0.10.2 successfully deployed and next week's skill preview

The 0.10.3 patch (which is expected on Wednesday or Thursday, NZ time, next week) introduces a heavily demanded Strength/Dexterity melee skill called Cyclone. We've prepared videos showing two cosmetic microtransaction versions of Cyclone - Blue Cyclone and Sawblade Cyclone. The default one looks different than these two, but you'll see that next week.
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U are just that amazing so many updates, keep it up guys:)
Spin to win!
All I've got is thank you. I'm making a build based around this, even if it's terrible. Loved Whirlwind. I only hope the calculations for how this works are interesting.
Love the way the Tiki Totem looks.
In our quest to conquer the world ... allies are just future enemies that don't realise it yet MAWHAHA !!!
Fuck Yes! Whirlwind Barbarians....err I mean Cyclone Marauders! (I can't actually watch the video of the new skill because I'm at work, but this is the first thing that I imagined).
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I always wanted to be Yurnero the Juggernaut

Looks great!
Now we need Phase Run back and it needs to spawn little tornados that do damage ;)

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