3.7.1b Patch Notes

3.7.1b Patch Notes:
  • Fixed a client crash introduced last patch that could occur on character login or changing area.
  • Reverted a crash fix that introduced a bug where some auras and buffs would not persist after changing area.
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Whoo slowly but surely!
Fixed the oriath login crash, ty.
cannot confirm that either of these actually fixed the underlying issues they were causing. is it time to start doing more internal things?

edit: this fix did nothing. Nothing, but introduce THREE (!) NEW bugs with Flame Dash, all related to Desync. Each of which have their own unique way of triggering.
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Too. Much. Clutter.
can't wait for c

So when will the bug that legion monsters cause dc and map disappears got fixed?
Is there going to be an FPS fix that was caused by this patch?
Still having issue with Herald of Purity not persisting between areas.

Ref #2,229,239,093
Destination20 wrote:
Whoo slowly but surely!

Reevaluate your life

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