0.10.2 successfully deployed and next week's skill preview

Is it possible to make us able to undo points while speccing before we apply them? Kind of tired of doing 83 spec points just to screw up one and have to redo them.
Never EVER pay a single cent for PoEs microntransactions. until end game content is balanced to be possible for those who are not artificially wealthy from Legacy items inflating the economy this game is bad. It will be a good day when GGG closes its doors
Wahoo! Thanks Chris. I am very excited
WW Bard Incoming!!!!:D I just hope its not going to be so op as in D3 xD
totally loving these patches!!

cyclone looks fun!!

roll on payday to support PoE and get me a bigger stash!
IGN: Magrek/Orthion
I really hope this skill wont cause as much desync as it looks.
IGN: Nalmar

enough said!
wtf I didn't get full respec? :(
Today I descend to God hood, and your death shall pave the way.


Edit: nope, not tenth anymore
RIP Diablo franchise

RIP Bird Lovers of Wraeclast <BLÔW>

Congrats Chris & others for cashing out! I don't blame you. I'll be saving money now... unless I start making a lot more. Can't wait to see if you guys start a new studio in six years! RIP GGG
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Zarky_ wrote:
wtf I didn't get full respec? :(

Passive respecs were automatically given to anyone whose tree was now impossible due to them having passives that don't connect up any more. Most duelists had this. Some weren't affected in this way but they do get the benefit of the new, larger passives.
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