3.7.1b Patch Notes

Scourge Arrow is still 100% unplayable.

the "Bug fix" which is a HUGE nerf, like a "this skill now doesnt perform" level nerf, completely ruined the skill, and my and other's whole build in the process.

I now have 2 choices, sell my now worthless SA gear to fund another build althoghether, or not play until its either fixed or until next league.

Thats unnaceptable.

You guys make it a point to say you dont nerf skills mid-league because it ruins builds, play time and fun, and now you do it without a word about it outside of that one line in the patchnotes.

Fix that please.
Scourge Arrow being gutted 66% of its attack speed is kinda harsh in the middle of the league... That doesn't seem like a "bugfix" at all.

Guess it's time to use another skill, at least managed to farm Uber Elder for a couple days.
I keep getting kicked for performing too many actions. No Shaper or anything like that just running around Act 6.
Any word on when the leech/degen desync will get fixed? Blood Rage + Vaal Pact is making it very difficult to know what my actual health is at any given time, which is somewhat problematic.
Herald of Purity not persisting.
Too many actions in shaper influenced maps disconnect.
auras seem to be fixed when going Labyrinth, mine and maps, yet not working in the hideout.
Lol, unreal.
Pride is still buggy....when activated it takes 50% mana but if you have any other skill that reserves mana it shuts it off and says Not Enough Mana
one step forward, 2 steps backwards.
It's like im back on hdd performance wise
Thank you

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