[3.7] Spectral Shield Throw Gloomfang Cold Crit Deadeye

GOB3 wrote:
ES on your shield boosts the base crit of SST by .1% per 10 ES.

Ahh, that's what you meant. Well...again, not seeing the problem. It's not like you can't play crit unless you use that shield. You do want a Elder chest with crit, and ass mark on hit ring though that's for sure or crit chance would be too low.
I love your build, it is really enjoyable.

But few notes on the side:
you have cwdt+steelskin in ur PoB but it didi not trigger for me (playing 3.8) - I guess it is bcs of Elemental aegis shares its cooldown as another guard skill - had to swap for Immortal call setup

Also even though Gull is fun and usefull headpiece I still feel like Starkonja is much better option - both offensively and deffensively.

Anyway as I said I enjoy this build very much. ;)

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