0.10.2 successfully deployed and next week's skill preview

I like where POE is going with this patch!

Cyclone looks amazing, so hyped right now. Looks like it's going to be Christmas every week!
Why have I not got a full respec?
will this skill also be usable with 2hand swords or only 1hand swords?
WW barb *cough* cyclone maras incoming :D
Zarkyy wrote:
Why have I not got a full respec?

You had a direct response for GGG's lead developer and CEO Chris Wilson and again you ask this?

Zarkyy, more like snarkyy.
Lol I hope those new skills suck just so we don't see PoE go the dull lame road of D3. Love the patch just now though very happy how it turned out.
Zarkyy wrote:
Why have I not got a full respec?
did u have any of the passive that got moved
This is insane
Ours is the Fury
Chris wrote:
Zarky_ wrote:
wtf I didn't get full respec? :(

Passive respecs were automatically given to anyone whose tree was now impossible due to them having passives that don't connect up any more. Most duelists had this. Some weren't affected in this way but they do get the benefit of the new, larger passives.

I was using the berserking node and I didn't get a respec, others I know was using the same build and got a respec. Was hoping to get a full respec as my build is all over the place :(
Chris Wilson your a genious, I can't wait to try out cyclone. Oh the whirlwind memories from D2....
The fairest flowers bloom in the foulest places.

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