES as necessary.

When shopping for Glorious Vanity you should only care about the name that follows the seed (the name corresponds to what keystone you get). The seed will randomize what passives and notables are corrupted in the radius.

Interestingly, you can get a Cold Leech corrupt in the radius. If it's not too far away from your regular tree, picking it up will let you drop life leech for a damage support in your Cospri's Malice links.

Socketing the Glorious Vanity will corrupt the 10 dexterity and 10 strength passives in its radius causing you to lose them so GEAR ACCORDINGLY.

Yoke of Suffering

Pandemonius is a great amulet. It provides 20% Cold Pen and Blind. Yoke of Suffering can match the damage from 20% Cold Pen and provide better resistances at the cost of Blind.

Frostbolt linked in the Cospri's Malice does enough damage to shock (44,000) and chill (60,000) Shaper. This provides us with 2 status ailments.

Using a hypnotic jewel, shield, or ring with fire and phys/chaos added to spells and a normal jewel with poison on hit. We can ignite and poison enemies providing us with 2 more status ailments.

With the 4 status ailments, enemies will take 20% increased Damage which is not limited to Cold Damage, meaning that we can take full advantage of other elemental damage besides cold (ex. from Mark of the Shaper/Aurabots)

If you don't have elemental focus linked with Ice Nova in your chest, the shock that it inflicts can go up to 4-6% providing additional damage.

Increased CDR and APS

CoC rate is not gradual, but defined by thresholds. The default rate is approx. 6 times a second. Any Increased CDR below 14% will not be enough to push CoC to the next threshold of approx. 7.5 times a second.

Once you have 14%+ Increased CDR on your boots, don't worry about getting any more.

This thread has more information if needed.

Cyclone attack speed should be just under 6 or 7.5 APS for <14% CDR and 14%+ CDR respectively. Before assembling your build, make sure you check use Path of Building to check your APS.

If you have a source of frenzy charges (Corrupted Cospri's Malice or Farrul's Fur), make sure you factor in the increased attack speed they give.

Farrul's Fur also gives Cat's Agility which increases your attack speed, so make sure that your APS with Cyclone is UNDER 6 or 7.5 with the buff on.

You can tweak your APS by changing the Increased Attack Speed roll on Cospri's Malice and/or by adding/removing the following notables on the passive tree:

Coordination in Shadow start

Precision in Templar start

Tempered Mind

Socketing a Tempered Mind jewel in the witch start gives 1000 accuracy and allows us to drop Lycosidae.

We can use a Zeel's Amplifier or Light of Lunaris instead.

|>Tips & Tricks<|


I leveled with Storm Burst and focused on getting the skeleton of the tree. If you're not interested in being an idiot, use Storm Brand, don't be like me, don't be dumb.

Storm Brand - Added Cold - Added Lightning - Inc Crits - Controlled Destruction - WHATEVER YOU WANT

Lightning Spire Trap - Advanced Traps - Trap and Mine Damage - Added Lightning

Wrath - Herald

Switch to CoC at 44, socket Frozen Trail

Cyclone - Inc Crits - CoC - Frost Bolt - Ice Nova - Life Leech

Keep Lightning Spire Trap for single target and swap Wrath for Heralds or Zealotry.

Here's what your tree progression should look like roughly.

While you're using Brands, feel free to spec into the Brand Wheels near MoM, or don't, I'm not the boss of you.


Glorious Vanity

When you are purchasing a Glorious Vanity, if possible check with your seller to see how it modifies the passives in its radius.

There are certain things it can roll on regular passive points (non-notables) such as: Attack Speed, Spell Damage, Fire Resistance, Lightning Resistance, Cold Resistance, Chaos Resistance, % increased maximum Life, % increased maximum Energy Shield, % increased Area of Effect, % increased Armour, % increased Evasion, % increased Skill Effect Duration, and % increased Movement Speed.

There are also certain things it can roll on notables (not the small passive points, and not keystones) such as: % Chance to Avoid Being Stunned + % Chance to Dodge Hits, % Chaos Damage + % Chance to Inflict Withered, Cold/Fire/Lightning Damage + Cold/Fire/Lightning Penetration, Cold/Fire/Lightning Damage + Cold/Fire/Lightning Leeched as Life.

Ideally when you purchase your jewel you will know what it does before hand. A few things to look out for are:

1) Make sure the small passives do not disrupt your attack speed of 6 or 7.5. Some of them can roll attack speed which you will have to then account for in your gearing and tree elsewhere. Example:

2) If you are balancing your resistances with a Wise Oak, factor in the resistances you may get from the jewel in its radius. Example:

3) Try and look for Cold Damage Leeched as Life on an easily accessible notable, or on a notable with very good points leading up to it. If you have Vaal Pact, you're going to want 0.4% total for it to feel good enough to swap out Life Leech in the Cospri's Malice. Example:

|>Damage Calculation<|


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|>Build Gallery<|

Player examples using the build including PoB, gear and cost for your reference.

Baboose: Cost Effective Caboose (BUDGET)

PoB: https://pastebin.com/wa0fgp0H


LVL 90
8.4k eHP, 1k/s Leech Rate

Comfort/Clearing (Inc Crits - Ele Focus - Hypo):
2.9m Shaper DPS

Boss Links (Conc Eff - Ele Focus - Hypo) w/ VRF (28%) + Bonechill (17%):
4.5m Shaper DPS

Cost: 2ex

sn0rf: Mocha Chai Fair Trade Pumpkin Spice Soy Latte (OG + DISC)

PoB: https://pastebin.com/7mxdxWc7


LVL 89
8.8k eHP, 1.8k/s Leech Rate, 1k/s ES Recovery on Hit

Comfort/Clearing (Inc Crits - Ele Focus - Hypo):
3.6m Shaper DPS

Boss Links (Conc Eff - Ele Focus - Hypo) w/ VRF (28%) + Bonechill (17%):
6.1m Shaper DPS

Cost: 15ex + Watcher's Eye (15ex)

Jenova: Salami Slap Map Zamboni (OG)

PoB: https://pastebin.com/Hx1hNuk8


LVL 87
7.8k eHP, 1.7k/s Leech Rate

Comfort/Clearing (Inc Crits - Ele Focus - Hypo):
3.0m Shaper DPS

Boss Links (Conc Eff - Ele Focus - Hypo) w/ VRF (28%) + Bonechill (17%):
5.1m Shaper DPS

Cost: 15ex

Frallis: Malice Rare Annihilating Phallus (HH DUAL WIELD)

PoB: https://pastebin.com/XFacWGtb


8.0k eHP, 1k/s Life Leech Rate, 270/s ES Leech Rate
4x Duration of Buffs (Self-Curse Temp Chains)

Cost: 125ex

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Thank you for the detailed guide, I can see much work has been put into this.
I am currently leveling this :)
Very nice guide! I'll definitely be trying this out!
How about leveling up CWDT to use a mid level steelskin for another 1-1.5k EHP instead of Immortal Call?

Edit: How about Pantheon?

Edit2: why MoM when you have near zero mana? What am I missing?
Last edited by Eetfawk on Jun 18, 2019, 4:23:28 AM
Eetfawk wrote:
How about leveling up CWDT to use a mid level steelskin for another 1-1.5k EHP instead of Immortal Call?

Edit: How about Pantheon?

Edit2: why MoM when you have near zero mana? What am I missing?

Simple answers first:

You can use Solaris/Lunaris and Ralakesh/Yugul(for Elder/Shaper)

MoM isn't actually what is skilled, it's the corrupted keystone from Glorious Vanity called Corrupted Soul. Take a look at the "Soul Tether and Glorious Vanity" section in Build Mechanics.

Complicated answer:

CWDT links are largely preferential, I like a low level CWDT to proc enfeeble frequently.

As for Steelskin vs Immortal call, 1.5k eHP is definitely really good for smaller hits that won't exceed it's absorption limit or after a really large hit that reduces your remaining life pool quite a lot.

However, Immortal Call provides a reduction of 26% without a damage limit (for 1 second without increased duration).

Let's say we have 8000 Life + ES and take a hit for 2000 after reductions. This will trigger a LVL14 CWDT, which would let us use a LVL18 Steelskin (1700 eHP). That gives us about 7700 eHP adding in the damage absorbed. This means we can tank "killing" blow(s) just under 7700.

On the other hand, if we trigger a LVL3 Immortal Call, we would get 26% less damage taken. So damage would apply at 0.74 times its original value. Our remaining life pool of 6000 would then be worth 6000/0.74 or 8100 eHP total. This means we can tank "killing" blow(s) just under 8100.

The two are roughly equal at 5700 Life + ES remaining (provided they are both used to their fullest capacity to tank 'killing' blows just under the Life + ES remaining).

Steelskin would nearly invalidate a mediocre hit at its damage absorption capacity much better than Immortal Call would making it more useful for fewer medium damage hits.

Immortal Call would be more effective for a YOLO playstyle where you hop into a pack which could probably 1 shot you.
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Managed to kill my first uber elder with this build.My big thanks for this work.Current gear.Still need Enlighten lvl 3 and cold pen watcher eye but even with this build is realy strong

Last edited by NotoriousOn on Jun 18, 2019, 11:41:41 AM
NotoriousOn wrote:
Managed to kill my first uber elder with this build.My big thanks for this work.Current gear.Still need Enlighten lvl 3 and cold pen watcher eye but even with this build is realy strong

Hey congrats on the kill. Don't forget to slot in a hypnotic with fire and phys/chaos dmg to spells and a regular jewel with chance to poison! Those two will get Yoke of Suffering 2 extra ailments!
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Ralign wrote:
NotoriousOn wrote:
Managed to kill my first uber elder with this build.My big thanks for this work.Current gear.Still need Enlighten lvl 3 and cold pen watcher eye but even with this build is realy strong

Hey congrats on the kill. Don't forget to slot in a hypnotic with fire and phys/chaos dmg to spells and a regular jewel with chance to poison! Those two will get Yoke of Suffering 2 extra ailments!

This is my “to do” goal rn. And i need to deal with mana problems. I have 68 mana right now and its spent faster then regenerates when on 5 frenzy charges. Cant use Vortex tho cause its cost 38. And its more then a half of my mana
A great solution to the problem of sustaining your cyclone would be getting a jewel or ring with mana on hit OR poacher's mark. Other alternatives would be to LVL4 your enlighten so you have a bit more mana pool to work with to squeeze vortex in. From my experience with poacher's mark, as long as I have a target to hit I can cyclone and pop vortex when necessary. Alternatively you can craft - mana cost on your rings to make your cyclone cost 0 mana! Let me know what you go with and how it works for you.

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