0.10.2 successfully deployed and next week's skill preview

crazyray004 wrote:
Zarkyy wrote:
Why have I not got a full respec?
did u have any of the passive that got moved

Yes, the berserking node.
Where can I see new 4 unique items from?
Nice one guys ...

but dont work too hard ... relax at some point :P
WOOO! Thank you, Grinding Gear Games, for all of your hard work!

I am so excited for next week's patch already, and I just finished downloading tonight's! Looking forward to Cyclone :D
Can u take damage while the cyclone skill is in effect.
I really hope the speed at which you spin is effected by attack speed, and that movement speed effects this too. Would be pretty bad if it didn't.
As a new player, I'm glad to see the dedication of the staff here. Thank you for a quality game and I really appreciate the updates you all are putting forward. Keep up the AMAZING work please
Dreggon wrote:
Spin to win!
Can you say BM WW Mara? I knew you could!!

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