(3.7) Toxic Rain | All Content 3m Shaper DPS | Fast Mapping + Durable | 50c Budget/SSF Uber Elder


I'm streaming the build at twitch.tv/GokuTD if you have questions or want to see it in action.

This is another standard Toxic Rain build with my own spin on things. The build is incredibly tanky, decent life pool, and has great damage and clear speed.

This guide should be rather comprehensive, so if I left anything out, just ask in the comments. I also added some example calculations at the bottom if you want to calculate your own DPS.


Pathfinder is bad. Do not play it.

We do not scale the hit. We do not scale the poison. That means anything that scales hit or poison is bad. That includes your weapon's pDPS, damage with bows, poison damage, poison application, etc. They're useless. We scale the pods and nothing else.

YOUR BOW IS AN OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF YOUR DAMAGE. INVEST IN IT. Maloney's is NOT MANDATORY. It lets you be lazy. Using a random rare with resists, a Drillneck, or a Soul Strike is fine, if not "better". Manually cast your frenzy COH on the boss, hard cast despair, or use a Witchfire Brew.


Changes in Patch 3.7

Overall, the build is relatively the same in terms of power, and it still incredibly strong on a budget, and scales well into late game content.

If you're only interested in the new POB: https://pastebin.com/Y7uYPe9p
Ascendancy, Tree, and League differences

Trickster was nerfed slightly, losing 18% attack speed, 10% spell dodge, and slightly slower recharge (1s->2s) on ghost shroud charges. In my opinion, these changes are largely insubstantial for what I believe is the best ascendancy in the game.

As Synthesis is not currently going core, we're also losing access to +2 implicit bows. We'll be returning to ye olde +3 VP bow.

The skill tree has also been changed, but only in our favor. We didn't take any of the nodes that received nerfs, and there is now an insane wheel (Hunter's Gambit) inside of Shadow's starting area.

Changes to the build

There isn't a lot to respond to in terms of the Trickster nerfs. I'm currently planning on spam corrupting Atziri's Steps later on, to make up for the lost Spell Dodge. With 16/6 spell dodge on your boots, we'll get back to 74% spell dodge. Without the corrupt, making zero accommodations for the nerfs, we'll still have 68% spell dodge which is comfortable enough.

The loss of Synthesis just means we're going back to +3 VP, if anything changes on this front in regards to new league mechanics or item, I'll update this.

I moved some points around to pick up Hunter's Gambit. The tree is level 100 just because that's what my Trickster is. You can look at the trees below for lower level trees, or just drop life/damage or the reservation nodes as you feel fit.

T16 Mapping/Guardians



Uber Elder


Budget/SSF Uber Elder and Gear


Build Breakdown


Can run every map mod
Survivable with 7k+ EHP, 45k Ev, 50/75 Spell Dodge
Great Damage
Entry gear is very cheap

DOT build, so a slight ramp up for max DPS

Build Mechanics

Toxic Rain: Toxic Rain shoots out a base 5 arrows (pods). Pods can stack, so area of effect is somewhat important. Attack speed is massively important in terms of DPS and enjoyment.

With flasks up, we sit at a comfortable 45k Evasion to cap our QOTF, and 50/75 dodge/spell dodge. This means we rarely get hit, and when we do, we proc Ghost Shroud.


My current character in the Legion league:

I'd recommend reading the guide as it will explain a lot of the choices made, and ways to modify the gear if certain price restrictions are required. There's also some items that will be very difficult to get, but have very reasonable substitutes.


~30 points


~50 points


~70 points


~90 points


Full Tree




I personally leveled using this build. It levels extremely fast, but I won't go into too much detail here. Kammell has a great leveling speed run you can find on his twitch at twitch.tv/Kammell_.

If you just want a quick and dirty, find as many green links as you can and use Toxic Rain > Mirage Archer > Void Manipulation > Vicious Projectiles. Go down to Master Fletcher first for attack speed and then fill out the rest of the tree as you feel necessary.

Ascendancy, Bandits, Pantheon

I personally rushed Prolonged Pain for my labs while I was leveling, as it was league start and I wanted some extra damage. My friends leveled with Ghost Shroud/Escape Artist for extra speed since damage wasn't an issue with some leveling gear.

For bandits, we take the two skill points by killing all of them.

Pantheon is up to you. I personally use Soul of Brine King for the Freeze Immunity, and use Soul of Abberath because Burning Ground is annoying. There's nothing mandatory here, so just take whatever you feel is best. If GGG fix the malevolence bleed immunity mod, I will swap my bleed flask to freeze and use a different pantheon.

Gems and Mana Reservation


Main Links

This build is always in Full Life and its a great damage link.


Grab Charisma when you can afford an enlighten and the mana to run Flesh and Stone.

Wither Totem

We already have quite a bit of duration, so faster casting helps us build quicker.

IC + Blink Arrow

I've been trying out CWDT Steelskin, and I think I like it so far. PLay around with it and see how it feels. We also put Frenzy and Blink Arrow here linked with Faster Attacks and Cull.


We use Despair COH Frenzy in this quiver to automate frenzies and boss depsair.

Gear, Flasks, and Jewels



Start out with a 5 link 1.5 base with +2 to socketed bow gems and a local attack speed craft. There's a couple incremental bows you can go to, but I went from the 5L +2 to this VP bow.


You can use Eber's Unification if you want more damage, but I think Vertex is the best helmet here.


Just your average QOTF. Not sure what else you'd use here, as this was one of the key items I wanted to use in this build. If you don't care about QOTF/MS, using a well rolled EV/ES rare is better.


I use damage heavy gloves, but just find a rare that has life and fills out your resists until you start investing more currency into the build.

I have started using these gloves as I don't feel more damage was necessary for mapping. The extra ES is extremely helpful in terms of defensives.


Atiziri's Step is how we get to 75 Spell Dodge. They also come with 30 movement speed, solid life, and good evasion. Perfect boots for the build.


YOU WILL WANT AN ELREON MOD You WILL want an elreon mod on both of your rings of -6 or -7. We get very close to full reserve, and we attack very quickly.


I use a headhunter just because I have one. I was using a rare belt with 50 strength that filled my resists before this for 95 levels.


Similar to the gloves, invest into this as a damage slot when you get more currency.


Pretty standard flasks. I used a Witchfire Brew before I grabbed a Dying Sun.


Minus Maximum Mana clarity mod is really strong here. You can get malevolence mods as well, just look for a solid Watcher's eye that you can afford. On rare Jewels look for stuff with life and attack speed.

How to calculate actual DPS instead of being a Tooltip Warrior

I want to start by saying these are estimations, as we don't currently have hard numbers from GGG about the skill's multiple AoEs. I have done testing in PVP to confirm averages, however there's always a chance of an insubstantial data set. Anyway, here's how I calculate it.

Attack speed * 1.4 (Mirage Archer) * Skill Effect Duration * 3.5 (Average Pods per cast) * Dot DPS.

The big Variable here is Average Pods that are affecting the boss per cast of Toxic Rain. In Testing, with 45% Inc AOE I was hitting about 3.75~ but I think 3.5 is a safer estimate. Using the Increased AOE Support was giving me about 20% more active pods affecting the target, where as Conc Effect was giving around 20% less. That makes Conc Effect about a 1.28 multiplier, and a tooltip warrior trap. It also comes with a massive Mana Multiplier, which makes it even less desirable.

Additional Arrows had seemingly no impact on my number of Active Pods.
Example Calculations

The current POB for 3.7 has some optimization to go through, but here are the current numbers.

Attack Speed = 4.14
Mirage Archer = 1.4
Dot DPS = 82723
Skill Effect Duration = 110% (2.1x)
Active Pods = 3.5

4.14*1.4*2.1*3.5*82723 = 3,524,049 DPS

If you want to include hit damage and poison DPS, here's how

We'll be using Angry Roleplayer's TR POB for this example.

Much of the math here is going to be the same, we're just going to add in the poison per hit, and the hit DPS itself. Here are the numbers for his POB:

Attack Speed = 3.88
Mirage Archer = 1.4
Dot DPS = 27537
Skill Effect Duration = 10% (1.1x)
Active Pods = 3.5 (The build only has 10% AOE so its probably slightly lower)
Hit DPS = 39747
Total Damage per Poison = 66,615

First we take the TR pod DPS:

3.88*1.4*1.1*3.5*27537 = 575,866 DPS

Then we simply add the hit DPS, and the Total Damage per Poison times the number of active pods.

575866 + 39747 + (3.5*66615) = 848,785 DPS

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Thats a sick bow !

Waiting for your videos :)

Maybe you should make an alternative for another bow and make a video with that :)
Hey, looking nice.

What do you think about this tree: https://pastebin.com/zx83faSE

I left the gear the same as yours, just dropped one jewel, slightly higher dps, without needing aspect of the spider allowing to drop the reduced reserved mana nodes.

edit: forgot to mention, used 11 points less, so you can pick some more inc ER notes to get the same ER as before

edit 2: https://pastebin.com/RXJw1bbL this is with the same amiunt of passives allocated higher ER, higher life, slightly less ES
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That was very similar to my original tree, actually. However, I decided that alchemist was simply too powerful to pass up. I think that tree is completely fine, however.
Can I do this build CI or is it going to suck?
Could you include a link to the passive tree for those of us at work or otherwise unable to use POB? PoePlanner.com is nice because it prevents you from having to remake the URL constantly, unlike the official site's planner (since it retains the game version your tree is for).
ItsMePodolski wrote:
Can I do this build CI or is it going to suck?

It "works" but you're going to need to move around a lot of points, get a lot more ES on your gear, and probably look at getting 18% mana gained as ES Watcher's eye. I was considering playing this as CI at the start of the league but decided against it, however I do think its viable.

Xyrm wrote:

Added to the POB section if you just want a skeleton.
Any chance you can make a level 80 passive tree. not sure if ill hit 98, and would like to see priority passive nodes
Why damage on full life over vicious projectiles?
Why damage on full life over vicious projectiles?

DOFL is a higher damage multiplier, while VP also has 10% less attack speed. You're always on full life with this build so its just a flat out better gem.

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